Holiday Bowl Betting Action

Iowa departs for San Diego on Saturday. USC will go to San Diego on Monday.

Here’s where the betting action is going on the Holiday Bowl per BetOnline.


USC vs Iowa (-2)

Over/Under                   51½

Note: Line went down ½ point for Iowa.

62% on USC

38% on Iowa

62% over/38% under

9 thoughts on “Holiday Bowl Betting Action

  1. If Helton wanted to take shot at Saban [for humiliating the shit outta him] after he left USC—fine. But, by disrespecting Alabama [with his ridiculous 13th ranking] while coach at USC, he put a monkey on the back of the entire team….

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  2. Memo to Just Owns…

    So if the University of Southern California aka. by you as ‘SUCCX’, then what exactly describes the bRuins? SUCCX lite?

    Aren’t there any kal-south boards you can troll around? You know basketball, cribbage, field hockey – sports you wastewood dwellers excel at?

    Doesn’t the bRuin perv that shoots pictures up the skirts of kal-south’s cheerleaders have a blog you can visit?


    1. The 4 – 8 Bruins had a better 2020 FB recruiting class than 8 – 4 SUCCX.

      As to this blog, It’s a fun blog where I receive as much as I dish.

      Besides I got kicked off for 2 bruin blogs for loudly reporting the truth during the Mora coaching disaster.

      #Commie Lush and Playdoh Russell fight on!


  3. Predictions for rain in SD all week long.
    Take the under.

    Rain and a slick turf favors the Hawkeyes.
    They average about 3 FG per game (which means their RZ O sux).

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    1. Bourbon,
      IF it rains on USC’s Air Raid —and ends our passing attack — and puts all the pressure on Clancy and Special Teams — I will take that as some kind of cosmic retribution for all of Helton’s used car salesman bullshit…


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