USC Recruiting Rankings Move

USC’s recruiting class actually dropped one on 247Sports and is now No. 55. But it did rise to No. 65 on Rivals. It is still the worst class in the Pac-12 on Rivals.

The truth is even the player USC signed Wednesday — Jack Yary — is a three-star tight end. In normal years, he would be someone who filled out a class.

It would be OK for USC to sign six-to-nine linemen if they were four-and-five star prospects. But the roster is being filled with unremarkable prospects.

But here is some good news: Paperless season tickets!

I have a better idea: Ticketless season tickets. It’s time for smart fans to consider canceling their season tickets.

35 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Rankings Move

  1. Whenever I buy USC football tickets online for myself and my friends I wind up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 per ticket for seats I want. I never minded the airfare or the hotel expense cuz I wanted to support the team. & even now hate the idea of hurting USC in anyway. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion I couldn’t hurt USC as much as Folt, Bohn and Helton are hurting it. I’m sure “Mrs. Helton” is right…and Bohn is trying to fix things —- in his partial, band-aid kinda way —but I just don’t think we can support this clown show without ensuring that it goes on forever. Enough is enough.

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    1. Michael, take a look at the season tix prices — over-the-top expensive when including the fund donation. Looks like they are more expensive than ‘Bama tix for comparable seating.

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      1. I just shared those #’s with some of my neighbors, 67 (many of whom are from California) —they couldn’t believe USC thinks they have a product that merits those prices…
        [I’m going to go watch the end of “The Vikings” now —to watch Kirk Douglas get the noble Viking funeral he deserves. I always loved the story Kirk told about checking into the King David Hotel in Israel, seeing the initials K. D. on all the towels and thinking “isn’t that nice—they didn’t have to do that for me!”]….

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      1. “67’s pathetic “Whine over the Crumbling Mausoleum.”

        #OUCH! twelveth in Pac 12 recruiting.


    1. It looks to me like Sean Snyder hasn’t really been able to keep a job if his dad wasn’t on staff, I have a feeling he was ‘special teams coordinator’ in title while the real show was being run by Bill, who was trying to set his son up with a stable career by letting him take credit.

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  2. I am just so uninspired by anything these idiots do. I am just waiting to watch Saban embarrass Helton (Again). Then Coach Bohnhead can come out and say the game went far better than anybody wants to admit.

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  3. While o don’t reside in LA anymore, even if I was given free tickets at the forty in the front I doubt I’d go. It will be interesting this season. Prolly look like a Stanford crowd. Depending on revenue verse costs Id bet someone will be out of a job and not be on the coaching staff.

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  4. Well we know Clay Helton is never held accountable for anything. Now he is ducking and dodging fans and media. Wimpy little coward and it is really sad.

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  5. ’67 I can’t control how your tiny, limited brain works.

    In addition, it isn’t my fault Nicky Squid allowed the gigantic POS, Dr. Tyndall to practice on the Clown U campus in spite of 20 + years of complaints from USC female students and clinical nurses.

    If in fact your daughter(s) were examined by Dr. Tyndall, she or they have my sympathy.

    I don’t give a shit ’67 what you think.

    BTW, Andyain’twinning dropped another game to a ranked opponent, 85 – 80 to #23, AZ. Methinks Andyain’twinning needs a cupcake or two to get well.


    1. Owns,
      67 doesn’t have a “tiny brain” for not wanting his daughters mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. Tyndall.

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      1. Mule has a filthy mind. In his little world he thinks he’s a hero while he belittles all around himself.
        A disgusting depraved soul.

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      2. MG I might consider your point if just once you hopped on your high horse concerning some of the shit posted by the Rah-Rah’s/pimps.

        For instance MG, not once have I heard you scold Pinkywood for mocking the deceased Coach Wooden and wife Nell. Not one F**King time.

        And now here you are sanctimoniously brown-nosing into a teapot tempest for po’, hat in hand, head bowed ’67 – Get a grip MG.

        Lord, I had no Idea ’67 would need a mouthpiece to fight his blog battles.


      3. Owns–
        Okay. I’ll get back on my high horse and defend Coach Wooden and Nell the next time they’re attacked…..

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    2. Also we have no kind of point guard identity. Enfield needs to light a fire under them because he’s making them soft like Mathews. Mobley has been inconsistent.

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  6. Are the Bruins cupcake or are they one of the better teams that will help our RPI?

    Just kidding they’re not even better than the Women’s team at UCLA right now.

    But owns what do u think about Betts and Price playing in Dodger blue?

    We have another two MVPs in the order now and two gold gloves in the OF.
    Price is a good arm for this team too as long as he has run support he’s solid. Buehler, Kershaw, Price are pretty good 1,2,3’s.
    It’s gonna be thought throwing to the Dodgers lineup but also have to bat against 3 aces.

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    1. I would have preferred a solid frontline starter and some decent relief help. As it stands now, Mookie is one and done – off to Free Agency.

      Price may work out, but he has IR issues.

      I also think it’s time for the National League to adopt the DH.

      Has UCLA baseball offered your son a scholarship yet?

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      1. I don’t know they think he’ll see what kind of team team he would be playing with for the future and it’ll ultimately want him to stay as a Dodger..

        USC could offer him today and he would forget about it as soon as he got home. He’s just playing so he can be around his pals it seems right now. He’s an all star but a lot of kids are. He’s got time to take it serious being in the 6th grade (hopefully). A job at XBox would make him go nuts for sure over anything to do with sports right now.

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      1. I’m surprised they are so down so quickly.

        Enfield can’t let the season continue like this. Adlesh had the team high of 4 assists, and Weaver was scoreless in 22 mins. He’s not tough on them all game only at certain moments and that’s not what a coach should handle his guys.


  7. Memo to: Kal 86, the Berkley syntax queen.

    WTF: “In his little world he thinks he’s a hero while he belittles all around himself.” (sic)

    #Prortal on


    1. Mule just keep referring to ruins MBB victories from 50 years ago & you won’t have to think about working all night in the donut shop.


  8. First: I will not renew my tickets
    Second: I hope Snyder can get 11 guys on the field.
    Third: So what happens if your phone goes dead and you cant pull
    up the tickets on the phone? SC is trying to save money but
    are screwing the fans over once again. I liked the tickets that
    they printed. I thought they were cool


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