USC Afternoon Notes: Is Kedon Slovis The Man?

If you are one of those people who worries Clay Helton will find a way to start JT Daniels next season, I asked two USC coaches who would start at QB next season? They both said, “Kedon Slovis.”

So if USC keeps Helton completely out of the process, there should be no problems.

  • Cal and Notre Dame have agreed to play in South Bend on Sept. 17, 2022.
  • LSU coach Ed Orgeron hired Bo Pelini as defensive coordinator. Pelini is a Pete Carroll disciple.
  • USC, UCLA and Washington State are the only Pac-12 schools without players in the Super Bowl. The Pac-12 graphic omits ex-USC linebacker Malcolm Smith on the list of Super Bowl MVPs.

12 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Is Kedon Slovis The Man?

  1. If you base it on 2019 production only, then Slovis. But I think they have to go through Spring Training b4 a for real selection is made for starting QB. At least that is the way it was in past years. I would like to know who those two coaches were to see if maybe there was a qualifier for the question.

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  2. That’s it? You supposedly called 2 coaches and asked them the same question and got a two name answer and that was the extent of the conversation? Did they explain their response? Did you have any follow-up questions? And if you actually spoke with a coach, why would you not say who it was? Coaches regularly speak with the media. The answers you claim to have received were not exactly nonconforming. And if they are not allowed to speak to the media, why would they speak with you, an unemployed blogger?


    1. You’re a Helton minion.. As evidenced by the name you go by.
      Scott has gotten it right more times than you.
      Go post somewhere else.. Or first consult with
      Helton, Folt and Bohn to get your biased taking points.

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  3. They’re saying that because the know Alabama is going to literally kill Slovis in the first game. Then it’s smooth sailing for chuck & duck JT Dirt for as long as he lasts before he dies courtesy of the Air Raid.

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      1. 67 —Anyone for just forfeiting altogether? We have a good shot at the Pac 12 Title if we keep Alabama off Slovis……

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      2. Forfeiting…now that is an even better idea! Well, done Michael! It doesn’t even have to be a true forfeit..something like the team bus breaks down far, far away from the stadium. And nobody’s cell phone works to call for repair or get a bunch of Ubers.


  4. LSU coach Ed Orgeron hired Bo Pelini as defensive coordinator. Pelini is a Pete Carroll disciple

    Pelini got his first DB coaching break under George Seifert, a DB’s coach. He was an assistant DB’s coach, then became the DB’s caoch. He coached the DB’s the year SF beat San Diego in the Super Bowl.

    You can say he was a Disciple of George Seifert.

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