How Much Can A Defensive Coordinator Change?

Will a new defensive coordinator and special teams coach be able to overcome the lack of discipline that permeates the USC program?

I spoke to a prospective candidate, who said, “I’m not going to put up with with any of that. Things would need to change a lot.”

Remember all the talk from Clay Helton about a “culture change” that was swallowed by the pundits? It didn’t really change.

  • Whether or not you agree Mike Bohn should make the call on hiring a defensive coordinator, would you let a buffoon (Helton) make the hire?
  • I’ve heard from within the USC program and outside it that Iowa was much more organized and business-like during warmups at the Holiday Bowl.

Here’s some brief video:

52 thoughts on “How Much Can A Defensive Coordinator Change?

  1. That is what I always have believed, that no real football coach , regardless of named position would put up with hellton and the way he has the team practice/prepare and/or any lack thereof. A real one would never compromise if one had an ounce of integrity…a word misused at sc on a daily basis.

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    1. Yea, Tim. It’s about time someone called out USC’s misuse of the word ‘integrity.’ Real integrity involves saying “wait a fucking second!” when you’re being castrated by the Head Office.

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    2. If he was the man that he claims to be then he would have stepped down already. My younger brother is the manager of th pro shop at PGS West at Tukwet, he said a bunch USC people from the sports department were golfing and he started talking about Helton and one guy said “the whole sports department wants him gone”.

      To Helton (Consider this)
      “The whole sports department wants him gone”


  2. Everyone wants JDR, no way he would coach under Gomer, he’d probably punch him out. If Chris Richard is brought in, he’s the next USC head coach.

    If Bohn is making the call, that makes Gomer look even weaker than we all know he is, talk about a dead man walking.

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      1. Just listened to latest Peristyle – they were on this…just a shame it took all of them except Coach Hyde so long…this has been obvious since the moment they let this buffoon anywhere near…anything other than the Exit.

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  3. I Bohn hires the defensive coordinator SC will never get an elite head coach. If and when he fires Helton he will want to keep his hire. Any elite hire will want to bring his own staff so there is no way they would have any interest in the job.

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    1. I don’t believe that ‘… Bohn hires the defensive coordinator SC will never get an elite head coach.’ None of the current four that played last night were deemed ‘elite’ when they were tabbed to replace (Orgeron/Miles, Riley/Stoops, Swinney/Bowden, Day/Meyer). The 4 ‘AD’s’ at those four schools made that call.

      All of them started out by proving themselves which is what Helton had never done. I think Bohn is a lot more skilled than many here believe he is.

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      1. Riley and Day were promoted from with in the program. Do you think you are going to get a coach like Meyer, Stoops or Franklin if they can’t bring their own staff? To he point is Bohn is going to keep his hire and that will scare off a lot of quality candidates.

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      2. And who is SC going to promote within? No D C worth anything is going to take the job under Helton and the O C who’s contract they extended isn’t worth crap.

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      3. I don’t think Bohn will fumble “the chance of a lifetime.”
        Helton did.
        Will Folt?

        Said it before, but this is the #15 academic University in America.
        Few get that chance in their lifetime. Zumberge/Sample made the most of it. Nikias brought the cash like no one before or since. What will Folt do?

        Said it before, but this is the #1–#7 CFB program in the World. Depends on how you rate a CFB program. All of USC’s wins were against good schools, but I think we are #7 in lifetime victories. #1or2 in Heismans, NFL HOF’ers, #1 overall NFL picks, certainly #1 in NFL players. Helton blew his chance. What will Bohn do?

        #3 or so in NCAA natties–Baseball, swimming, VB, tennis, CFB, Women’s soccer, etc. Will Bohn blow his chance?

        Swan and Haden had already done what they wanted to do in life, so AD at USC was trifling to them. This is Bohn’s lifetime legacy. I think he will seize his opportunity!

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    2. The idea, I am hoping, is to hire an elite DC with the intent and mutual understanding that he will take over as head coach after Helton is tarmac-ed at some convenient point during the season. Perhaps this will occur after our blowout loss to Alabama.

      I don’t think Del Rio would spend even a minute under Helton, even with such a promise made to him. I just don’t think his ego could take it for 5 seconds, being in the coaches’ conference room with the likes of Helton, with the latter leading the discussion. But somebody like a Kris Richard may have more patience.


