USC Morning Buzz: Another Person Not Named Clay Helton Helping Hire Defensive Coordinator

Mike Bohn is going to make the call on who USC hires as defensive coordinator, not Clay Helton. But you might be surprised who else is involved in the coaching search.

Although long-time administrator Steve Lopes has been under criticism, I hear he is playing a role in the hiring of the new defensive coordinator.

Whether or not he remains at USC in the longer term, it appears Bohn thinks he has some value to play in the search for the defensive coordinator. The one thing I do hear is Clay Helton is playing little or no role in the hiring.

  • Alabama offensive tackle Alex Leatherwood announced he will return for his senior season.
  • USC director of football operations Sam Curtis has resigned to take a similar position at Memphis.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Person Not Named Clay Helton Helping Hire Defensive Coordinator

  1. Once again, USC pulls out their gun and shoots themselves in the foot.

    And what kind of fucking loser coach would allow the administration to pick his coaches for him ? Oh wait, Gomer is that fucking loser because he kisses ass better than any college football coach ever has and he knows no one in his own business to call to take the jobs he has open.

    In two years this complete fucking fraud has fired his whole staff, yet he remains, says a lot about the people in charge doesn’t it.

    And when and if Gomer is ever let go, good luck in getting anyone good to replace him with this shit show calling the shots, what a fucking dumpster fire.

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    1. Lopes is a complete idiot. A pencil pusher at best. This is insane having
      him involved in any capacity. The whole athletic dept. is worthless at this
      time. A new decade of incompetence. Name one head coach outside
      Gilbert for women track only that you would keep?


      1. doesn’t matter who they hire as DC, helton’s soft approach to football will prevent the defense from ever becoming dominant. as long as helton has any power at all, the program will never succeed


    1. IF true, yes. Always reserve a 15% chance Scott is having fun with us….


    1. If I were any coach currently drawing a paycheck at USC, I’d want Tessalone ruthlessly clearing a path for me everywhere I went ….


  2. There have been LOTS of conspiracy theories concerning President Folt’s desire to minimize the influence of athletics at USC. Well, I’m not sure we can call them “theories” anymore. President Folt sent out an email to alums today announcing, “That horrid anthem ‘Conquest’ will no longer be played at sporting events —given it’s imperial connotations, it’s completely objectionable in the 21st century. I am also asking that fans no longer cheer touchdowns, baskets, runs or goals at sporting events –please consider the feelings of the opposing team! I suppose that, at first, these new rules will seem Draconian —but I’m sure you’ll get used to them. After all, you’ve gotten used to Clay Helton.”

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      1. You’re right. {Now I’m glad I held back on the sentence about replacing Conquest with ‘The Simpsons’ theme….]


  3. Steve Lopes involvement in the DC search is the result of Pat Haden’s vision for the athletic department. Haden wanted a say in everything because Haden thought he was smarter than everyone else. Pick a HC they could control (Sark, Helton) and tell them which assistants to pick. Haden imparted this to HH and now Steve Lopes has continued it. Only problem is Lopes is more of an idiot than Haden.

    A long – time administrator with no on – field coaching experience should never be involved in hiring an assistant coach. Maybe doing the due diligence but never involved in selecting candidates.

    If you want to tell him which bridge to jump off of he is at slopes at





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      1. Don’t bet on it. After the thumping we get from Alabama(because of all the attention CH will give to watching films of all their FCS games), UC Davis will be a trap game for us.

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      2. kenwible —Ha! [Actually New Mexico is next up after Alabama. It’ll be tough. But we’ll keep it close].

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      3. So if we also beat all of the other California schools, will USC count it as an accomplishment for that awesome “California championship” Helton loves to brag about?


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  4. Geez, just do it already. Stop leaking stuff. It’s not like anything we say will matter outside of renewing (or not) our season tix. Go get the best DC you think you can get so folks can have something else to complain about until CCH is gone.


  5. I can’t imagine a quality defensive coordinator agreeing to join Clay Helton’s under these unusual circumstances, because it doesn’t sound like a stable situation. So I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a no name hire, maybe a defensive position coach from the NFL, or a lower level college program.

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    1. Yes. But all is not lost. The ‘no name’ will be announced with lots of fanfare. He (or perhaps, she) will pose for photos with Folt and Bohn smiling their biggest smiles. And Dan Weber will say, “things look bright again!”

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  6. At what point does the AD just stop communicating with el presidanté & tell her to stay in her lane?


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    1. Unfortunately, Cal75, it’s been made clear to Bohn that what looks like his lane on the University’s org chart is really Folt’s lane……


  7. Steve Lopes is USC’s money man in the athletic department. He is the financial guy that has been at USC for 30 years, and has gained a lot of power because he knows where all of the dead bodies are hidden. Unfortunately, the man has zero credentials in football coach hiring. He was in favor of bringing in Sarkesian as USC head coach. And he wanted to hire Helton. During this football season, Lopes has stuck up for Helton at every turn. He likes Helton because of the way Clay treated his son, Matt Lopes when he played football at USC. When push came to shove, Lopes was one of the people responsible for giving Helton this one year extension.
    Now, he is in the business of helping hire a defensive coordinator. If I were Lopes, I would hire a good defense lawyer real soon. Because the Donna Heinel, Academic Admissions trial, is going to drag some very interesting USC employees into the discussion. And I would not be one bit surprised if the name Steve Lopes comes up a time or two during that trial!

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    1. DB – Agree 100% that the dead bodies are a real big issue in the athletic department. The way the BOT fired the dean of the business school is just an indication of how this board is run by caruso. It is not likely to get better as more power is concentrated. The BOT says that they want to clean things up, but that is all a storyline for public consumption. They really are just circling the wagons to protect a few people.

      There is simply no reason to keep a HC and then not have him hire the DC. How can that HC be even slightly respected if he is being over-ridden by the AD?

      You have to wonder, if they cant run an athletic department, then how can they run a university?


  8. I know I hope my kids go to USC only by then it will be USJW, and we’ll just have the School of Cultural Marxism and we’ll be the Hecubas instead of the Trojans.


  9. Bohn is looking for head coach/defensive coordinator candidates and can’t have Helton make the final decision on who that is. Helton is extremely lucky he still has 3.5 million dollar a year job.


  10. If Helton can’t grow a pair and tell Bohn to stay the fuck out of football hiring he’s going to be fired after next season’s losing record. STAND THE FUCK UP


  11. I don’t know how Scott got the impression that Helton was not involved with the DC job. Every thing I have seen and heard is that he is very much involved. Check your sources.


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