Todd Orlando Lays Down Law

New USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando didn’t waste any time trying to change the culture upon his arrival.

During a defensive meeting last week, Orlando said he wasn’t going to tolerate the current system where players get demerits for rules infractions.

“This is (expletive) over,” Orlando reportedly said. “This will never happen on my watch.”

We will see if Orlando’s hard-nosed approach works in the Clay Helton administration.

  • Safety C.J. Pollard announced he entered the NCAA transfer portal.

24 thoughts on “Todd Orlando Lays Down Law

    1. hahaha. that was a Kiffin deal.

      I think Orlando was brought in to be the bad guy. Remember he worked for Herman who is a p…..k.

      This will be good because Helton is up against the wall and he has to have rabid players this year or he is out.

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    1. USCDude —You might be thinking of last year… or, maybe, the year before that…. or, perhaps, the year before the year before last year…..

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  1. Demerits… ? Are you kidding me? I didn’t know about this.
    Did the players have to be in before the street lights went on also?
    Sheeesh! no wonder.

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    1. Bus 62 — Want to know how Clay is taking the abolition of the demerit system? Think back to the scene in “Bridge On The River Kwai” where Colonel Saito finally gives up control of the detention camp …..and goes into his tent to privately cry and beat his fists against the table…….

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      1. Not a chance M G. That would require principals and self-awareness, and no room at the table of Faith, Family, Football for either.

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    1. Looks to me that he’s passed Clay’s indroctination and is now able to set his jaw right…..
      Until we see that practices are physical, I’ll follow the Missouru state doctrine of “Show Me”…
      Once again, we should ask the media to follow up on this physicality by demamnding that Clay and Coach Bohn have open practices. We’ve had enough of their lying…

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      1. Agent13 —I can save you any suspense, my friend. The first twenty minutes of practice will be made public. The “new, grueling, physical” part will be held in secret…..

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    2. Clay: I’m very close to giving you 3 demerits, Todd.
      Todd: I wouldn’t try it…or I’ll…..
      Clay: Or you’ll what?
      Todd: I was speaking hypothetically….

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      1. Clay might give Tony O. the OU upside down horns signal if he even hints at physicality in practice…maybe that will be the code sign this time for “Not on the Titanic…”

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  2. Remember a couple years ago when Helton tried to be a hard-ass by causing all the time and the players just laughed at him. That lasted like a week.

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