It’s A Great Weekend To Retweet!

Mike Bohn, the USC retweeter in chief, has a lot to be happy about this weekend.

He retweeted men’s basketball, lacrosse, women’s water and men’s tennis victories. Plus baseball won 2 of 3 vs. Western Michigan.

Women’s basketball lost to No. 3-ranked Oregon, 93-67. But the crowd of more than 2,000 was respectable.

Bohn has not composed a tweet since Dec. 4, when he announced Clay Helton was coming back.

9 thoughts on “It’s A Great Weekend To Retweet!

  1. Maybe Bohn hasn’t tweeted because he’s afraid he will break the internet again. Who can top the inexplicable tweet he sent last time. An anonymous source told the towel boy who is married to my daughter’s manicure lady that Bohn meant to say “not retaining Helton” but he didn’t spell check his tweet.

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  2. I hoped the new coaches would fix this but if it is just a showcase then Clay is still in charge of practice which means USC will still be soft and undisciplined.

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