USC Morning Buzz: Maybe Mississippi State Is Less Crazy

Washington State coach Mike Leach is leaving to become the new coach at Mississippi State, according to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports.

Better than Steve Sarkisian although Leach has never really won anything at Texas Tech or Washington State. But he did make Washington State relevant.

Who will replace Leach?

Well, Washington State has a real athletic director (Pat Chun) or I might say they will hire Graham Harrell to continue the Air Raid.

  • TMZ reports former USC athletic director Pat Haden could be key witness in the Lori Loughlin trial of the College Admissions Scandal.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Maybe Mississippi State Is Less Crazy

  1. “TMZ reports former USC athletic director Pat Haden could be key witness in the Lori Loughlin trial of the College Admissions Scandal.”

    Only if they can find him.

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    1. Must say sir…damn good! 67′

      This I believe is one of the major reasons who the head coach at USC was not what mattered to the administration – it is ‘knowing’ and ‘preventing’ what Heinel did to never happen again along with Tyndall, Poliafito,….

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      1. Definitely not what matters to the administration, or Folt would not have immediately promoted the Compliance guy who oversaw what apparently everyone and their mother knew about the dirt going on, and we know now it wasn’t Heinal, but a web of individuals through Heritage Hall and the University, with reputed links outside of the University in some sort of weird “lesbian mafia” (I can’t believe things have gotten so crazy that’s a “thing”). Folt kept many people under investigation, and kept people like Lopes around, who as functionally the AD, should all have been cleared out. She’s kept others around caught in corruption from Nikias to people caught in both embezzlement scandals, sex and drug scandals, etc. at the University. Folt seems to have been brought in to keep all the dirt going while doubling down on the SJW ethos that’s set in, not get right the ship.


      1. What do wanna bet Haden will have a team of ten attorneys in court trying to quash any subpoena or delay any appearance…

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      2. You forgot one MG:

        “Sequestered because of Orgeron’s 2019 winning towards a national cahmpionship”


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    2. Lori’s going with the best defense in these kinds of cases —“No intention to defraud anyone. Everyone was on the SAME page.”

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      1. Agree MG. Karma, I hope she sings like a canary exposing the rats that reside in Heritage Hall. The silver lining being that a host of people in the AD dept will be gone thereby hopefully changing the culture there.
        Wait a minute, what am I thinking, Bohn was supposed to change the culture there….
        Never mind

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  2. Well, you can bet the next coach WSU hires won’t have to pass the integrity test, just look at recent WSU coaches, Leach, Price, Erickson and you’ll see WSU just wants to win games, and that’s not easy to do up in the Palouse

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    1. Agree with MG on feeling sorry for her in having to clean up this mess that just keeps on getting worse.
      However, I would not use “Folt” as an example of “Integrity”, her words may say it but her actions deny it.
      She might very well be anal but I don’t believe it has anything to do with Integrity.

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      1. Spot on, agent13 —Folt becomes a member of that ever enlarging class of 21st century people you feel sorry for even though they don’t exactly deserve your sympathy…..

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  3. Maybe this is something we all missed.

    Draining the Heritage Hall swamp wasn’t going to come because of a new AD and administrators. It was going to come the old fashioned way.

    Where you arrest one of the gang and then everyone turns on each other and they all start pointing fingers and singing like canaries.


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    1. marvienna — Sometimes an institution or country or corporation is SO screwed up that it can’t fix itself & change HAS to be imposed from the outside. [It’s never fun for the insiders when it happens that way]…….

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  4. I don’t think the Mike Leach “show” (the quotes beyond the wacky football style) will go over well in staid Starkville. I recall that Lubbock was tiring of him pretty quickly.

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