USC Basketball Fans Under Fire For Behavior

Former USC guard Minyon Moore, who was a graduate transfer to Oregon, returned to the Galen Center with the No. 3-ranked Ducks today.

But it sounds like things turned ugly during the game as Moore was reportedly called “traitor” by USC fans when she shot free throws.

Oregon coach Kelly Graves called it “classless” and gave his thoughts about the situation after the game.

“For their fans to chant what they did I thought was really low brow,” Graves said.

13 thoughts on “USC Basketball Fans Under Fire For Behavior

  1. Lmao, coming from a coach who’s fans are some of the worst and stinkiest. All that hooch they smoke and with their searing off water for bathing just raise an eyebrow.

    Btw coach, she is a traitor. She should not that

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  2. That’s what I love about Clown U Methodist ethics: it’s ok to act like AH Hyenas if other teams doing it. SUCC fans, what a piss-poor group.


  3. Kelly Graves, who I’ve met multiple times and he’s a good dude, is protesting a little too hard on this one. If that’s classless he should never go to an Oregon home football game, he’d be outraged.

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    1. Nah… he was just standing up for an USC Graduate going for her Masters @ Oregon. Fans can be rowdy anywhere… given a few beers especially. It is what it is. The band leader should probably review some etiquette with the kids however, as they do represent USC. The media acerbates everything of course too. Such are the times.


  4. Harry you are right. The real story is why, on a beautiful clear Sunday afternoon in Southern California and with the Genesis Open final round at Riviera, would anyone instead watch a bad 5-9 team lose by 26 points. It must be the soft serve ice cream machine that draws them.

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