USC Morning Buzz: An Inside Perspective On Donte Williams

I mentioned last night I spoke to a pretty well-known coach who knows and worked with Donte Williams and said it was a “good hire, for sure.”

Here are some other thoughts from the coach:

“It’s interesting they are giving someone a title (passing game coordinator) for being a recruiter. It’s more of a recruiting hire, than anything else.

“The way they are acting at USC (over the hire), he may think he’s better than the other coaches They might be making a deal with devil if they giving him assurances he will surive any coaching change.
“The upside is he can educate them on recruiting. Schematically, I don’t see (defensive coordinator) Todd Orlando giving him any stuff (to do).”

“They really need two more like him for recruiting. He’s not enough.”

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: An Inside Perspective On Donte Williams

    1. “Deal with the Devil?” Not the way I’d describe any deal with Donte. The guy is the picture of class. But speaking of the devil, I think it’s maybe time we give the devil his due. We (well —me, mainly) have been having a lot of fun at Mike Bohn’s expense. If it’s true that that he’s been hamstrung by Folt in choosing a head coach, he’s certainly making the best of a bad situation with his hires of Orlando and Snyder and Williams —and he’s doing it when USC’s brand is at an all time low because of the toxicity of the Helton name.

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      1. Agreed MG. Bohn is enacting changes similar to what one sees in major corporate reorgs, and they always have multiple phases. This hire turned my opinion of Bohn, at least temporarily. We’re seeing actual leadership from the AD’s office for the first time in decades.

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      2. Romping –My first impression of Bohn was ‘this guy is a breath of fresh air.” Then came the retention of Helton and promises of pleasant surprises in recruiting and I kind of gave up on him. It’s possible, however, that Mike Bohn is doing everything humanely possible to save USC football while working within an irrevocably screwed up system. My hope is —from here on —he takes everything Helton says or promises with a grain of salt. I’m sure Helton is assuring him at this moment that, while he can’t recruit or coach, he’s invaluable as Holy Man and Moral Leader.

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      3. Good points MG. The conspiracy theorist in me still wonders why he took 2 weeks to announce the Helton return. Unless he wanted to neuter Reverend Clay and then become the “hero” by brining in all these coaches with ridiculous 3 year contracts that Clay’s “external-hire” replacement either lives with [not likely for most top coaches] or else SC will have to honor when they are let go – so it seems that money was not the object in getting rid of Clay. Still trying to figure out the quagmire that is Bohn

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  1. Is this the same imaginary source that told you a bag of human shit was delivered to Heritage Hall? You still have acknowledged that you were the brunt of that joke. Or was it the imaginary source who told you that Helton was interviewing for the UNLV job and Meyer was being hired? Or was it one of the other many imaginary anonymous sources who occupy your head?

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you never have cited an actual person in your reporting. I have never known of a journalist who is so afraid or incapable of putting a source on the record. I don’t think you would ever be confused with Bob Woodward conferring with Deepthroat. You are an unemployed blogger doing a fairly poor job of covering USC sports (only from a negative perspective though) and adding extremely benign faux-information to unimportant events.


  2. Under Helton’s previous staffing we sucked. So, having now ousted them, it at least gives positive perspective based on Donte’s track record to date. Actually the entire new staff gives me a feeling of positivity for now. IMO, Bohn’s awakening slap to the face after stepping his dick in the early going, seems apparently to have unleashed enough cause to have demoted HC Helton to “figurehead”or “lame duck” Helton. The new staffing appears to me anyway, to have come from sourcing vastly beyond Helton’s purview. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Claydough has already been replaced in Bohn’s projections.. and his being forced to save administrative face just by having to honor their decision of keeping him, at least to start and hopefully survive the season until he can finally cut the head off this C&G monster. Wishful thinking???

