This Is Why You Fire Coaches Before Bowl Game

USC already had problems with its defense and special teams all season. But do you think Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter were mailing it in during bowl practices since they were probably told by Clay Helton they would be fired (per Coach Bohn’s order) right after the season?

This is why I recommended Helton fire them immediately after the UCLA game.

It’s better to make do with a smaller staff than have some guys who are just hanging around or incompeten. Or both.

By the way, Helton fired Kenechi Udeze last year and now he will be coaching LSU’s defensive line in the national title game. Maybe Udeze should send Helton a thank-you gift.

36 thoughts on “This Is Why You Fire Coaches Before Bowl Game

  1. USC doesn’t do what other university’s do when it comes to hiring, and firing their coaches. They usually wait until others schools hire the big name assistants , then they go after the no name unproven coaches

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  2. With or without Pendergast —with or without Baxter (both of whom undoubtedly drained their units of energy in practice and during the game by moping about with big, round tears in their eyes), Helton would’ve lost to Ferentz anyway. Helton, without Sam (who could take all the hits that automatically come with a USC o-line), shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a bowl game. It’s not fair to the players of the fans.
    Speaking of stinking it up, one of our heroes —Pete Carroll — stunk it up about as badly as you can stink it up in the final seconds of the 49er game. A delay of game on the 1 yard line in the final seconds cost Seattle any chance of going anywhere this season. This is the third time Carroll has pulled something like this in a huge game—it’s almost as though Mister Win Forever has developed a fear of success….

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    1. A couple of different play calls and Carroll would be considered up there with the all-time greats. He still is Hall of Fame in both College and Pros, but keeping Reggie on the sideline versus Texas and then not running Marshawn Lynch up the Pats behind cost him two possible dynasties.

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      1. I agree totally, Arturo….
        P. S.
        What’s truly crappy is that —for all his victories — these 3 inexplicable losses will be the lead in his obituary.

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  3. I have a feeling we’re about to see Bohn Vs Helton when it comes to the DC hire. Bohn is trying to save face and wants to show Helton is gone. I think he hires a guy with a huge personality who can take the team over. Such a shame to waste the talent coming up.

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    1. I concur…..Bohn has seen what we all have the past 4+ years and knows Helton is a dumpster fire by any measurement of skill. ‘Swannie’ made the move for Kingsbury and then for Harrell after Tee martin was ‘sat down’….this isn’t the same…it’s worse.

      A lousy home schedule next year – NM, Cal, WA, AZ St., CO and ‘the princess’ and save for ‘the princess’ and possibly WA the rest are not going to put butts in the seats.

      Waiting for an incident that can’t be ignored by 3rd parties becoming even more public at Helton still employed, in no uncertain terms.

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      1. One of the reasons why there are going to be fewer fannies in the seats is that none of those schools have many fans that want to travel to put their life in peril by visiting the area around the stadium. The absolute worst in the USA. Bar none. Just damn dangerous.


  4. Its appears the USC doesn’t learn from other programs. Notre Dame fired their O/C BEFORE their bowl game and won their game handily. The utter incompetence of the football program is simply baffling…..

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  5. Here’s a sobering thought 46mins after closing time: For the last few weeks USC alum, fans, and loyal supporters have had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Sonny Bohn & Cher Helton sing “I Got You Babe” to each other in wild abandonment while Rome West burns down around them. You might be wondering to yourself “Wild abandon? What the hell did they abandon?”. Common sense. They totally and completely abandoned common sense. Left him on Hoover and 55th which is not too cool either.

    So back to it, watching these two birds coo at each other about building a champeenship level nest isn’t the sobering part… that’s closer to disturbing than sobering. The sobering part is not just that Clay is basically radioactive at this point in the eyes of current recruits and next few gen of players beyond that who are in grade school (which sounds young except if you were to consider what age you were when you “found” your team, the one you dream of playing at.). The real hard pill to swallow is that while clay the clown da uncoolest cat in town is sporting titty sweat looking like a potato in coach cleats defiling the brand on tv, not too mention thru-out social media in all its glorious perpetuity for all those impressionable grade school eyeballs to see, there’s a football program in the desert who is taking full advantage to put themselves on the map for the foreseeable future. The Arizona State Herms are quietly building, for lack of better words, an organization dedicated to developing professional football players. On and off field. Antonio Pierce, Tony White, Preston Gil, Zak Hill are Edwards apostles who don’t flap around on the goddam sidelines with facial expressions just begging to be “meme’d”.
    A new coach after another year of clay poisoning the image may not be able to keep baby bro from gettin all growed up and becoming something you now gotta deal with for real.

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  6. Helton has never had an eye for talent – be it coaching or on the field. Now we get to see if Bohn does. But when an AD micromanages his football HC this way, what louder way does this say your HC is worthless? Why not be expedient- and do the inevitable: fire the HC too? It’s truly just a superficial face-save for Bohn in the event he too is a poor evaluator of coaching talent (Helton can take the fall again). But a quality HC (UM for one) has an unimproveable track record of success. The best managers hire the best talent – and the best leaders are in afraid of hiring people better than themselves. Why do I fear we already know Bohn is a bureaucrat who won’t make the right call (as he has so aptly demonstrated to date).

    There is still time. There can be a “dust up” in the assistant coach search/approval process – but it would only be cover for Bohn firing Helton. CH is in total ‘yes man’ mode to collect his $20M over the next few years.

