A Not Exactly Overwhelming Recruiting Weekend

USC has four recruits visiting this weekend, as it tries to fill the last couple scholarships of its recruiting class.

Tight end Jack Yary, the son of former USC offensive lineman Ron Yary, will give the Trojans another chance after he decommitted late last year.

The question is whether USC can convince him that the Air Raid offense uses a tight end. USC coaches are telling Yary they can use him like Drake London but he isn’t the athlete London is so that may not work.

On the other hand, Yary’s USC connections are so strong it would not be surprising if he ended up following his father’s footsteps. Washington is USC’s chief rival for Yary.

Quarterback Blake Shapen, who is the Trojans’ last chance to sign a QB for next season, will also visit. Remember, if JT Daniels is not recovered for training camp and Matt Fink transfers, Kedon Slovis would be the only scholarship QB.

Tailback Elijah Turner, a three-star prospect from Georgia and defensive lineman Tuli Tuipulotu, who is already committed to USC, are also visiting.

I’m not sure why Turner would come to USC if he looks at all the tailbacks on the roster, especially with Markese Stepp and Kenan Christon being sophomores.

  • Meanwhile, Oregon coach Mario Cristobal and defensive backs coach Keith Heyward (a former USC assistant) are in Southern California today recruiting.

One thought on “A Not Exactly Overwhelming Recruiting Weekend

  1. The “welcome todd orlando” vid usc just posted on youtube (with comments turned off naturally) is a perfect example of the fake ass, make believe, horse shit that this helton/bohn/folt triumvirate thinks we’re gonna buy into. Two things about vid caused my stomach to turn:
    1. Orlando saying the opportunity to coach with Helton was the attraction to coming here (you can almost see the gun pointed at his head)
    2. The oddball question/answer about how physical practices are gonna be. It all sounded pretty forced, like no matter what he wanted to say, Orlandos answers were scripted to a T to directly address specific shit Helton is criticized for. Orlandos body, Clays words. God fuckin god

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