USC-Iowa Emergency Podcast!

We did a post-game podcast Friday night with our thoughts following USC’s Holiday Bowl debacle.

9 thoughts on “USC-Iowa Emergency Podcast!

  1. I listened to just 5 mins and I will agree with everything Wolf mentioned. This was a joke. We all knew it was gonna happen if you watch every game. It happened.

    Clay Helton is the luckiest coach in football.
    W T F !!!!!

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  2. Fu*kin’ embarrassing. 3, as in 1, then 2, then 3. 3 times in a row, on national tv, iowa went deliverence on the university of southern california,

    3 times in a mothereffin row iowa’s center bitch slaps trojan d-linemen while the qb is makin himself a fuckin artisan sandwich en route to the ol’ one inch line. Anyone, and i mean anyone, who doesnt know a nasty disposition starts on a fuckin football team when the defensive line maintains a nasty disposition should not be earning one more mother lovin dime of usc money midnight tonight forward. Hey Clay! Clay!! Hey guess what dumbass? Uhh, you got this one wrong bud. turns out it ain’t a good idea to let tufale, et al, aka “the bigboys”, have a 5wk headstart on vacation cause your highgloss cranium hasn’t picked up on the fact that tackling motherfuckers plays a really big part in the games outcome. i know you got a lot goin on up there so ill connect the dot for ya: dlinemen should be the tone setters for the entire team period. as such they’re at their best when they get to maul some unfortunate 2nd team guy at least a couple times a week. They love that shit. Rest of team follows suit. The dude who got mauled loves it cause he earns respect, learns technique, gets fuckin nasty. Once they start chillin it’s adios fitness until sometime late summer, bout a week before fall camp. I’m not shittin’ ya. Happens all the time. I mean you’ve only been at this what? 26, 27 years now? Our dlinemen haven’t hit anyone with bad intent since ucla. That’s how Ferentz fucked you live on national television. Oh, don’t worry, you isn’t the only one takin it… alum, fans, and folks who just appreciate watchin some quality college ball are getting bohned too. Speaking of, there’s a real go-getter, with upper mgmt potential, eh? I know this whole thing might sound like I’m being negative, and I know if I’m super negative it actually impacts the team negatively. Sorry everyone. Im gonna take my mulligan.

    Hey, awesome strategy clay!! you’re the best. really, i mean you are the best damn ball coach any damn where. plus the fact next year we’re making that jump, right?, i mean wow! i can only imagine how special it’s gonna be when the team isn’t full of young persons, and the football injury fairy is too busy someplace else. wait, hey why are you running??

    I dunno, something about them words aint sittin right. The fine docs over at Keck are callin’ it the “Helton Presser”. Symptoms include deep apathy mixed with lots of shitty saturdays. Might prove fatal to Trojan Football.

    So, uno mas question for El Jefe Helton as we wrap up another embarrassment of a season:
    Who taught you how to run? Just kiddin, that’s not my question. My question is how on God’s greenearth havent you resigned yet? You shit the bed in primetime, again!! From the motherf’n 12yd line to within an inch of the fuckin endzone ???

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    1. Oxy, quit blaming Helton, he is not going to be a party to his own dismissal. He has to be fired Folt is to blame. Are we afraid here to say that. You are asking a person to willing give up a charity check. What fool would do that? You have to take it from him. Folt is at fault here. And, she is like Helton. She was”kicked out of UNC” for similar reasons. She made a decision on Swann because, and I agreed with the decision,it was safe. She is scared of her own shadow. There is something going on here that is very suspicious. Nobody abides this kind of obvious disaster unless there are some moving forces, or they are stupid which she is not. Having some one quit a gravy train willingly is barking up thebwrong tree. It is Folt , face it.


    2. That 3-play QB sneak series was man-rape for sure. Thank goodness the ref’s looked at the replay and gave them the TD or we would’ve seen the A to mouth finish on the next play. Holy…


      1. It’s quite possible that this whole helton thing is part of some high falutin secret sex club with an awful coaching fetish. Bet clancy and “bax” accidentally found out, hence their teflon nature


  3. Leave Clay alone, he is our coach and I support him, its time to see he is doing everything possible for the situation, I d much rather have a class act doing things right than winning with disgrace


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