    Aside: Carroll, for all his formidable coaching talent – was a “B” game day coach. I’ll add to that sidebar the entire TX 2006 NC game: the strategy should have been to stop 1 guy: Vince Young. Carroll changed the strategy the day before the game to ‘base D’ – dialed back all the blitz packages specifically designed to get Vince’s eyes off downfield receivers – and thus the result. Still, for all the flaws, he is the best recruiter and culture-creator as HC we are likely to ever see…

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  7. I can’t believe that Gomer would ever be mentioned in the same paragraph as legendary coach Pete Carroll. One guy led the program back to greatness and embodied competing and beating the best teams in college football more often than not. Gomer strives to win and be “California champions “ as he calls it. Gomer strives to win the pathetic PAC 12 championships. And he fails at that. Recruiting is a joke because what elite recruits want to play for a soft coach? All we have to look forward to next season under Gomer is another blowout loss to Alabama, perhaps 77-14 and another 8-5 season. Oh and lets pray Oregon does not put up 80 points in Eugene on us. Bohn make the right move after the blowout loss to Bama and fire Helton.

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    1. I only mentioned Carroll with Helton out of frustration and disappointment, SCTrojan24. I wanted to see him have the victory he worked so hard for all year. And he did have it. In the palm of his hand. It’s always sad to see one of the great ones blow it at the end. It happens, though. It happened to Federer this year at Wimbledon.


      1. I was actually happy that Pete Carroll blew it at the end because by doing that, my team(49ers) clinched the 1 seed👍🏼🙏. But how I long for the Pete Carroll days at the Coliseum when teams feared the mighty Trojans. They knew that they would have a fight on their hands and would be pushed around. They knew that the team would be ready to play unlike now. We are seen as a national joke unfortunately Michael. It’s sad to see this. Nobody respects the brand right now. Teams see USC as soft and finesse and no discipline. And imagine how much worse it’s going to get with 3 star recruits in the future with Gomers classes? No local blue chippers will sign with USC as long as Gomer is coach.


  8. Oh come on — Udeze is a defensive analyst (one of many analysts on staff). He is not dline coach, like you make it out to be in this article.


  9. Good morning to everyone,

    I have great news, my brother in law and I have decided to save ourselves over $6,000 by not renewing our season tickets next year along with Cardinal and Gold. Until SC pulls their head out of their a#s, my brother in law and I will not put up with the excuses that the team is young and they are on the verge of being a championship team. The lack of discipline, preparation, recruiting, and the losing have brought to this decision.

    If and when SC hires a competent coach and becomes a force on the national scene, I won’t put anymore money into this. If you have tickets, you might want to consider doing the same. If the revenue drops then SC will listen.

    Yes, I will always be a SC fan, but I won’t support it financially anymore until things change. I am Fighting On by not paying for mediocrity, I am Fighting On with my vote that things need to be better.

    Pasadena Trojan
    Fight On!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Well now we have ‘cal75’ stating the reason fans won’t attend is because:

    ‘One of the reasons why there are going to be fewer fannies in the seats is that none of those schools have many fans that want to travel to put their life in peril by visiting the area around the stadium. The absolute worst in the USA. Bar none. Just damn dangerous.’

    Man mention ‘Cal’ and look what we get.

    It sounds like you certainly are one of those very ‘fans’ you just described. But since you’ve not been ‘south’ (ever?) or not since (fill in the year) you’ve no idea what the ‘area around the stadium’ is like in 2019.

    Funny the returned Rams just finished up 4 years and truth be known Century and Prarie is a bit dicey at night as well.


    1. I think people underestimate that the new NFL stadium is going to out a lot of pressure on the football entertainment dollars that will affect USC. Do you want to go to a brand new stadium experience with an exciting team in the Rams or spend your money watching USC in the Coliseum?


      1. Winning changes everything and yes you are right – they ain’t winning at USC and won’t until Helton is finally sacked. In addition, the SoFi Stadium is going to be the most luxurious stadium built.

        They’re still rebuilding Century between Prarie and the 405 but it’s getting close.


  11. Everyone dealing with this situation is not looking at the real issue here.

    If the BOT had a competent chairman, they would have instructed Folt to fire Helton immediately and make this problem go away.

    There is some reason Caruso is demanding that Clay stay. Until that is resolved, the problems of the football program will never go away.

    This problem with the football team indicates there is a really big problem in the way the BOT functions. A functional BOT would demand the resignation of Helton right away and get to the bottom of why he was retained in the first place.

    Bohn and Folt are the dupes in this game, they have no power. The issue here is why the BOT is allowing this to happen and what level of corruption is involved.


  12. I live in socal you perpetually inebriated fool. You are basically clueless.
    Those six home games aren’t going to bring many visitors from the opposition. I would doubt they would attend even if the visitor alums lived in socal. Going to the coliseum is a PIA. Going down there is not fun.
    It’s the ghetto, commie. Maybe you should get out more.

    BTW, CAL didn’t go 1-5 to start off the year like you perdicted.

    AUGUST 3, 2019 AT 3:18 AM
    Get past Stanford ‘maybe’…get past WA … probably…. get past ‘the Princess’ …wow!
    As to the rest it matters no=t esp. bel-air tech…nothing since Vermeil bailed after 1975. As to Cal … what? 1 – 5 by Saturday evening 5th October? Waldorf nearly 70 years ago?
    # SenilityMuch?


    1. Ah gee sailor so you’re local? And big pants you can’t muster it up to see a game at the Coliseum?

      Basically, the sole draw in the Pac-12 is USC ‘maybe; OR but it sure ain’t Cal. So you go on parroting the other fool’s ‘ad hominens’.

      You act like an elitist anglo and a closet raciska – as to my prediciton – yeah I was wrong. now you go snuggle over on the westside and leave the ‘ghetto’ to those of us who work there laddie


  13. This all really shouldnt suprise anyone. Look back at it all. Pete was like the 5th or 6th choice after we even asked Lou holtz. We lucked into a guy who could spot and hire talent as players and coaches. QAside from Pete we have just been a series of retreads and never could be’s (Hacket). The sad truth is we are exacly what we were before Pete. Average at best


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