It’s Friday And USC Is Still Burning

It’s been a fairly quiet week with USC on break, but a Pac-12 coach text me today: “What the hell is going on over there? Is it even worse?”

Maybe they were including the Holiday Bowl too.

It’s pretty much open season right now on the football program. And nothing seems likely to change this impression, unless a great defensive coordinator gets hired.

  • A reader tells me the unidentified player in the Beef Bowl picture in the previous post was Mike McDonald.

17 thoughts on “It’s Friday And USC Is Still Burning

    1. Helton is the equivalent of a person who has a father and brother that were successful and he has the mentality that he will easily turn it up and there’s nothing to worry about. That this is not as bad as it looks. The one in the family that ended up getting the buisness when he wasn’t smart enough or just flat out qualified to be trusted with. He thinks he’s on the coaching level with others before him and it’s gonna be fixed and there’s no reason to panic.
      He needs a reality check from someone that’s close to him thats straight forward without BS’ing.

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      1. I don’t agree with the “perception is everything” crowd. But perception is something. The USC Athletic Department is currently perceived as an over the hill, stumbling, bumbling giant. Why on earth would it want to ADD to that perception by not signing a quality D-Coordinator by this very late date? Defenders will say that Bohn is patiently waiting for the right person to become available. That is crap. There are roughly 10 top candidates out there —every A. D. in the country knows who they are — and how much they’ll cost. Pick one out and close the fucking deal already….

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      2. Yeah. Mike I don’t understand the intentions of the people at USC. It just seems like they go the opposite direction from what needs to be done. The only answer for them not getting a guy by now could be that they realize that February’s signing day won’t matter. They are not in the thick for anyone. Offense or defense. That shouldn’t matter but that’s probably why they are dragging their feet with the process. That’s the Helton way.

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      3. MG, Bohn and HH are waiting for a DC who will buy into “The Trojan Way.”

        You know, soft practices, inability to instill discipline, guys who weren’t taught how to defend the edge, etc.



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      4. I’ve heard that Pendergast ran the most boring defense in practice only focuses on his 11 starters and never shows the intentions to coach up the 2nd or 3rd stringers. Helton allowed this. The tempo of practices was the worst ever from what I’ve been told. I am hesitant or torn to hope for a better DC at this point because if we play good defense it scares me that it could help keep Clay Helton around longer. Clay has to go.

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      5. marvienna — all I can say is it won’t look good if, after another month or so, Bohn announces that Pendergast is coming back…

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      6. Sam —Yeah, come to think about it, in a weird-ass way Helton could use the absence of a d-coordinator as the reason for no big name additions to our recruiting class prior to February. I hope we’re wrong and they make an announcement soon —but if they don’t —and they try to sneak in another 3rd rater right before spring practice—- things are gonna get way hotter than Bohn can handle around September 5th, 2020.


      7. We are gonna lose kids from transferring/grad transferring out. Velus Jones just entered the transfer portal. When you think about losing Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman you would hope we have kids ready to go or at least have the confidence to stay and win a spot. But I won’t say Jones or anyone else for that matter were scared of competition I think it’s more of the Helton effect by of course not prepping non-starters and by not being charismatic enough to sign players as we’ve recently seen and I think we’ll see his coaching+personality is making his kids sick being around his culture losing players in the coming months and at the very start of this upcoming season. There will be two waves with spring and then early August. And to the players credit they know Helton won’t be around this time next year. We sure need a DC but for me next season is already over if we all just be honest with ourselves it’s a wasted season for everyone. Helton is gonna get canned and is just been privileged with Folt/Bohn keeping him because his contract owns USC for the moment so those two are both hoping he hits it out to make them look good and when he continues with the losing tradition they’ll just make some BS up like NASA does to the public every time they figure something out.


  1. Michael McDonald?

    I didn’t know the singer from the Doobie Brothers played football at USC.



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    1. Marv:
      The Long-snapper, Mike McDonald was a wonderful Trojan. Perfect on the snap, and he absolutely hustled straight down the middle of the pitch and logged plenty of tackles on punt coverage.


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