USC Lands Grad Transfer QB

Mo Hasan, who started one game at Vanderbilt last season, announced he is transferring to USC.

Hasan completed 7 of 11 passes for 120 yards and a touchdown in Vanderbilt’s upset of then-No. 21-ranked Missouri last season. He suffered a concussion in the third quarter and didn’t play in Vanderbilt’s final five games.

He’s an insurance policy for USC given the injury history of its top two quarterbacks (Kedon Slovis, JT Daniels).

I’m not really sure why Hasan picked USC, however, since he is No. 4 behind Matt Fink, if Fink does not transfer.

Usually, a grad transfer wants to know he will start at his new school.

18 thoughts on “USC Lands Grad Transfer QB

    1. Woke up in a great mood again. The sun is shining and f’ucla still sucks. And all the wonderful comments you make won’t change it…poor, poor miserable owns!!


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      1. Sometimes the very astute Owns shows up and lays some great observations on us about baseball…or life in general. But there is another Owns…. an evil Owns…..

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      2. Well, Dear Pisley, you are the acknowledged expert on SUCCing. As I understand it, if you put a nickel in your ear, your jaws retract.

        Wow, a nickel here and a nickel there adds up huh Dear Pisley.

        Dear Pisley SUCCs hard for his primary income.


      3. Keep changing the subject my little crackbaby… your adhd meds should kick in soon and you’ll realize as I have…westwood sucks and f’ucla isn’t changing.



    1. I’m mostly very optimistic about the 2020 team — the problem will be Drevno and his O-Line. It’s not a minor problem. Bohn has reduced Helton’s personally toxic effect on USC football —but he hasn’t eliminated Helton’s indirect toxicity: Drevno.

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      1. Your unbiased and even slightly positive thinking isn’t welcome around here. We only want negative comments otherwise we’ll have no choice but to accuse you being a Helton supporter. Get in line.


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Have you ever thought about seeking a career in script writing for dark comedy movies? I think you have a future outside of SC.


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