Morning Buzz: Rams Make Move Before USC At Defensive Coordinator

The Rams are reportedly hiring former Denver Broncos assistant Brandon Staley as defensive coordinator.

It’s too soon, however, to think this means Joe Barry will now become USC defensive coordinator.

1.) I heard a couple days ago the word in coaching circles was Barry leaned toward staying with the Rams, even in his current capacity.

2.) USC intends to interview more candidates next week for the defensive coordinator’s job.

Barry could still get the USC job but nothing will probably be decided until next week.

31 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Rams Make Move Before USC At Defensive Coordinator

  1. USC
    gives new students four pieces of advice:
    1. Get to know your professors
    2. Commit to being a good learner
    3. Ask for help when you need it
    4. Know who you are-listen to your inner voice

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    1. Folt didn’t follow her advise!!!
      She never consulted with any Ex Players
      Or Ex Coaches!! Like John Robinson!!
      Even Pussy Bohn was out of the loop!
      She’s an idiot and that’s why she was let go
      At North Carolina !!

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    2. 22 — Given the legal trouble USC is presently in, I guess Folt doesn’t fully appreciate how funny bullet point #1 is…

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  2. Sanctimonious claptrap. At least owed will be dead from hypoxia due to the delayed DC hire. The entire $h!+show going on at USC makes The University a “laughingstock” nationally.

    Per ESPN, how can a CFB head coach (arguably the highest public visibility job at a school) be on the *hottest* hot-seat 2 consecutive years without being termed? Speaks volumes about the lack of vision and horrible leadership present above him. Sad realization that Bohn/Folt are worse than Swann/Nikias…

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    1. “How can a CFB head coach (arguably the highest public visibility job at a school) be on the *hottest* hot-seat 2 consecutive years without being termed? ”

      Exactly right.

      “Best” case scenario: football is prioritized much lower than dealing with Tyndall, Heinel, Med School, etc., so they retain Helton and try to wallpaper over all of the defects in the program by yet again hiring new coordinators and assistants, and hope that buys some time.

      Worst case scenario: SC is becoming another university where a top football program is not part of the “new culture”. Lip service will be paid to the program by Bohn or whatever AD is hired for a while. But the program permanently becomes just another third-rate, Pac-12 program.

      I personally think that the worst case situation is what Folt and others on the BOT want. For them, the only thing I can think of that would prevent this would be the lost $$$ that would come from letting SC football go.

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      1. 67 — IF Folt wanted to get ahead of the mess she’s in she’d go on offense [USC doesn’t have the guts to fire her for actually taking command]. If she’s’ good with Afua Hirsch teaching journalism, employing Urban Meyer shouldn’t register on her sensitivity-meter either. Is it conceivable she thinks that buying off EVERYONE on USC’s “victimhood” list (legitimate claimants AND those along for the ride) AND caving to the L.A. Times’ demand that we limit our coaching staff to the least dynamic people on earth is the way out?

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      2. Michael, I agree with you entirely. The president should have a clear vision, appreciating the legacy and history of the great university. Be a leader and foster consensus with others. Take charge. Make logical, well-conceived decisions.

        But the BOT didn’t want a person who would do this. So they picked someone who didn’t have that ability. Folt.

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      3. Without being argumentative to anyone here,
        why would ANYONE in the pay grade of President Folt (and/or the BOT) want his/her legacy to be that “they were the noted one(s) who killed athletics/football at USC?” It does not seem to be what high performing/high ego people do.

        Aye, we have been in dark days for the past decade athletically (a few nattys in Olympic sports and notably women’s soccer). I don’t believe that Pres Folt/BOT would purposefully scupper a legacy program like USC CFB. While still hopeful that 2020 is a very good (10 win) year with GH and the “right” DC, they delay in “locking up” these two positions gives one pause.

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    2. 67 –Folt is smart. Why would she want to be remembered as a cipher?
      I don’t think it’s beyond her capacity to show authentic leadership instead of doing what she’s doing now…..

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      1. Ha! Funny. [Wasn’t Esau the biblical character who gave up his destiny as a leader of his people for a cup of soup?] …

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      2. Michael, I think Folt is motivated by:

        Money for her – she is close to 70, this is her last rodeo ride, if she does what the BOT wants, she retires in style. There certainly isnt much demand for her after North Carolina fired her. And it takes a lot to get fired as a president of a university.

        She personally has little interest in football. It is a violent, men-only sport. Not her cup of tea.

        She would like to be known as the woman who “turned around USC to become culturally and socially a much different university.”

        If I’m right about this, none of it is good.


    3. I agree with you, MG, T67, T22, karma and a whole bunch of others about this shit-show.
      One thing I found when personally overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done is that sometimes the best/easiest thing to do is just get one of the tasks completed so that the pile doesn’t look so big, you start to feel good about yourself and that handling other tasks is going in the right direction.
      We all seemed to agree that solving the football issue was one of the easier tasks. Money was apparently no object [donors wiling to foot the bill], firing an incompetent conman of a HC 2-years running on the hot seat soon to be 3-years made sense and hiring a generational coach who would return the football program to its rightful place amongst the blue-bloods was a no-brainer.
      Folt/Bohn/BOT, the brainiacs that they are just can’t seem to get one item off of their plate. Rather, they are adding/retaining items – the Helton saga will not go away. The other stuff still has to be dealt with – that’s not going away either and if reports that Lori Laughlin’s donations were payable to SC and not the charity or Heinel, well that just piles on the crap.
      So if there is still a possibility of remedying the Helton situation, do it no matter that some crow must be eaten.

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    1. Charlie Strong…..he’s strong lol! Hey Charlie, c’mon down, you’re the next contestant, on the price is right!


      1. If you’re the defensive coordinator for Pete Carrol and the Seattle Seahawks, why would you leave, and become the defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator for Dallas?


    2. The most logical choice, Arturo–and a good choice!

      Our DB’s really showed improvement in 2020 (over the horror shows of 2017 and 2018). I would be excited to see the progress the 6 or so studs show with KR coaching ’em up. I will add, I think Greg Burns did a good job this season with the DB’s and should be retained. Some of the scorched turf against the DB’s was related to mostly ineffective pass rush and/or LB’s inadequate in coverage.

      Let’s hope KR joins us, as the “clock is ticking.”

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      1. Bourbon —I really hope your preview of 2020 “DB improvement” turns out to be true….

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  3. This feels exactly like the time Clay Helton waited forever on Pendergast. Barry sounds like he’s the next Marvin Lewis.


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