Here’s One Outlook On Offensive Line

You know it’s bad when a USC assistant coach tells me if Austin Jackson goes pro the Trojans will have a “terrible offensive line” next season.

The line wasn’t great this season and Jackson is projected as a first-or-second round pick in spite of the Holiday Bowl.

Who will start a pool next season on how long Kedon Slovis lasts before he gets hurt? And then who replaces him? Matt Fink, who might transfer. A brittle JT Daniels?

Does anyone think that army of three-star offensive linemen that signed will be able to play next season?

UPDATED: Pro Football Focus just ranked USC as having the No. 31-ranked offensive line in the nation. O-K.

“Yes, the Trojans landed Gary Bryant and he’s a big-time playmaker on offense, but this class in 2020 is still very weak and lacks a ton of depth. The loss in the bowl game won’t help and don’t give me any excuses about recruiting infrastructure and all of that. This all has to do with Clay Helton and his shaky future.”

  • Former USC basketball player Charles O’Bannon is transferring to TCU.
  • Former USC basketball player Darion Clark, now a tight end, has signed a reserve/future contract with the Chicago Bears. Maybe Graham Harrell can claim Clark since he does not like to use tight ends.

14 thoughts on “Here’s One Outlook On Offensive Line

  1. It’s NOT amazing that Helton doesn’t get the Air Raid will always crap out unless you’ve got an O-Line to protect the QB. It IS amazing that Folt & Bohn didn’t see that Helton doesn’t get it.

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    1. they all see that Helton is a dolt. The guy that really pisses me off his Bohn. He came here to make a fat salary and is content to be Folts little pussy stooge/tool. Doesn’t have the balls to stand up and do what is right. He can not be that stupid to not see through Helton like a pane of glass. Folts is another story, she is a mouthpiece for that POS Caruso, also content to make big $ and ride off into the Santa Monica sunset.

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      1. CH:
        There is ample evidence that OC GH will run the ball, so let’s give it a chance. Go back and look at the stats for GH coaching at North Texas.
        (and in our first 6-7 games).

        We have 3 RB who are strong at the point of attack, and another who can break a run (from time-to-time) and is a threat as a pass receiver out of the backfield. Great weapons. I still love to watch Vavae hit the hole. Rare that he gets stuffed at the LOS–esp in key downs.

        Stepps was recently likened to Beast Mode Lynch. I dream of watching THAT happen.

        My hope is that Carr has a great off-season and comes into 2020 healthy and fast. As speedy is Christon, I still wonder if his best bet is a redshirt soph year, and let Vavae and Carr graduate (?).

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      2. Bourbon,
        Agree with all…except I don’t hold out great hope for Carr’s emergence in 2020. He’s certainly okay —but he will never be a weapon.


      3. MG – you know I’ve always liked Carr, he wasn’t a 5 star RB out of high school for nothing. I just remember his first 3 or 4 games as a Freshman where he looked as good and even better than RoJo. He hasn’t gotten there yet, but if he is healthy, watch out.(I’m not convinced that he’s 100%).


  2. Wolfman! Not a good post at all!

    That assistant needs to be terminated immediately. Seriously, he said that about the oline? If true, this assistant coach is a pos!

    No way do you say those things publicly. If it was off the record, then shame on you!

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    1. Burrow – I don’t think you have been around long enough to take with a grain of salt Wolf’s sources. He always has unnamed sources Pac-12 coach, NFL assistant etc.) spouting off what he wants to blog. In this case it is negative, so, of course, it fits into wolf’s narrative. let see how long this stays up before he deletes it, which he also does on a regular basis.

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    2. Our O-line for 2020 will be “OK,” BT.
      Not great. Not consistent. just OK.
      It will be exposed in 4-5 games against big, tough teams. Might win, might lose. It will do fine in 6-7 games.

      HOWEVER, if the dudes work on technique and hit the weights HARD, some good could happen. A lot can happen with 9 months in the weight room.

      Many on this site ding Drevno.
      I think he is doing pretty good, considering that we have had lackluster O line recruiting under HC CH (Kiff and Sark had some great O-line picks) and considering the poor state of strength and conditioning.

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  3. Austin Jackson was abused by Iowa. No big loss if he leaves, anybody on USC’s roster can get tossed around like a rag doll the way Austin Jackson was.

    Jackson should be ashamed of himself for getting handled by guys that weighed 60-70 lbs. less than him.


    1. While you are correct on most accounts, TO, I would not underestimate
      AJ Epenesa. Let’s see if that Iowa JUNIOR will be a first round pick. I’ve seen his name as high as #8 overall to the Chargers.

      “From my 50 yard line seat, row 14, at the Holiday Bowl, I keyed on the match up. Austin did OK in the first half, but fell apart as Iowa built their lead and the Iowa rush “pinned its ears back and rushed the QB with no concern for the run game.” Still, Austin was “overmatched.”

      To my recollection, no USC O lineman has “made it” in the NFL since Tyron Smith and the Kalil brothers. I don’t anticipate any change to this with the present coaching and recruiting.

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      1. Let’s see if this kid gets a legitimate shot to work himself into the starting lineup without having to rely on kissing Helton’s ass


  4. I hope Jackson leaves.

    First of all, it would be for his own good, as he will receive competent coaching at the next level, even if he begins as a backup.

    Secondly, if he’s gone, there is no way USC goes 9-3 and retains Helton yet again … I would hope. Unless there is something to those conspiracy theories that are “out there”, that higher-ups at USC want to de-emphasize football for ideological reasons. I deeply hope that isn’t the case. I mean, even if certain people believe football is for mouth-breathers, and symbolic of some supposed opressive patriarchy, you would think some of these people, at least, would see the business sense in retaining a strong football program.


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