USC Needs To Get Defensive Coordinator Search Going

Clancy Pendergast hated to recruit. But his replacement will probably want to recruit.

The recruiting dead period ends Jan. 16, so USC probably needs a defensive coordinator in place by then. Also, what if the new defensive coordinator dumps the other assistants, which is a real possibility?

How many defensive coordinators are going to be cool with Johnny Nansen as linebackers coach?

What if defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a gets fired? There are three incoming defensive line recruits. Will they care? Does USC really care given that they are all three stars?

The point is, this needs to get settled in the next couple weeks and not dragged out like so many Clay Helton searches. Good thing he isn’t handling it.

31 thoughts on “USC Needs To Get Defensive Coordinator Search Going

  1. This waiting for news about a new hire is stupid just about everyone including the queen mother knew that we were dumping the defensive coordinator by the end of the first quarter in the bowl game.
    Firing a coach without having a backup plan is dumber than keeping a head coach without any football knowledge….oh nevermind.

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    1. With this bunch, just cuz they knew they were going to fire their d-coordinator doesn’t mean they ALSO knew they’d need to hire a new one…
      #Bohn(OnJanuary15th): “Clay!!GuessWhatIJustRealized?!”

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  2. Amongst the elite DC’s in CFB, only Aranda (LSU) and Venables (Clemson) still have games to coach this year. We’ve already eliminated both from joining USC for various (imminently good) reasons.

    Likewise, the solid NFL DC’s with job security are likely scheming for this weekend’s playoff games. Likely may “count them out.”

    I would expect an announcement from HH tomorrow on the new hire–or at least some info on interviews.

    Would Mike MacIntyre leave Ole’ Miss? I was not much impressed by him while he was at UC Boulder. The defensive “genius” for CU was Jim Leavitt. I’m not certain Coach Mac and Kiffen will be a good mesh, but I’d not go with coach Mac.

    Would Scalley leave Utah, knowing that he would have better upward mobility in So Cal than in Salt Lake City? Must be tough recruiting from Utah. I hope he’s not an avid skier in the off-season.

    Would Jim Leonhard leave Wisconsin–his alma mater–knowing that Paul Chryst is not leaving anytime soon? Despite all the hubris over Oregon’s victory tonight, Leonhard literally shut down the Dux O.

    The last two are my choices. I also like Kris Richards who would be well-advised to avoid the shitshow that is the NY football Giants. Kris Rich and Chris Claiborne could bring some serious hitting back to Howard Jones (and the Coliseum).


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      1. Speaking of disappointing, did you see the new Pac 12 commercial that brags that we do well in sports nobody watches?


      2. Yeah MG, like a silly politician, I think I’m starting to believe my own hype!
        (insert the LOL emoji here).


    1. Evidence that Clown U is succeeding to repair it’s schizophrenic FB program is sadly lacking. That situation should make signing a coveted experienced DC and Asst. Coaches near moot.


      1. I’ve not allowed myself to hope that Ken Norton, Jr would come back to USC. Ergo, I’ve not had him on my list.


      2. I think he would do well from the attitude and IQ he had as a football player himself and then he’s learned a lot since being around Pete Carroll and Jack Del Rio and he knows the meaning of what USC football means to college football, the Pac 12, Los Angeles with it’s importance level not where it should be right now he is far more in tune with what needs to change within the program . While he has been away in the NFL he’s been able to see what not to do as so many people have shown him how to hurt a program like USC and he’s been involved with the school as an opponent knowing what USC stood for and as a coach with Pete winning championships. I would hope he has some interest and we take notice.


  3. Who cares…..we all know its going to be some dude from a school like NW of eastern Guam tech south. With a new way to play defense…..10 CB’s with a nose guard. It worked great against the local high school……although the local JC did move the ball 600 yards…..but that was for only one game. Salary is 10% less than Prendergast and he has to promise only to eat at McDonald’s on his recruiting trips.

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  4. Look people were screwed I got Intel from inside sources we are hiring a second tier DC.i don’t care if you believe this or not but the facts are this jack del Rio would have came to USC he wanted to if the money was right and of course it was not.What in your crazy minds think we are getting a top DC with experience if they did not pony up for del Rio.This is not on helton this is on folt who has her puppet boy bohn.i heard if the Cincinnati DC does a good job in the bowl game that will be bohn choice or the ol miss ex cu coach.I attended the rose bowl today and seen all those Oregon fans wearing the T SHIRTS that said WE OWN CALI in the front of shirt.The backside of the shirts said FAIL ON! CLAY. yes this is a all time low for USC football sad to say.

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  5. Bottom line: We’ll get a Graham Harrell-type DC, but just on the opposite side of the ball. No legit DC or ex-head coach as a DC is coming here for hopefully, hopefully, just one season. Just some other coach looking for self-promotion. Which is a fine move if you can actually see the mess that USC is. Smart. Unlike Helton.

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  6. hellton ball apparently does not need a defense judging by the way they practice tackling, and going against the sc offense that can’t block or protect the q/b, doesn’t prepare the defense for real opponents either…
    Oregon and Washington had real good tough Bowl games and won. SC isn’t in their league , may never again be in their league as this program is in a death spiral from the top of the mountain to be just a bump in the road, mired in mediocrity of football,and many other sports where they were the on top. That is the undeniable trend . BOT and Admin no longer care for SC to be among the premiere in sports,add all the sc admin title9 BS…that stuff is intentional.

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  7. Interested to see exactly how long it takes these idiots to hire a DC. Something tells me that USC will find a way to USC this situation.

    I really hate Helton, Bohn and Folt.

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  8. So if I understand this message correctly…

    Hurry up and arrange the deck chairs carefully and quickly on the Titanic because “timing is everything”. Uh, okay.

    Let’s just get 2020 season over with as fast as possible. Dump Helton and Boner and move back towards relevance. See you all in the Coli in 2021.

    One word for USC administration & coach: Pathetic (because shit-show is two words).

    Fight On!

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  9. Spinning the above dialogue a bit….

    I do think the G Harrell analogy is appropriate for the next DC hire, and is the better approach. Hiring some old geezer burn-out DC with multiple “failures” (or at the most, a rare good DC year with mediocre years otherwise) is destined for failure.

    Trojan FB alum Darrell Rideaux added a nice choice in SDSU DC Zach Arnett. While coaching D in the Mountain West is not the greatest test, SDSU has played tough defense under Arnett’s tenure. I suspect he would take the offer.

    Joe Barry has been receiving some press for the post. After a single year coaching USC in 2010, he bolted for the NFL. I doubt he wants to take a step back to the NCAAF….

    My list continues to be
    1. Scally or Leonhard and a bunch of cash and the prospects of “moving up the chain.” Slight preference for JL.
    2. Arnett and modest cash, with an overall improvement in our D to top 20 nationally in 2020 (along with a top 10 offense next year). We got a lot of talent returning on the defensive side of the ball.

    If HC CH and AD Bohn bungle this hire, we are looking at a situation far more embarrassing than the tarmac Ed O bungle.


  10. Tell claydo gomer HE’ll TON to HIRE JIM LEONHARD kris richards and chris claiborne then they can tell HE’LL Ton to go to He’ll ton


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