USC Morning Buzz: Presidents’ Day News

If you saw reports Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein might resign and hope he might come to USC, think again.

Andy Enfield has three more years left on his contract at $3.2 million per year. And USC does not want to pay Beilein what he would command on the open market.

  • Class of 2021 quarterback Jake Garcia, who is committed to USC, was offered a scholarship by UCLA on Sunday.
  • According to the Associated Press, the USC band chanted “traitor, traitor” at the Galen Center on Sunday when former-Trojan-turned-Oregon-Duck Minyon Moore shot free throws for the first time.

This is the second time the band has done something embarrassing in the past three months. Remember, the band apologized after it said it “inadvertently” played during a memorial tribute to Cal wide receiver Bryce Turner at the USC-Cal game.

I put that on former director Art Bartner, not the band. But the “traitor” chant is a different matter. Maybe Mike Bohn will make the band apologize. But he didn’t make linebacker Juliano Falaniko apologize for kicking an Iowa player in the head.

And Clay Helton never apologizes, he just fires 13 assistant coaches.

36 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Presidents’ Day News

  1. so has some one been ordered to sensitivity training by an employer or a court?named wolf?
    what do you call some one that played for you and intentionally moved to a rival to play against former teammates…a ?? or a bruin or some other hypocrite name?

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    1. Or Kennedy Pola? Or Ken Norton jr? Rai Benjamin?

      This is such a stretch, worrying that college kids are calling an opponent names that might be insensitive, only wolf tries stoke the nonexistent flames.. douche

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      1. Only Benjamin competed for both schools not coach. You dummy forgot
        Rod Sherman came from Westwood. No one any good leaves the Trojans
        to play for the ‘ruins.

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      2. Don’t believe I ever said anything/anyone good ever went too or happened in ruinville. Don’t believe I forgot Rod, just didn’t mention him

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    2. hiring someone or applying for a job are normal business practices…you are comparing someone leaving teammates and directly playing against them to that? one really has to stretch and twist and contort to accomplish that, or have a devious mind…Bush left Oxy to coach ucla and then to coach usc…maybe I could agree if she was not being treated correctly…was she mistreated?

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    3. Racial slurs, homophobic chants, recent deaths, situations related to someone being sick etc those are off the table. Chants of traitor? No way. Chant away.

      If she knew she wasn’t going to be able to handle it, she should’ve transferred to Little 12 or Little 10 or SUC school.

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  2. Coach Bush’s situation doesn’t compare to anything close to being a traitor. He was pushed out at UCLA, told you are too old, get out. Went to coach one of his former athletes (who has passed away) sons’. When the son won the Ca state title and accepted a track scholarship to USC (who had no hurdle coach) offered a volunteer position to coach Bush. Hurdlers flourished and the head coach was stagnant so eventually Garrett pushed the head to retire and promoted Coach Bush. Wasn’t a revenge situation or anything. It was a case of premature discard by UCLA and Bruin fans never new the real story.

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    1. Though he did have neck surgery soon after he was pushed out, it was just a story UCLA admin used to justify the release, Coach was such a class act that he went along with it. Also I’m sorry McGee hired him and eventually Garrett let him go 5 years later (after he brought the program from 52nd in the nation to 3rd in the nation) by way of voice mail. Garrett was never know for his sensitivity or grace. This was after Coach Bush was asked to help recruit for football and he agreed. I think Garrett did Coach Robinson the same way. Via email. What a Bush league move.

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      1. Mike Garrett had his faults. Those who knew him found it remarkable that someone in his position was so wanting in diplomacy. But he bled Cardinal & Gold…and was more of a M-A-N than anyone who’s come after him.

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      2. Michael, Garrett would have done infinitely more in terms of the NCAA appeal than Haden, who may as well have said “Thank you Sir, may I have another.”

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    2. Was Henry Bibby a traitor for winning 3 NCAA titles for the ruins and then coaching the Trojan basketball team? I can’t wait for your excuses for this one.


  3. Oregon behaviour? Lol.
    The only team in the PAC that gives Oregon a run for it’s money is bad Stanfurd behaviour. 95% of the time all you see from both of those schools is weak boorish carp. The other 5%, eh, within the margin of error.
    Oregon’s day of reckoning is coming very soon.


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  4. Scottie says:

    “This is the second time the band has done something embarrassing in the past three months. I put that on former director Art Bartner,”

    It was not embarrassing, it was unfortunate, and was due to a miscommunication.

    Can we rename the blog “Everything that is wrong with USC”?

    If there is nothing to report, how about some historical photos? There is plenty of material there.


      1. Juliano’s kick. Follow the link and watch it, but be warned it’s vicious. I wouldn’t eat anything before you watch it.


    1. In other news, the Dalai Lama accidentally clicks on wolf’s site then quickly tweets….

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      1. Doesn’t the Dalai Lama ever get tired of being wrong? I leave the sound on for all the commercials during football season —- and I know big corporations wouldn’t lie to me about what’s going to make me happy….

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  5. Fans chant stuff all the time, it wasn’t demeaning and it was true. What’s the big deal? Like most institutions on campus Wolf hates the band. My guess is it had to do with his chapstick being swapped out for cork grease. The band is the largest party happening during a football game. People complain that the fight song (fight on) and Tribute to Troy being the same five notes, but the band members didn’t write them. They just play them and the other team hates it.

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  6. Wolfie, have u ever been to any Oregon game? The n-word used to be casually tossed around Autzen like a frisbee.

    It’s posts like this that make you the unemployable troll that you are.

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  7. Wolf must have never attended a baseball game at USC, some of the things USC fans yelled at opposing players would have made him blush.

    Then there was the time the band sang the Cal “fight” song, with slightly different lyrics that ended with

    “take you little teddy bear and shove it up your golden ass”

    I’m sure they heard about it later

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