There’s A Lot Of Coaches Being Paid Right Now At USC

USC has no money to pay off Clay Helton.

But it has $1.2 million for Graham Harrell, $900,000 for Donte Williams and $3.2 million for Andy Enfield. Todd Orlando is probably making between $1-1.2 million. Plus whatever ridiculous amount Helton is stealing from USC.

It’s probably still paying Greg Burns and Chad Kauha’aha’a, who were recently fired.

Hopefully, John Baxter and Clancy Pendergast’s deals run out in June.

22 thoughts on “There’s A Lot Of Coaches Being Paid Right Now At USC

  1. This is what happens with unqualified ADs, such as Haden and Swann.

    They make a string of bad decisions, and those bad decisions beget more bad decisions.


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    1. 67 — When Haden started as A.D. he just seemed like a do-nothing who wanted to star in student plays and rely on J .K. McKay as his straight man for tired jokes.
      It turns out he was the single worst thing that ever happened to USC sports…..

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      1. Michael, it is a tall order to qualify for the single worst thing that ever happened to USC sports…but I think you are right. Haden is the guy.

        Or do we shift this on to Nikias and the BOT? They are the ones who hired Haden, when he had absolutely no business being an AD.


      2. Technically, you’re right, 67. It’s the people behind Haden that deserve our contempt. But it’s easier for people to focus on ONE bad guy.

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    2. It’s also what happens when your President is a Greek sheep fawker who hates sports, the BOT is clueless and the then employees of the athletic department aka THE SWAMP , have a lot of sway in who got hired

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  2. Years ago, I heard some schools (LSU was one and might still have the policy in place) had a policy that if the head coach got fired that all assistant coaches contracts were terminated. Didn’t matter how many years were left on the contract or if they were in their first year.

    The buyout for the assistant coaches contract terminations were scaled, e.g. if there was 1 million or 1.5 million left on the life of the assistant’s contract then they would get some percentage as a buyout, maybe half of the amount.

    I bring this up because USC should have a similar policy in place.

    Instead of signing assistants to contracts where they have to be kept on even if the HC is fired this would help to clear out staff if the HC is let go. The only downside is that it might be slightly more expensive if the HC is fired because you have to pay for all of the assistant contracts but at least the department has the ability to start with a clean slate when hiring the next HC and his staff. The next guy won’t be hamstrung by having to keep on a guy because of the contract.


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    1. marvienna —good luck getting ANY assistants once they’re told, as a matter of contract, they have to pack their bags the same day as Helton. The doom and gloom surrounding Helton is the sole reason we have the worst recruiting class in USC history….

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      1. What Marvienna writes is a good policy at a well-functioning program where they make good hiring choices and can attract talent even with that proviso.

        At USC, …well…

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  3. Many people constantly remind me that SC alums are…. Basically filthy rich.
    Us serfs from CAL think that’s a lot of cabbage. I went into the wrong line of work.


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      1. P76

        I’m a caring type of guy.

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      2. I know just what you mean, Cal75. Every time I try to merge my mule jokes with Helton, Folt and the weight room, I get deleted too…..


  4. Yes, S&C, toughness and especially the DL and Drev’s OL are imho very critical “IF’s” if were going to succeed in 2020. I thought it was very interesting that coach Orlando’s first week of association was specifically highlighted in the weight room!! There needs to be a major ‘buy-in’ by the whole team to that. Overturning that “soft” tag won’t be easy.

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  5. USC reports that the new coaches are receiving less money (in total)
    than the departing coaches were paid.
    Wolf, you wouldn’t report this because it’s good news.


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