Clay Helton Can Lead USC, He Just Can’t Hire Coaches?

Isn’t it weird how USC has faith in Clay Helton being the head football coach but not in choosing the next defensive coordinator?

If he can’t hire the next defensive coordinator — and he really should not given his track record –than why is he capable of leading the program in 2020?

Because Carol Folt wants him to? That’s a helluva reason.

I’m not sold on the theory he will simply be replaced next season, either, because what happens if USC wins nine games?

27 thoughts on “Clay Helton Can Lead USC, He Just Can’t Hire Coaches?

    1. It’s hard to spin 9 wins as progress if the season also includes BIG losses to Oregon and Notre Dame and Alabama (and by BIG I mean the kind of soul crushing, fan base destroying, humiliating losses Helton has already suffered to these teams)……
      P. S.
      Didn’t you think it was sad (as in pathetic) when Helton said “well, we were #22 in the country going into this game” in his post Holiday Bowl presser?

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    2. I think since the conference is so weak right now and anyone can win the South it seems Clay Helton would have to win it and possibly win the Pac12 Title Game. Looking at things currently on this day it’s safe to say Notre Dame and Alabama are games he won’t win so that makes him have to have a perfect season other than those two games. But I see him stumbling out the gate with a quick loss in the 1st month after the Bama game. He’s lost the team and lost the youth with not going hard in recruiting. It’s shocking to see how many kids have said USC didn’t go after them as hard as schools thousands of miles away. He’s not making it to November.

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    3. Come on MG, just go back and read what Bohn said about Gomer, a 9 win season might get Gomer another extension despite being prison raped by the 3 schools you mentioned, remember, Gomer has “integrity”.

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    4. Good point, karma. [Of course Bohn’s opinion won’t count as much if he’s suffered a complete mental breakdown by the end of September]……

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  1. “what happens if USC wins nine games?”

    Those idiots running USC into the ground will give the other idiot, Clay Helton, another contract extension.

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  2. Anything better than 4 wins and he stays……this man must be a 3rd cousin to someone who has serious money.
    No matter what anyone thinks some folks always act like spoiled brats that want a candy bar in the store. If he is a part of the family don’t matter if he wrecks the entire program as long as bozo gets to be a head coach.

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    1. Lyle –We’re having FUN here. It would be a mistake to think Bohn would actually lock the Head Coach out of the hiring process. Bohn’s impotent. He’s not suicidal. What probably went on is Bohn asked Clay for a frank assessment of the quality contacts he has in the coaching ranks. Clay admitted he had none. Then Clay asked Bohn the same question –and Bohn gave the same answer. They, then, decided to start calling everybody they both knew and give the job to the first person who answered the phone.


    1. Folt, Bohn and the BOT have shown they don’t give a fuck what the fans or alums think, Gomer’s too stupid to know either way, he just shows up and collects a fat paycheck and does what he’s told to do, it’s what his life has always been.

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    2. Apparently USC gives a bleep (and isn’t laughing) over what Scott thinks (and says and writes)— they’ve put out ‘shoot on sight’ orders to security staff….


  3. USC is happy with 8 wins a season, competing for the mighty PAC 12 South crown and maybe playing in the PAC 12 championship game, it’s just what they are these days

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  4. Actually if things work out for the best, barring unexpected loss/transfer/injury etc this current team has a more than decent chance to win the South and even the Pac if the stars all line up and in spite of Gomer . Although a positive, actually it would create a false overlooked reality.

    Clay would most likely be allowed a continuance for 2021 as HC, with an obviously expected new crap staff, but the attrition from this current roster will come into play and the sub par 2019, 2020, 2021 recruiting classes disaster would really start to kick in, which would really become a disastrous force for the next probable decade, that would continue to fester b/c of Clay’s presence. So this BECAUSE THEY KEPT HELTON, becomes a snowball effect trajectory going straight towards hell. Yet the USC Establishment will have the probable positive 2020 seasons hype, and they’ll probably try to justifyingly harp on about it . Yes they also didn’t have to pay that buyout either. lol… The current Trojan’s Establishment are in fact a group of frogs, swimming around in their large comfy stove top cooking vessel. Fight On

