Did USC Hire A Coach Or Recruiter?

When USC used to have great recruiting classes, I would joke with some fans that they would rather finish No. 1 in recruiting than win a national title.

Since Donte Williams got hired, I think it’s been unfair that he only gets portrayed as a recruiter. Can he coach? We don’t know because people only want to talk about him recruiting.

And when I say “people,” I mean these other USC coaches/administrators that are playing into the stereotype with their twitter comments.

They should probably be ashamed because no one labels any of them good recruiters.

Remember what I said a couple days ago: Deland McCullough was a coach and recruiter. It’s not hard to find both. Williams might be one if USC lets us find out.

19 thoughts on “Did USC Hire A Coach Or Recruiter?

  1. Why Or? Maybe he’s both. Used to be that way not so long ago. Why not again?
    If you don’t like the guy say so. I don’t know hom so I’ll wait a while before I trash him here.

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  2. He is both! but only one team can win the chip! so i look at the Oregon secondary and they are clearly one of the best in the country which means they are elite. You do not gain elite status without coaching and talent.

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  3. When I read the name Deland McCullough I was thinking of Delon Washington.

    Does anybody remember him or maybe Shawn Walters?

    Man those two could have been special.

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    1. Yes they could have been. Remember Chauncey Washington? He was another. He was recruited in the same class as Reggie and LenDale. I recall reading an article (I believe it was the LA Times, but it is now long ago), that Washington ran a faster 40 than Bush as a freshman.

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      1. Washington was fast, faster than Reggie would be tough to beat. But Washington was fast and physical. He could have been a real problem back then if he had signed with UCLA or Cal.


      1. I have to admit that was an awesome play.

        We tied Washington, lost to UCLA and Notre Dame that year. That’s was the year we were picked by SportsIllustrated to win the National Title.


    2. Lavale Woods was another RB in the USC backfield at that time.

      Delon Washington was the man with the Crown Royale, too. Every player has their drink.

      Too bad Lavale’s moment was fumbling the ball with 1:00 left in regulation against UCLA in 1996. UCLA recovered, tied it, then won it in OT.

      The next week, Delon rumbled in for A TD against a good ND defense and then ran the ball in to convert the 2Pt conversion to tie with about a minute left. USC went on to win in OT and ended the losing streak to ND.



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      1. As I recall , all we had to do is take a knee to run out the clock but Offensive Coordinator Mike Riley had LaVale run into the line instead and he had the ball stripped. Heartbreaking loss after most of the ruin fans had left the game with 8 minutes left to beat the traffic.

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  4. Oh yes i remember them. Especially Washington! i would practice his moves in the backyard when i was a kid. My Father called him the green eyed bandit! LMAO

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  5. USC keeps me laughing……..they need a new head coach…….they need linemen for the DL and OL……..so lets go get a coach for big bucks that coaches DB’s and just wants to be in SC for other reasons. How do you play for a NC without dominating lines?

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