How Strong Will Mike Bohn Lead Clay Helton?

I think the defensive coordinator’s search will be a fascinating look at Mike Bohn’s influence.

If Joe Barry takes it, then Bohn will rubber stamp Helton’s recommendation.

But if someone without Helton ties gets it, than you will see Bohn some degree of role in it.

Either way, Bohn gets to make the final call, but it just depends on how hard he wants to guide the search.

20 thoughts on “How Strong Will Mike Bohn Lead Clay Helton?

  1. Apparently, Mr. Bohn has decided to take the minimalist approach to managing Gomer, especially in this DC and STC “search.” To date, only a few if any candidates have been contacted, seen or interviewed by Gomer, Joe Barry being the most notorious. There doesn’t seem to be much participation by Bohn, at least not publicly.

    No clear semblance of any sense of urgency, nor does finding a guy that’s known for putting together an aggressive, effective defense. Meanwhile, the recruiting process moves on, with Gomer at the helm, and with no support from a DC or STC. This does not bode well for the second signing day. Not certain what Mr. Bohn is being paid for, perhaps Folt hired him so she could publicly castrate and humiliate him in public. That way her #Metoo buddies, can point and say, “See, she’s one of us… she cares about our plight. She hates men, look how she handled that guy, put him right in his place! She’s gonna fix that place! Now pass me that bong!”

    It’s gonna be:
    [audio src="" /]

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  2. AD Bohn initially talked the big talk but has fallen down before he has walked the walk. I’m not expecting much. He’s fitting perfectly as a underachiever like the coaches.

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  3. USC, where:

    Caruso hires Folt – who is willing to do whatever the BOT want.

    Folt hires an AD – any AD who is willing to be walked all over – and she does the AD’s job and does it badly. Very badly. Retains Helton.

    Bohn, who doesn’t do his job, does Helton’s job. Probably can’t get any worse than Helton.

    Helton, who doesn’t do his job, does the offensive coordinator’s job (recall play calling for Tee Martin). Does it badly.


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    1. 67 — Love it —but I’d fine tune the Bohn and Helton part a little bit….
      [If, out of all the gin joints in all the world, Helton can only get Barry to come aboard, it’s official: Helton’s a totally dead duck, no more athletes will come to USC to be coached by him…. and, lastly but not leastly, he’s gonna get creamed so badly by Saban that L. A. will be too hot to return to —he’ll need to join that other princess in Canada]…..

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      1. 67,
        Helton’s the biggest joke ever perpetrated on college football. And Bohn couldn’t find anybody better to take over for 2020? What does that say about Bohn?
        Scott’s homework assignment is to get screen captures of Bohn and Folt that mirror the photo he’s always running of Helton (you know, with their eyes opened in amazement and tongues hanging out). He needs to start looking right now ….cuz he’ll be needing them soon…. and repeatedly.

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      2. MG – I agree with the above. But one thing keeps on gnawing at me – why didn’t Urban’s OSU team run up the score in the 2017 Cotton Bowl game? He called off the dogs. it could easily have been over 50 points if he wanted it. Similarly, will Saban run up the score in the upcoming opener?
        My gut tells me that both these coaches want to win and leave NO doubt as to who is the better team.
        I’m guessing that a 3 TD differential does the trick.
        It is in their interest and everybody else’s [except SC’s] to keep Helton at SC for as long as possible. This way SoCal remains open hunting grounds for its best recruits.

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      3. That is diabolically clever thinking, agent13.
        [Love to see Helton do a drunken Alabama game presser wherein he accuses Saban of shaving points to assure that worst coach in USC history stays put]…


  4. Urgent to Special Agent Gumby:
    If Anno Domini is getting suspicious, British French Fry says you may call off Operation Hilltopper at your discretion. Maintaining cover takes priority. Operation AdvoCare Fiasco of topmost importance.


    1. Fuck. We’re stuck. It’s Barry by default. Just like all other USC hires.


  5. Barry’s BIO fits right in with Helton….they’re both Second or Third Stringers!
    Barry has been fired at all the NFL jobs he’s held….
    Ad in Bones, who’s Second String and Smurf Folt….WOW what a combination.
    And you guys think this is going to get corrected…Dream On !!!


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