A Former Coach Offers His Own Take On What Program Needs

I spoke to one of the 10 coaches Clay Helton‘s fired at USC today.

Here’s what they said about the defensive coordinator search, which will not surprise you: “There is no discipline. They need to have discipline or it won’t matter who they hire. It starts at the top.

“I tried to sit a player once for not listening and doing what he was supposed to and (Helton) said we can’t do it.”

This is why I have said USC needs a discipline coordinator. Helton doesn’t want to do it. Whether it’s the low-intensity practices or not caring about following certain rules or committing penalties.

That’s where USC needs to clean up its act.

30 thoughts on “A Former Coach Offers His Own Take On What Program Needs

  1. So the inmates are running the asylum. This has been reported on numerous SC sports’ websites.
    Good thing Bohn and Folt do their due diligence using the psuedo-Ostrich method [instead of sand, they use each other’s asses].

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  2. If the Troxans need a good discipline coordinator, I recommend Mistress Veronica Candlewax. If she can’t do it, nobody can. (May involve use of a riding crop)

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  3. This might be a bit more pressing for Folt et. al. – perv gynecologist Tyndall settlement minimum $215 mil. with individual settlements set to explode

    Posted on Scott’s ‘podcast’ link – from this morning’s LA Times
    USC still does not know what Heinel did or who she was able to ‘slip’ by ‘cover-up’ in the athletic department.

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      1. Yeah good ole’ ‘plundering’ Pat…remember when he demonized the state of IN when then-Governor and now VP Pence, blocked a ‘gay’ bill went to their state assembly with all kinds of tie ropes on it and he ‘boldly’ said USC would not be participating in any event in the state of IN.

        He didn’t Heinel but he sure didn’t exercise any professional oversight of her either.

        Ought to come out with a new game – instead of ‘Where’s Waldo’ it ought to be ‘Where’s Haden’?

        Truly what rabbit hole did Haden jump down into?

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      1. The asshole Iranians purposely missed all their targets and basically said we are done because the Iranians knew that Trump would pack it way, way up their ass. Someone stood up and said fuck you. Maybe we should have sent a couple pallets if cash like that asshole Barry. You lose again Owns just like you will lose in November. Get behind Warren, you probably would like that from behind.

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  4. “Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!,” Trump posted to Twitter.

    So much for trump’s “WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD” threat

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  5. Barakska was so lazy he left over 400 federal judgeships open because all assumed ‘la bruja’ would be the prez….but then it didn’t happen and thanks to ‘the koolest dude there evah wuz’.Trump has them.

    The best is that moron ‘barakska’ giving those Iranian muslim monsters all that money – – breaking slowly – the ‘mutha mullahs’ used that scratch for 2 things – 1. payup terrorists for more violence an missile launches and 2. pay out the same for: journalists, politicians, media, and academicians who’ll act as the DNC is acting.

    Barakska Chevrolet – south side jonnie doin’ the down and…..

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    1. Once again Commie Lush is FOS. Obama, left those Fed vacancies because a Ratpublican Senate refused to confirm Obama’s Judicial nominees.

      Let’s not forget Pinkywood, it was the Ratpublican Senate that refused to confirm, during Obama last year (12 months) in office, any Obama Supreme Court Nominee, claiming that the next President should have that privilege.

      Lastly, Commie Lush, Obama gave Iran zero money. The money that was sent to Iran belonged to Iran. That money had been frozen in US banks due to US sanctions against Iran.

      As usual, Commie Lush, the drunken AH spews diarrhea w/o a shred of truth.

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  6. I hope Wolf means that this discipline means Heltom. But, we know this. There will be none as long as Helton is there. I guess Folt and Bohn are brain dead though.

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  7. To All of you I think it would be wise to avoid politics and religion. I am seeing the start of something. Stick with something that brings us together. We already have too many clans and cults so I would advise connecting and communicating rather than being victims of what is going on in the country now.. Let us show a little class please.

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    1. Well I must say old boy one would certainly not find the ‘give and take’ on this board at: Beserkely or bel-air tech nor ‘legoland north’ (aka Stanford). If anything it gives us a ‘break’ form the 24/7 animus, justly earned I must say, towards Heltonska Chevrolet.

      I tire of the droll ad hominens hurled at the clown in Heritage Hall. Alas this cur is with us for, minimum, 10+ mos.

      This ‘broadsides’ we hurl from both sides of the ‘political spectrum’ allows us to demonstrate to the rest of the academic world USC isn’t as all the rest are – controlled by feminazis and advocates of that brilliant faux scientist ‘Bill Nye’ and his DNC approved global climate Leninists econazis flunkies….what?

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    2. Got to agree, prof. I like this place cuz we get to have fun talking about stuff that matters ….but isn’t life and death.
      Until Scott raises the subject of what constitutes a ‘proportional response’
      (which he obviously will never do), let’s restrict ourselves to savaging Folt and Bohn and Helton (although, not necessarily in that order)…..

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  8. What!?!? No discipline on the USC football team!?!? In other breaking news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Helton doesn’t know what the f**k he’s doing.

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    1. I so love to ‘pull the string’ on the ‘eed-git’ who never attended bel-air tech…

      Oh btw the GOP controlled the ‘House’ in the 112th and 113th congresses…the demoncrats, controlled the Senate in the 111th, 112th and 113th but ‘…de koolest there ever is was out playin’ golf…” fool had no time to work…he was swinging


  9. gotroy22 – that is priceless but you know the guy is smiling…our ‘foundling’ hasn’t ever smiled in his life esp. when anyone mocks his heroes – ‘the peckerwood’ and ‘barakska’

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  10. So, if this is someone previously fired from Helton’s staff … then it’s someone you trashed while he coached at USC. Why do you respect his opinion now?


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