USC Opens Bank For Donte Williams

I’m hearing USC is giving new cornerbacks coach Donte Williams a three-year deal worth approximately $900,000 per year. That doubles his $450,000 salary at Oregon.

That’s a huge payout for a position coach. You have Graham Harrell getting $1.2 million per season for 3 years and Williams getting $900,000. Todd Orlando has to be getting around $1 million in a multi-year deal.

It’s good USC is willing to fork out the cash. Too bad they didn’t want to do it to pay off Clay Helton.

17 thoughts on “USC Opens Bank For Donte Williams

    1. Guys –go to YouTube and listen to Donte. This guy may be the smartest, realest coach we got. I wonder if he’s in the mix for Head Coach when Helton is escorted off campus?

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      1. Yours were the first words I read this morning, gt…..
        [I have been living on the vision of a crying and cursing Helton —accompanied by two burly guards– being escorted to the Downtown Greyhound Bus Station cuz USC has impounded his car]…..


  1. Cost of living, lolz. I can’t with this clownass administration. Helton needs to go, but setting up an assistant coaching staff that’s sure to go full-on Lord of the Flies in hopes of being the one to replace him makes no sense. Guaranteed magnesium filled dumpster fire.

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  2. This could really backfire if Bohn allows Clay to be the actual head coach. Hopefully we will be seeing Clay manage the sideline s when the defense sends in replacement players. And that’s it. He can spew platitudes after the game and maybe some rah-rah crap at halftime but let the assistant coaches run the show.

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  3. “Hopefully we will be seeing Clay manage the sideline s when the defense sends in replacement players. And that’s it. ”
    I seriously doubt Clay Helton is even capable of managing that! He is the dumbest coach i have ever seen.

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  4. The old dage “penny wise and pound foolish” applies when looking at Clay’s payout vs hiring new staff. It seems that they are overpaying everyone their bringing in because they have to. If they hired a top level coach, assistants would be more than willing to come because of the coach, school & winning potential. Yes, you still have to pay the “LA premium” to live here but that’s all.

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  5. Poor Donte…….when he realizes that his CB’s will have to cover for 10 seconds or longer every play he’ll understand just how hard his job will be.

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  6. Y’all are some idiots. Donte is a known hustler, he doesn’t to come to SC to start a family, his position is lateral, he’s just making more money– a half a mil to a mil– based on everyone knowing he’s a slick dude who hopefully can do his dirt without putting you on probation. As a corner coach he’s always been more helper than teacher, but one assumes he can be competent– but it’s no mystery why he’s been highly paid.

    SC doesn’t need to get individual slick recruiters, it’s needs a culture change that energetically pursues recruiting from the top down, and a stalwart program anchor for recruiting like Coach O used to be.


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