In Praise Of Power Football

How refreshing to see Wisconsin score a TD with the quarterback under center and the fullback going in from the 1-yard line.

But . . . but . . . USC almost had three receivers with 1,000 yards.

USC doesn’t have a fullback or tight end. But it does have shotgun snaps go over the quarterback’s head in the Holiday Bowl. Not to mention errant snaps in the Victory Formation.

As Iowa showed last week, there is a place in the offense for power football. When is the last time USC was good in short yard situations?

NOTE: In the picture above, Willie Brown carries the ball in the 1963 Rose Bowl, where USC defeated Wisconsin, 42-37, to win the national championship.

31 thoughts on “In Praise Of Power Football

  1. Blockers? We don’t need no stinkin’ blockers. We’re innovative using an old passing philosophy, which has never won a championship. I really don’t know why we need anything more than 6 quarterbacks and 15 receivers.

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  2. Select bowl game takeaways:
    Rose Bowl – Oregon wins.
    Alamo Bowl – Utah gets violated.
    Tijuana Adjacent Bowl – USC also gets violated, but, and this is a big but, they execute the greatest onside kick recovery in modern history.
    I don’t know about yall, but I’m thinkin’ a couple key strategic initiatives and here and there…

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  3. Apparently, it’s too hard to teach the QB under center concept. The current passing offenses are so complex, that all the practice time must be allotted to the “shotgun” snap.
    At least that’s the story we get from ‘experts.’

    Yet, somehow other teams use the under center formation in short yardage and specific situations with good success. USC doesn’t. Instead it’s ok that one in every 10 or so snaps is either high, low or over the QB’s head. Don’t think USC currently has a QB sneak in it’s repertoire, at least not from under center. I think we saw one last season… Just think with a stud like Stepp in the backfield, and you give him a 3-4 yard advantage… quick openers and he’s off to the races. And think of the play-action possibilities – with 8 men in the box looking to stop the run. Wide-open tight-end over the middle in front of the safeties…

    Nah… no need. Let’s snap the ball 5 yards back and air raid away!

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    1. Juan —Helton was asked why USC can’t close out games under center. Here’s what he said (no bullshit –he actually said this): “We’d probably lose the ball.” Marinate on that: “We’d PROBABLY lose the ball.” Helton’s a born loser —and his loser philosophy has rubbed off on the team.

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      1. Forgetting all the rest of his myriad cock-ups for the moment, he should be fired for that ONE statement, Craig…..

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      2. Yes apparently it’s beyond Gomer’s range of expertise – to teach QBs how to take a snap from under center. Never mind my middle school football teams mastered it, apparently it’s too difficult for college-level athletes to learn. Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

        How in the hell can this guy give that answer? “We’d probably lose the ball.” What a lazy
        ass. 15 minutes in practice, run a few plays under center – that’s all. Short yardage. And maybe a wrinkle or two. At the very least it’s something new that opponents won’t be able to key on. A new look, something to get the opposing defense ‘thinking’ and not reacting to the usual package Gomer teams ‘dump’ on them. What a piece of work this guy is, and a brown-noser to boot.

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  4. Just finished watching the Rose Bowl. 2 well coached teams that play disciplined football. It’s no wonder Southern California blue chip players decide to play for Oregon instead of USC. It’s very sad what Clay Helton has done to this program. I just wonder if those in power will ever fire Helton and hire a successful seasoned coach who will lead us back to national prominence. It’s very embarrassing to see what Helton has turned this football program into to.

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    1. Look at the bright side, trojanforlife —-at least USC wasn’t PLAYING Wisconsin today. Think of how much more embarrassing it would have been if Colorado defeated Utah in November, USC played for the Pac 12 Championship in December and, thru some fluky Pac 12 calls, wound up in the Rose Bowl…… in front of 30 million viewers….

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    2. Oregon just played and beat a tough , stout, disciplined, physical football team in Wisconsin in greatly contested game. Wisconsin has a true identity. They are going to line up with a fullback, tailback and a couple of tight ends and they are going to knock the snout out of you physically. Oregon used to be thought of as a fast , finesse team with talent and decently coached. But now with a solid coach in Cristobal In charge, they too have developed a reputation as a physical, stout, disciplined team. Strong offensive line play, stout defensive front and strong linebacker play. Safeties come up and tackle as well. Their corners make takles more often than not. Imagine that, these two teams probably practice in full uniforms throughout the season and tackle . It shows in their toughness. And then you have Gomers USC team. Cocky, soft, no discipline, penalties , and missed tackles with an identity of playing soft as Iowa demonstrated recently. Oregon, Alabama, LSU and everybody else in the country will continue to come in a take all of the elite talent in California as long as there is no change at head coach. All we have to look forward to is another 8-4 season if we are lucky. But Gomer promised that he now has the tools and resources to go from good to great. Iowa and Oregon teams that recently demolished us would not say that we are even a good team Gomer. Pathetic.

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    3. Michael – You will recall our Captain Benteen discussion…some day the rescue ship from Earth will arrive…and we’ll win the Pac 12 South…and ob what plunder we’ll have after thrashing Neptune (sorry, had to add a little Caligula from I Claudius…must keep a sense of humor…how would John Hurt have played Clay in the USC version of?)…

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      1. James, my buddy, it IS you! I was 99% certain —but now I know for sure.
        And now on to the answer to your question: There is ONLY one person in the world who could capture the dual nature of of our Head Coach —the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

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      2. But seriously… don’t you think Caitlyn would be able to handle the role? Sure, she might be a bit more masculine than Helton —but there’s a definite connection going on that I think Hallmark audiences would respond to.

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    1. Even after Chow left Pete Carroll made sure Kiffin and Sarkisian utilized the TE and FB positions.

      In 2008, Stanley Havili went down the sideline and caught the first TD of the game against the Buckeyes.

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      1. Will we ever see our players play with this much enthusiasm and killer instinct again?
        The 3 Asshole/Stooges (Folt, Bohn and Helton) should be forced (Clockwork Orange-style) to watch this video for 24 hours straight….until they “get” why fans might want to ask them what the fuck is going on as they enjoy basketball games protected by their body guards…….

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      2. @MG

        The speed on that ’08 defense was incredible. Rey Maualuga on that pick 6, he out ran the Buckeye receiver down the sideline and Rey weighed somewhere around 250 lbs.

        Even when Ohio St. brought in Terrelle Pryor, he had no chance, he was overwhelmed by the Trojan pass rush.

        2008 Trojans had a great defense

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    1. Haha! They teach you to spell at USC?. It’s spelled “fumble” not “fumball”. And bye the way, the “fumballs” were forced, not given away


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