    I think that we could have a pretty damn decent team in 2020, especially if we don’t get destroyed by lacking ‘line play’ or chaotic injury issues and that our new coaching takes positive affect. All to possibly stimulate a great HC replacement candidacy moving forward.. before the reality of the coming disaster from our current bad recruiting kicks in. Fight On

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    1. Nicely balanced piece, gk. We still have some challenges to overcome. Drevno has been successful at the highest levels — but he comes across as a bit of a burn out these days. He needs to step up fast if USC is gonna end the season with a scholarship QB at the helm. And I think our Strength and Conditioning coach falls in the same boat — he needs to re-invent himself real fast, too.
      If the players are mostly protected from Helton’s vacant smile and empty words this spring and fall, I think the new staff could actually pump them up to the point they could be a very dangerous team. I’m not sure this team fully realizes what it would mean to Trojan fans if the pulled of a miracle in September…..

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      1. I hope the coaches can get our guys more ready for that Alabama opener than any game in USC history. More ready than for Notre Dame. More ready than for UCLA. A victory would turn the college football world upside down.

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  3. The next coach better like these guys with the contracts they got, which means USC ain’t getting a top head coach because a Stoops or Meyer would never go for it, think Luke Fickell

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    1. karma,
      I don’t think there’s gonna be a “next coach” ….not while Folt is here, anyway. It’s beginning to look like we’ll have a bunch of good assistant and position coaches running practices and putting together game plans….. and Special Deacon Helton hearing player confessions and performing exorcisms.

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  4. Do you remember Kliff Kingsbury? He had been fired by his school when we hired him… for three weeks. Orlando had been fired. The special teams coach ad been fired.
    This hire is only the second gainfully employed coach we have acquired recently, and the first from a top tier (if you like Oregon) team. My guess is they started the counter at 500,000 and just moved the first digit up one until they got a “yes” from him. I would not be surprised to see one of our present assistant coaches move into the head coaching spot. It is possible they are all being groomed at this point.
    I know we are all shell shocked by recent inhouse moves, but remember McKay was an assistant, Robinson was an assistant, Sark and Kiffy had been assistants oops going down hill here. Anyway if we have the right assistant it could be a good thing.

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    1. My sources tell me that the new staff is consulting a libel lawyer over your suggesting any comparison between them and Sark……

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    2. Public school kid worrying about money? How trite. Maybe you could edumacate those in charge crosstown who haven’t been able to balance the books …but what’s a few $million when those idiot taxpayers are on the hook..SMDH

      And, btw, how much you guys paying chip per win? About $1M?


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      1. Whoa, “how trite.” What a dime-store expression.

        I shall Dear Pisley just as soon as I know the final nut Clown U owes for Dr. Tyndall’s shenanigans and when Andyain’twinning starts winning BB games commensurate with his uber- excessive compensation – like tens of millions for humiliating BB losses.

        Currently, Andyain’twinning is 52 – 71 vs Pac-12 competition after 8 years at Clown U – the very definition of a threadbare loser.

        As I recall, St. Pat also bought Andyain’twinning.

        #Squanter U


      2. Like all that don’t have answers, the dolts change the subject. SC pays their own way. F’ucla, not so much..and last time I looked, chocolate chippie is still the highest paid coach on a per win basis… hahahahaha

        Oh, did chippy get “his” guys yet or is the exodus still ongoing?


      1. Absolutely boobiekrap, that’s the sound of your baleen hammer meeting your empty skull. Well, you can’t help it you SUCC boobiekrap, you’re congenially vacant.

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      2. Boy, you make an innocent little remark about a guy being progeny of Satan and he gets all bent of shape….


  5. These hires are all upgrades. All everyone who covers college football other than Scott has acknowledged that we have done a good job with our assistants. Nobody is going overboard, just giving Kudos for solid hires. In my opinion, all of the hires sure smack of one of two scenarios.

    1. We hope the assistants carry the water and coach the team to success with Clay staying in place and pretty much doing little to nothing.

    2. We know Clay is going to be gone, so we want to transition from within. That transition seems to be GH.

    My hope is we gave out good contracts to assistants who needed some sort of surety, but the buyouts are not any sort of hamstring. We’ve already been saddled with that type of mess. As been said many times, there aren’t any major hires who would walk into a job that requires them to keep the existing staff.

    I do feel better about the level of coaching on this team.

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    1. I think it’s more along the lines of #2. But I’m not sure it’s Graham. It could be more a situation where the Head Coach position goes to—in the dying words of Alexander the Great when asked who will succeed him—“he who proves strongest.”

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