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  5. I was given a copy of Trojan War (30 for 30 video by ESPN) for Christmas and watched it today. 77 minutes of story about how Pete lost control of the machine he started. It seems a bit slanted, because it missed the fact that Vince Young was on his belly when he pitched the ball to a running back for a touchdown, but otherwise interesting.
    For some reason USC players today are paying the price for the NCAA and their bid to take down the university. Every action by the players in this video is slanted to make villains of the team that was 10 seconds away from winning a third national title.
    Some of the key elements are interesting
    1.USC had celebrity visitors at practice -So? USC has a world class film school and is located where celebrities live. USC closed practices per NCAA.
    2. Reggie Bush’s parents lived in a house owned by a would-be agent. So? The house was NOT in Reggie’s name. He didn’t live there. The house did not carry the ball or stop on a dime and change direction. How was Reggie responsible for his parents?
    3. Reggie drove a girlfriend ‘s car. So? I drove my wife’s car.
    4. USC had lost institutional control. No! The school was never responsible for any action, taken by the parent of a student athlete. Ask Cam Newton if his dad took money to lure him to a school -and what penalty the school paid for such a transgression.
    What does all of this have to do with today’s problem? USC has gone through this before. When McKay split and Robinson followed to the NFL a few years later, USC went through a gambit of crap coaches. When Garrett fired Robinson via message machine, Robinson had almost completed the rebuilding of the program. Pete was handed a Heisman caliber quarterback and the big men needed to win. He went 6&6 his first year, but he also realized he needed to get with the culture of USC. Also Pete was the first guy to say “yes” during the coaching search.
    A parallel exists right now with USC of today and USC of 20 years ago. We have a Heisman caliber quarterback and some really awesome sophomore players. The missing ingredient is a coach with ability to coach. USC needs discipline, but not a staunch disciplinarian. (Hacket) We need a leader, not a change maker (Smith) And we certainly do not need a spot fixer (Tollner and Helton)
    In short we are one coach away from being a contender again.

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    1. Good stuff. Living through all of that was hard and gratifying at the same time. USC was still putting players in the league, winning Rose Bowls, and , occasionally, sniffing around the #1 spot in the nation. They couldn’t win the real big games and couldn’t beat rivals on a consistent basis. Lastly, one thing is certain, Helton is more Hackett than Carroll.

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    2. Well said. Being a student from ‘00 – ‘04, I don’t think I really grasped what was playing out before me. Those were special times, and for a while after as well. And now, swimming through this current mess makes those special times even crazier.

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  6. The snickers will begin at Spring practice. After the expected defeat at the hands of AL 5th September in Dallas the entire 4th estate will race each other to get a good seat for the after-game press internview by Helton.

    Helton is a sports page and internet dream come true. understand the biggest problem for sports pages is after the Super Bowl and the start of Spring Training for MLB. All reporters need a daily story to cath their editor’s eye and subsequent – readers.
    Helton is going to be sliced to oblivion by ‘3rd party’ hearsay and some facts. Such will be posted as they are here and, as is Scott Wolf’s true forte.

    Helton shall be the focus of ‘hot seat’ until he is finally canned and the longer it takes the more the 4th estate – print, video or internet reporters will cherish it.

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    1. It’s so amazing to me that no reporter has had the balls to ask Helton, “How can you think people are still buying your bullshit?”

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      1. Oh lad – that deals you ‘personna non grata’….no the smart ones smile and nod and then, they compose…his biggest threat is and always shall be – columnists. Whicker – SCNG is a suck-up for all ‘in situ’ ‘players’….not Plaschke nor Hernandez. There is Helton’s ‘Cannae’….once he does his patented after defeat grinning jackass routine and tries to flee the rostrum – boom especially if he is successful in finding a ‘rabbit hole’ to scurry down into……the aftermath will be priceless and the targets will also include Folt and Bohn and Haden and Swann and Nikias and Sarkisian – the entire ‘kabuki theater’ that gave us this mess – a dream come true for ‘the princess’….

        Of all the entities out there are truly prime enemy is notre dame and the ast thing they want to see is a resurrected USC as was obvious with that ‘counsel’ that was snarling prior to the hammer being thrown by the NCAA at Garrett.

        I do believe we shall succeed – it will take 2 – 3 years but better to graphically shove reality into Folt’s indifference kisser than to have her snidely remark how foolish it was to not give Heltonska a 2nd (or is it 5th?) chance.

        I also see this as a delayed gain for Bohn =- he’ll have full control over the pick and hopefully sack that clown Lopes.


      2. He would be too stupid to get it…
        Meanwhile, Michael, you’ve been paying attention to recruiting I’m sure…just checked Bleacher Report…saw that your second favorite coach is doing pretty well…no, not Helton (A#1 from Escape)…our man Herm…can’t wait to see what his team looks like in November! Also saw that there’s a good possibility Bama is going to have as many as 3 first rounders pass on the draft and return, including Tua…Dallas again look like the Not OK Corral for Clay-DOH!


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