USC Loses QB Prospect

USC was supposed to add a quarterback this week. But Blake Shapen, who was considered a safe bet to sign with the Trojans, committed to Baylor after new Bears coach Dave Aranda offered him a scholarship last week.

That means USC will need to look at prospects it brought for visits as insurance policies, like tailback Elijah Turner, if it wants to sign 2-3 players Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “USC Loses QB Prospect

  1. It is starting to feel like Slovis is the new Sam Darnold – the player who is responsible for taking the whole USC football program on his shoulders. If Slovis goes down, the whole team might crumble.

    I think that this is just typical of a Helton team. He comes up with a single plan of how to win that is predicated on everything being perfect. When a problem arises, the team folds and loses and Helton has his next excuse.

    Good teams are coached as teams and have many players that pull their own weight. Like rowing a boat – hmmmm, if only we could get a coach that believed that…?

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    1. “Team football” was the opposite of what you saw against Oregon and Iowa last year. And Utah and Texas the year before that. And Notre Dame and Ohio State the year before that. What you did see was some great individual play …while entire units slept walked thru the game…

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    2. Nobody “folds and loses” like Helton. I hope the team looks elsewhere for an example. Hopefully this new staff will train and excite these guys to the heights they rightfully deserve.

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      1. It’s hard for the team to stay in the game when they have to watch Special Teams repeatedly give up 100 yard returns and Velus Jones repeatedly run the ball out of the endzone ….all the way to the 17 yard line…..

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    3. If Slovis were to go down–and this assumes Clay actually names the Pac 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year as starter over his boy JT–it will be interesting to see just how bad the offense can be. Might be in for another 5-7 year.

      The bright side to that is it would guarantee Clay gets fired and Slovis would be able to redshirt, leaving him ready to go for the new head coach–and then we can all celebrate an actual bright future.


      1. I know this is unpopular, but I think JT would crush it in this offense. It suits what he is good at, one or two quick reads and getting the ball out. Remember he had to work with Clay calling plays, even Darnold regressed when he was saddled with that task. We should at least see how JT would work in GH’s offense before we throw in the towel. I still want Slovis to start, he’s earned that for sure. But, JT might not be a bad plan B. Fink is for sure a plan C.


      2. I really doubt JT will be ready to play at 100% before mid season, so if Slovis goes down we still have Fink, and that is it. Helton was a fool to let Sears go, but he brought that upon himself making him #4. More proof he is an idiot. Total con man in my eye.


      1. Yeah –they just raised him from zero stars all the way up to a “one” two months ago when Bohn retained him.

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