USC Finally Fixes Booster Website

Remember when USC announced it would retain Clay Helton that some donors complained they went on the athletic dept. website and were unable to cancel their donations?

USC said it was upgrading its website. Well, two months later, USC just announced the website is up and running with no more bugs!

I’m sure USC hopes some fans have calmed down in the past 8 weeks too and no longer want to cancel donations.

4 thoughts on “USC Finally Fixes Booster Website

  1. Helton has no furry like a donor spurned. It doesn’t matter if the website was down. The big donors just didn’t write a check. (Or whatever methods they use.)
    The administration is dug in and determined to ride their deaf ears to bankruptcy.

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  2. Helton and the Athletic Department really
    Think Fans and Donors are dimwits!
    Again, USC can’t get out of its own way..
    I hope past season ticket holders don’t renew and donors close their checkbooks!!
    That’s the only way Folt and Bohn will get the message….. Fire Helton!!
    I keep hoping that they wake up to Football
    Reality and get our Great legendary Football
    Program turned around, but I’ve not seen anything to impress me.
    That’s what you get when you hire a fired UNC President and a mediocre AD withal a zero Backbone!!

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    1. The interesting thing about firing clay now is that a new coach not named Harrell or Orlando would probably want his own staff, which would mean even greater payouts [I believe Harrell has a 3 year contract; not sure about Orlando but can’t see him coming here on a 1 year deal]….
      Soooo, they would end up paying more money while sacrificing the 2020 recruiting class and unless the new coach jas a bona fide track record would probably jeopardize the 2021 recruting class…
      Folt & Bohn are dispaying the foresight that they were hired for — to tear down the old traditions at SC or the incompetence that they hid when hired, which made them realize the unmistakeable kinship with clay.

      As Chris Arledge states at the end of his articles on the WeAreSC website….
      Carthago Delenda Est [Carthage must be destroyed]. Truer words were never said.


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