  4. Scottie says:

    “would you let a buffoo (Helton) make the hire?”

    Now, you might think that “buffoo” is just a standard Scottie typo.

    Not this time.

    “Buffoo” is the term for those who are a full level lower than “Buffoon” on the incompetence ranking scale.

    Well done, Scottie.

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  5. Helton should be embarrassed that someone has to pick a DC for him.



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      1. Of course UM and JDR are on a different level. But hiring JDR wouldn’t be as catastrophic as some think it will be.



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      2. JDR led two different NFL franchises to 12 win playoff seasons…the list of coaches who have accomplished that is very, very short…he would bring what has been most absent during this Clownshow: attitude/toughness/intensity/drive.

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      3. As a lifelong raider fan I can tell you he never did that there. They were not disciplined or tough. They had one good year where Carr was fantastic. He certainly never took a team deep in the playoffs, I’m not sure he’s even won a single playoff game. Just because he was a good player and a DC does not make him a good head coach. He has a long history that says otherwise. If he were a difference maker as a coach he would have been hired by now.


      4. Same things said of Pete Carroll at similar stage of career. He did lead the Raiders to a 12 win season (as he did with Jacksonville). Oakland has been a shitshow since the end of the Tom Flores era (except for the short-lived Gruden I period)…to win 12 games with that franchise is miraculous. And Jacksonville hasn’t been mistaken for Pittsburgh or New England…

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      5. Oakland’s 12 win season came to an end because they lost QB Carr in a Week 16 injury. Missed the playoff game because of that. With the season he was having I think it’s a different Raiders team than the one that lost in the first round of the playoffs.


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      6. By the time Pete was in his 12th year as an NFL head coach he had won a Super Bowl and been to another with a bunch of division titles. By the time JDR was In his 12th year, he was having his 6th losing season. Del Rio was a great Trojan, but he is not a great coach. It’s proven, he’s had 12 years to get there. He’s just OK.


      7. And if you need more stats on JDR’s time as DC, check out the league rankings for the Broncos defense from 2012 to 2014. His units were usually to the top of the NFL in various defensive stats. I’d take those statistical rankings anyday for a DC.


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      8. You’re confusing how you compare Carroll and JDR and their 12th year as a benchmark.

        Carroll’s 12th year and Super Bowl win came after a long run in college where he developed and refined his coaching philosophy. If you want to use Carroll’s 12th or 13th year as a benchmark then you have to add the 9 years he spent at USC – meaning it took Carroll 17 HC years to get and win the Super Bowl. And that includes the 9 USC years to learn what he needed to learn.

        Take JDR’s time at Jacksonville and Oakland. Since Oakland’s 2002 Super Bowl appearance he has been the best coach they’ve had; the rest have been busts. Same at Jacksonville after he took over from their first ever franchise coach. He’s been their best since and they haven’t had anyone better.


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      9. Remember, Nick Saban failed in the NFL. Rarely do coaches get full control like Pete Carroll or Bill Belichik. Raiders’ GM Reggie MacKenzie’s horrible drafting (apart from the first three rounds of the 2014 draft) is what screwed the Raiders up, along with Derek Carr’s inabiliy to recover psychologically from his injuries and from the hits that led to them.

        Personally, I think Jack Del Rio would be a fantastically good choice as head coach of the USC Trojans, on par with Pete Carroll.


  6. Anyone good enough to overcome the influence of bozo is going to want to be head coach in a year…….so they perform great thereby keeping bozo where he is…..not good……so they screw up and bozo gets fired……and they go with him due to their bad coaching……this is a bad clusterf—. Boner must be nuts….or dumber than bozo.

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    1. I’d say they both did when they were given the head coaching job for both (Toledo/MI St — Sabin) and definitely (Orgeron-LSU).

      You’re posting based on this year (Orgeron) and since 2003 for Sabin – prior to that they were either a full no-name (Sabin) or a bust @ MS (Orgeron).

      Real leaders go through crud before they emerge and ‘know’ they’re not a genius – something that moron Tom Herman @ TX may never know or Brian Kelly @ ‘the princess’.


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