USC-Iowa Live Chat

The ghost of Toa Lobendahn on the snap!

I guess Kedon Slovis will be the excuse for Folt, Bohn and Helton.

Iowa pounds USC’s defense and gets a TD. It’s 35-24.

Iowa is back to dissecting the USC defense.

Kedon Slovis is out. Matt Fink has won big games before.

And just like that, USC scores as Kedon Slovis throws a perfect deep pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown.

USC cuts lead to 28-24.

This is a problem with the Air Raid or Graham Harrell. He doesn’t want to run the ball. USC tailbacks have five carries.

USC gets a field goal and it’s 28-17 at halftime.

Iowa is making USC’s defense look silly. It’s 28-14 Hawkeyes.

The Air Raid just got stopped and only the replay official prevented Iowa from taking over deep in USC territory.

There’s the John Baxter we know and love. A 98-yard kick return for a TD!

Well, Iowa can’t defend the Air Raid yet. Better try a three-man rush. Gus Johnson went on a tirade after the TD about

“This is the Air Raid at USC. Five-star guys!”

Iowa runs to the edge, of course, and USC can’t defend it. TD.

Iowa had a perfect trick play and USC fell for it but the pass was off.

Iowa ran the ball and converted a third-and-9? Seriously???

End of first quarter: USC 7, Iowa 7.

USC pretty much only passes as it drives 75 yards for the TD, with Kedon Slovis finding Drake London wide open on the 4-yard pass.

What a shock! A Clancy Pendergast defense can’t stop a trick play. Has he ever been able to?

It’s 7-0 Iowa. USC’s defensive front didn’t get much pressure on Nate Stanley.

Drew Richmond is out. Jalen McKenzie will start at right tackle and Liam Jimmons at right guard.

103 thoughts on “USC-Iowa Live Chat

    1. What an embarrassment. How do you think this game would have gone if Kirk Ferentz was coaching SC? He’d have the Trojans playing tough on both sides of the ball. You are witnessing the controlled demolition of SC football from within.

      Fuck you, Carol Folt and Max Nikias

      p.s. – Gomer is just a patsy/useful idiot

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  1. The Trojan players are always praising and backing up Helton instead of shutting up and not saying anything, then this is what they get, another ass whipping!

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  2. Good point Truman, what was Fink waiting for? Why the hell would you not try to recover the football? It looked like he was scared to go after the ball. Other than Oregon and Utah, everyone else plays the kind of football that USC is playing right now. Soft, undisciplined, no physicality. What a shame this once proud program has become. Thank you Folt and Bohn for retaining Gomer. We are and will continue to be irrelevant in college football until you make a change. But even worse, I don’t think that they care about winning.

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  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so fucking happy that the team didn’t waste time practicing and went to fucking Sea World instead. Sure the fucking Shamu got a big kick out of the visit. Who needs practice when you’re making $6 mil a year and your boss is a #metoo idiot.

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      1. He’s talking about the refusal to hire Urban Meyer. Meyer lost the Ohio St job b/c he covered up spousal abuse (like beat the crap out of his wife) by one of his assistants. Meyer knew and lied about knowing about it.

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  4. Puleeeze SC after the next kickoff just take a knee. We’ll lose fewer yards. Helton should NOT address the media after the game. Let Baxturd and PennandTeller explain what happened. How many points does USC have to give up before the defensive coaches are held accountable? Must be at least 55, because it’s a safer bet that Clancy is coming back.

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    1. hellton ball is on and as long as he heads the program , new coaches mean zero when the head asshole is a hellton…no practices that are real = lose to real football coached teams, Like Iowa 6-7th best B10 team this yr. Next stop BAMA.


  5. So there you have it the best coaching Bohn can find. I can’t wait for Clancy to say, ” that last touchdown wasn’t on me- the first 6 maybe but that lady one is on Graham. Maybe we can book some Mountain West teams, heck maybe they will let us in.
    Good night Trojans see y’all in about 9 months when Helton lays another egg.
    Reggie is saying it now we were out coached in every phase of the game. That’s what we have to look forward to.

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  6. This Holiday Bowl massacre was exactly the poser assclown ash!+show in every phase we have come to expect from a Helton-coached team and that Bohn/Folt want USC to continue to endure. Pure excrement.

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  7. As a native of Los Angeles with over 5 decades in the city,
    I sympathize with USC fans. Yet, I also find it sweet to see their smug, dumb asses suffering.


  8. USC can compete with CU, however, every year lately, the score is like 35-31… As far as ‘Bama next year, I’d be as hopeful as a Buff fan; maybe a backdoor-cover to lose by 19 or so. Wow, and of the 2 interim coaches, SC chose Helton over Ogeron? Ogeron probably wasn’t “woke,” enough… Helton is undefeated against the Buffs. Just pretend that’s your rival.


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