USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Makes A Few New Comments

USC athletic director Mike Bohn spoke to the San Diego Union-Tribune last week for a column published Tuesday.

“I was taught a long time ago in this business, a formula for failure is trying to be everything for everyone,” Bohn said. “We made the right decision for USC and our student-athletes.”

Un huh.

Bohn was also asked how much the decision to retain Clay Helton was his vs. Carol Folt or the boosters, he said:

“Certainly stakeholders are a part of that, which is very normal,” he said. “To insinuate our major donors were an influence on that would not be accurate. They were engaged and were certainly people who provided input and suggestions and thoughts, but by no means was their influence …”

“Bohn paused for a few seconds.

“As significant as maybe some people have portrayed.”

Who thought donors were clamoring to bring Helton back?

And why didn’t he address Folt’s role?

Disappointing comments, again, from Bohn.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Makes A Few New Comments

      1. Don’t be bitter; SUCCX is stuck with the Pneumonia Bowl invitation – deal with it.

        BTW Clownster with our share of your crummy bowl game payout both UCLA Soccer teams will upgrade to new team uniforms and equipment.

        Lastly, I like to wish you a Merry Kiss My Ass. Regal Toejam, what a f**king joke.


    1. Your season is over mule. Go back to your trailer & rejoice in 4-8. Have a warm & cozy Christmas & be sure to turn the stove on. Turn your TV onto Your heroine Oprah & improve your mind.
      You never had it so good. Just think mule…less ruins in the portal this year. Hope springs eternal.


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      1. Right back at ya Sir Art. At my age, Christmas takes on a whole new meaning. Sorting ammunition & reloading, cleaning guns & counting my change. I can’t get into any trouble if they keep me in the garage.

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    2. Guess it really sucks for you to know that your little gutter dwellers are just watching other teams play in bowl games on TV this time of the year. But hey, as they say, hopes are eternal, so keep hoping, genius. Who knows? They might shock the world next year and at least break even. LOL!

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  1. In other words, dam_ the “stakeholders” and alumni.

    It is difficult to understand why SC decision makers would retain Helton who proved over and over he can’t game manage timeouts or adjust the offense and defense in the second half of games, could not call offensive plays and needed to be forced to hire Graham Harrell to run the offense, continues to retain defensive and special teams coaches on a good-ol’-boy basis of cronyism rather than performance, failed to develop players mainly offensive lineman and runs a poorly disciplined program based on indulging the players, and who wants to be the huggy-bear pastor to players rather than commanding respect. It’s like the Peter Principle on steroids.

    The only reason Helton is still there is because there was a series of coaches brought in during the NCAA penalty period that had personal issues, partly related to the fact that no one wanted the job during the penalty period. It is interesting though that despite that the NCAA targeted USC to ruin the dominance of their football program, that SC’s football program demise came from internal mismanagement starting from the administration. As long as 5 star quality players kept coming to SC like Matt Barkely, Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, Iman Marshall, Adoree Jackson, Leonard Williams, Aca’Cedric Ware, Ju Ju Smith Schuster, Chuma Edoga, Porter Gustin, USC found its leadership within its players. But this pipeline has all of a sudden stopped.

    Helton has single handedly squandered the “brand” that USC once had and the top California players are going elsewhere now all because of one man – Helton. This “Five Star Drain” is occurring as California is also starting to lose population as people move out to go elsewhere (“brain drain”). Even the immigrants are migrating elsewhere according to demographers. So it is part of a larger picture. California once looked to its college football programs as symbolic of its economic and cultural dominance. No longer. The new administrative leadership are bureaucrats and have no charisma to bring about a revival of SC academically, athletically or entrepreneurially.

    Gone are the feminine athletic leaders at SC (Cheryl Millers, Cynthia Cooper, Lisa Leslie and coaches Linda Sharp, Marianne Stanley and Leslie, to be replaced by affirmative action “feminists” at the top of the administration. Carol Smith Gilbert is a throw-back to the coaches of the past, as she has brought an NCAA track championship back to SC. But Gilbert graduated from UCLA and learned how to coach in the South (Alabama, Tennessee, Florida). She comes from a different coaching tree (coaching culture). Instead what we get is a symbolic affirmative action female drum major.

    Helton also hails from the South but never learned how to coach despite his father was a football coach. He has not created a coaching tree (football coaching culture). Lane Kiffin admitted he had to learn by failure at SC.

    Wasn’t the thesis of the book The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon that “effeminacy”, weakness and soft religion led to its decline? Bring back the “barbarians”?

