The Wheels Are Off But Who Can Drive This Car?

Did you catch this play from Juliano Falaniko last night?

He had a personal foul at BYU. He had a late hit against Utah that wasn’t called on him and wrongly given to another player. Then he roughed the passer against Utah.

And now this stunt last night. Where is the discipline Clay Helton talks about?

Back in 2017, Sean Salisbury said, “USC will go undefeated and win it all.”

Look how his tune has changed:

23 thoughts on “The Wheels Are Off But Who Can Drive This Car?

  1. INTEGRITY is the top factor for a USC football coach these days, that’s it, period.

    The BOT, Folt and Bohn don’t give a shit what this blogger thinks or wants, what USC alums think or want, what USC athletic donors think or want or USC fans think or want, you’re stuck with Gomer and if you don’t show up to games, buy merchandise or donate, they don’t give a fuck.

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    1. INTEGRITY also means doing the job you are being compensated for to the best of your ability. Not just taking the money and doing nothing to improve what you do and how you do it. With this clown every year gets worse, it’s a downward spiral of mediocrity and incompetence. INTEGRITY… it should mean more, not just that he doesn’t have a media-driven scandal based on domestic violence or stupidity in his background. Someone needs to explain this to Folt and the BOT morons that decided to retain this clown.

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      1. Juan —Helton IS doing the best he can. But he’s a Class A Dolt — who NO other major university would even consider as their Head Football Coach. He’d be just as much over his head at San Jose State or UNLV. But, then again, so would Carol Folt or Mike Bohn. USC is being run by the junior varsity –and, to make things even better, it’s a junior varsity team stuck in 1990’s political correctness.


  2. As far as the wheels being off this car, this car has been riding on it’s rims for 3 years, and they just handed Gomer the keys for another year or more and by the time he’s done the car will be engulfed in flames, AND THE BOT, FOLT AND BOHN STILL WON’T GIVE A FUCK !!!

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  3. My family stopped spending $ on and donating $ to USC 2 years ago because of Clay Helton. He’s a self-serving charlatan. Writing letters is fine but the administration/BoT must be fully aware of alumni/fan discontent at this point. I encourage everyone to boycott USC until there are real changes made. Spending $ on this garbage only promotes the status quo, and is an insult to everyone who has attended USC and does not accept mediocrity as the new threshold. Money talks and when the administration is forced to deal with revenue shortfalls, they will start listening and make changes.

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  4. Donna Shilala I mean Folt…there are obviously worse disasters (just in California alone – natural or manmade)…but as far as non-pressing matters go…this one is Olympic (maybe the games and stadium were just foreshadowing?)…and all the worse because it smacks of syndicalist criminality…what is the angle in destroying something even at great financial cost? why is so obviously being not just left alone, but actually aided by, the national press? can anyone point to anything demonstrating such gross incompetence that has. been allowed to fester for so long (it’s as if USC is trying to recreate the Great Depression…or audition for third world/banana republic status)?

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      1. I get your point – and it has validity – but you know what I mean as well (the federal government is like the weather or a force of nature … the USC football program should be run like a government/military research lab, not the government as a whole – or the world’s best run corporation if you prefer…and as we all know, unlike those other monstrous institutions…USC football should be great with minimal, minimal effort)…the stench of Helton, et al, is the very embodiment of putrescence…

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      2. If PC doesn’t fall into Garrett’s lap, USC football would still be looking for their first NC since 1978, that’s a long time of ineptitude.

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      3. Completely agree – in fact, USC hasn’t “hit a home run” with a hire since Howard Jones (McKay and Carroll were essentially lucky accidents, and according to many sources John Robinson was an average hire at best, with better alternatives like Dave Levy available at the time)…

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  5. JUST STOP GOING TO THE FOOTBALL GAMES I mean every one with the Stadium EMPTY it will do Wonders to BOHNER and Foltthenthings Will really Change…

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  6. Word from a family member of one of the players who is a sr.heltons wife told fans to fuk off and leave her husband alone.helton is there for yrs to come and there is nothing they can say or do about it . 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

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    1. It’s Clay’s wife’s duty to stick up for her husband. Good for her. I have no problem with that. But it’s our collective duty as fans to do everything we can to bring this dipshit’s tenure to an end.


  7. Wasted! $350 Million to cut the grandeur and soul out of the Coliseum, and for what? A place for wealthy donors, academics, and the fawning, to regale friends with tall tales of academic prowess, scholarly exuberance, and carnal conquests, when they roamed the campus? What else could it be?
    New seats were added that may never be occupied…a way to placate the taken for granted fan base…what a waste of money…with USC’s deemphasis on football, and a dwindling fan base, they could easily play their games against the UC Davis’ of the world, at the new, edgy, state of the art, Banc of California Stadium….with a capacity of 22,000, they might be able to fill it up once in awhile….oh well…it’s not my money, and no, they won’t be getting anymore of my money—even if it’s a pittance compared to some…

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  8. USC…..a place where you to can become a center that in crucial periods of national games with a relief QB can learn to snap the ball as if you are trying a field goal. Lets all blame the QB.
    We have a trend…..last year and this year……next year we are looking to ask the NCAA to credit us if the snaps go thru the wrong posts.
    Of course these center recruits were #1 centers coming out of high school……so we have taught them well……..then we wonder why no linemen worth a shit want to play at USC.


  9. I was told USC was Scheduled to Play Iowa STATE not Iowa BuT they scheduled Iowa State with Notre Dame How did they have notre dame playing Iowa State a 7 and 5 team now 7 and 6 what a fffinnn joke


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