Morning Buzz: USC’s Losing Elite High Schools

Korey Foreman, the No. 1 player from California for 2021, committed to Clemson on Sunday night.

Bryce Young, the No. 1 player from California for 2020, signed with Alabama.

Kayvon Thibodeaux, the No. 1 player from California for 2019, signed with Oregon.

What’s worse is these guys were from Corona Centennial, Mater Dei and Oaks Christian, respectively. USC should be able to get whoever it wants from schools like this. And it used to until recently.

Recruiting is so bad right now USC can’t even lock down one high school. It lost its grip over Mater Dei in the past two years. It never locked down St. John Bosco. It lost Narbonne to Oregon. It never really even made a huge impact at Corona Centennial. Remember Drake Jackson was a three-star who was going to Arizona State until USC came in late.

Clay Helton, of course, will take no responsibility. It’s because USC doesn’t have enough recruiting staffers. It’s savior is now Todd Orlando.

Do you think Ed Orgeron worries about USC when he recruits Southern California? Does Dabo Swinney? Does anyone?

  • There was a scare Monday night with a report that a student was transported to the hospital from the off-campus Lorenzo apartments with a case of the coronavirus. The Lorenzo, which has a lot of USC students, put out the report.

USC then denied the report and the Lorenzo sent out an email saying it was a false alarm.


19 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC’s Losing Elite High Schools

  1. It is very clear that coaches like Orlando may have some impact, and if he does it will be highly touted. But SC will not regain the traction it once had in Southern CA until the
    under lying cause of the problem is corrected. This guy Helton’s reputation is so bad that no amount of recruiting effort will over come that basic issue. Good luck Bohn, but until you man-up, you and the devoted fans of the program are stuck with at best mediocrity.
    All the while that nincompoop continues to collect his $3.5 million a year. What a travesty.

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  2. It appears that the leadership at USC continues to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic when it comes to the athletic department in general and the football program specifically. With several key players transfering to other schools and promising recruits going elsewhere, it would seem that the players and the fans have a clear picture of how SC’s football program is failing and have no confidence in it, yet those who have the power to make the corrective decisions don’t have a clue and continue to let politics prevent them from from doing the right thing. For all of the coaching staff changes not withstanding, the real problem(s)are still in place. BTime will tell us that what coulda, shoulda and woulda been done has not been done and now the damage has been done. What a shame!

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    1. Dave,
      Rearranging the chairs to prepare for the iceberg would be a step UP. USC is just covering them with toilet paper. I want people to ask themselves this question: how much confidence do you have in Folt’s judgement on ANYTHING after she’s already looked at Clay Helton’s contribution to the university … and stated, “now here’s a guy who deserves to stay!”
      I’m sure Clay Helton is a very hard worker. I’m positive he’s doing the best he can. But every single coach he faces has the edge on him. He’s just a journeyman. To make the decision to keep this very limited man as head coach of USC demonstrates the worst judgement imaginable. No competent CEO would want someone like Helton —however much he loves his job and however much he’s trying his darnedest —-running one of their major departments.
      Folt is a fraud.

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  3. There is no doubt that local kids do not want to jump on with the Clay Helton era of USC. Some are excited that only Austin Jackson is leaving to the NFL and we are bringing many starters back. As a fan, sure, I guess. As a recruit hoping to be in the NFL, not so much. This isn’t 20 years ago or even 10. The players have more access to elite level coaching than ever before, they recognize it, and will go where the feel they can receive it. Clay, no matter who he surrounds himself with, has a very poor reputation that he cannot overcome.

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  4. “Do you think Ed Orgeron worries about USC when he recruits Southern California?”

    “God bless, Coach O, I hope he becomes an HC somewhere, and makes me look like an idiot” – Pat Haden, USC AD, at the press conference announcing Clay Helton as USC HC

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  5. Even if USC fired Gomer today, do any of you think they would hire someone competent ? No way Meyer or Stoops will ever be hired, so who would they hire that would keep local kids home ?

    Folt has shown her cards and Bohn has been castrated by Folt, USC football is DEAD, they will not hire anyone who will want control over the program ( see Petersen and why Sark was hired ), they want a puppet and that’s what they have now.

    I suggest finding something else to do on Saturday’s come Fall unless you like subjecting yourself to torture weekend after weekend.

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      1. karma — Harrell as Head Coach. You really need to let that idea marinate a bit to savor it.
        We’ve come to the point in USC football where you have to wish that someone like the Holly Hunter character in Broadcast News would appear out of nowhere to tell Bohn, “this guy’s not ready —he’s not near ready!”

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      2. MG,
        it’s USC, Harrell has integrity and he gets USC because he’s been an assistant, plus he’d come cheap, the guy is as good as hired!

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      3. Well, when you put it that way…..
        [Myself, I’d rather go after someone who’s available and won multiple national championships —but that’s just me]…..


  6. USC students should get together with the Donors and Alumni that give MONEY to USC Put together. $20 MILLION and Tell Bohner and Folttogive the $20 Million to Claydo gomer HE’LL Ton and Tell HE’ll ton. YOUR FIRED.


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