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    1. Spot on. Great summary, Bohn was thinking what’s best for the student-athlete. So by hiring Helton, he’s OK with the fact that they won’t be developed to their full football potential. As well, he’s setting an example that in life sucking up is more important than being competent – while this may indeed be true in many instances – an institution of higher learning should be encouraging its student to take the morally correct high road.

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    2. A lot of people applaud any semi thought out post right or wrong, but this was entirely right and insightful- and it touched on the cultural and social issues– it’s really way more than a game and reflective of both institution and society– that everyone intuitively knows that are in play but maybe aren’t clear about. Rare post, and you should volunteer to put it up, regularly post at one of the SC sites. If you do, message me, and I’ll go in with you, give it a two-fer. (I did it before but couldn’t keep up with it regularly.)

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  2. Mike Bohn is Carol Folt’s puppet. The 20 million buyout is nothing in high stakes college football. They would have made that up easily the next season. No more excuses. This admin doesn’t want to win and is satisfied with the status quo. They should just admit that so we can all move on. Don’t feed us BS that they are in it to win. Obviously they are not.

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  3. Whatever the reasons, Folt, Bohn, the BOT and whoever they listened to, or were advised by, the results are the same. SC will have Gomer for at least another season. Recruiting this year was miserable – and IMO it has a lot to do with the atmosphere in general at USC – not just Gomer, the football program and coaches. Really believe that what we saw was the culmination of all that has happened over the past year – Tyndall, the pay for admissions scandal, etc… The shit finally hit the fan. And although Gomer bares some of the blame, a litany of other ‘actors’ share in the folly. Now is payback time – and life could be a lot worse than 8-4 and a Holiday Bowl. It’s not anywhere ‘good enough’ especially by USC standards, but it is surely better than Wastewood High. Things at USC have been better, and will improve, it’s just going to take some time – keep the Faith.

    I’m just thankful that I’ve not resorted to lurking around on a rival’s blog, celebrating and bragging about a rare recruiting win, and bloviating about an ill-gotten check my school will be receiving as a result of that rival’s ‘earned’ attendance at a bowl game. When playing-in/winning a bowl game is something that ucla has routinely failed to do over the last three-plus decades. Also thankful that the last Rose Bowl Game win [1986] is not 34 years in the past, and sport an all-time record in the ‘Grandaddy of Them All’ of a dismal 5-7.


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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      1. It is not a deliberate policy to destroy the football program, but Caruso wants total authority and Clay is good at kissing butt. The BOT does not want to give up control to a real football coach and the fans want a real coach.

        USC has alot of great players returning and basically, only Clay Helton is capable of screwing it up.


    1. Juan4c – The lack of interest in the football program is unique and is not a symptom of a general lack of interest in USC. The acceptance rate has fallen in recent years despite these scandals.

      Clay Helton and his coaching staff is 100% the reason that football players are shunning the program. Get a new head coach and allow him to bring in his coaches and USC could be the #1 recruiting class by next year.

      The whole problem is Clay. The reason for that problem is Rick Caruso and his puppet, Folt.


  4. What better way to leave all this controversy behind then to build a championship football program and have national success again.

    USC’s administration is most definitely the worst I have ever seen. It’s an absolute shame.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    I hope they get beat down in the Holiday bowl, and then beat down by Alabama. I hate to say that, but its the only way this terrible decision gets confirmed and maybe, just maybe, a change is made.

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  5. Wow.. A decision has been made and y’all still whining and then complaining and then wonder why recruiting is so bad. What kids want to come here regardless of what head coach. Some of y’all have never played this game nor been a coach to see the ins and out and the process that it takes. Then see former players ripping a school they played for is so sad. They sit on a platform to help the school and recruiting but trying to help a guy ( y’all guy Urban Meyer) to get the job that has a path of disaster and sanction where is has been with all the death penally SC has gone through and go back to that place is pathetic! I leave in SEC country – Georgia! Been a SC fan since I watched the ND vs SC as a kid! Sick to see the crying and whining y’all do! Don’t happen over here with this conference the bashing of programming and administration. Smh


  6. A way faring fool would know better. Haden, Swann, Kiffin , Sark, now Bohn and Polt.We sure do know how to pick them. LET ME OUT OF THIS LOONEY HOUSE! What a parade of incompetence. YOU cannot make this stuff up even in fiction, it would not sell because nobody would believe it,

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  7. I still believe there is a story we have not heard and Bohn, in order to keep his brand new job, is taking the heat instead of coming out. Will we find the truth? I suspect eventually we will. At that time we can make informed opinions. Until then it is all conjecture about why Helton remains.

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