USC Loses Assistant Coach But Not Who You Think

Joe DeForest, who coached outside linebackers at USC, was named safeties coach at North Carolina State today.

It’s amazing that Clay Helton hasn’t done anything yet regarding Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter.

Mike Bohn might take his marching orders from Carol Folt, but he has the power to tell Helton to fire coaches immediately.

15 thoughts on “USC Loses Assistant Coach But Not Who You Think

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Helton is afraid to fire anyone until he can find someone willing to work for him. He just might be down to talking to non-power 5 school coaches. He also might be waiting for someone getting fired so he can hire someone nobody else wants.

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  1. Smart enough to get out at least – how about that other former USC coach at present (ie EdO & the Geaux-jans…well for that matter guess that includes JRob as well)…

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  2. Who’d want to go to USC?? We got lucky with Graham because next logical step for him was a P5 school. Why would anyone leave their place to be with a dead man walking coach? Recruits get it…Coach’s get it. This is why this program is sooo fkd

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  3. DeForest expected Helton to be fired and had some feelers out since the end of November. Had a number of offers. With Helton inexplicably still around, DeForest decided to just move on.


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  4. Helton is scouring the……..local high schools for talent. The word comes down from boner and hot eyes…..hire whoever you want……at 20% less.
    This jalopy has bad tires.

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  5. Might be good news, as all LB play was horrible in 2019. Gaoteote should move to Mike and quicker Lb take the outside posts. I think the deficiencies in the front 7 come down to AHC CP change to a base 4-3 from the prior 3-4, along with trim #10 in the Mike spot and slower #1 on the outside.

    From my 50 yard line seat row 14, I was appalled by the OLB play last night.

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    1. Houston was totally out of position or late to every play. Once he is engaged in a block, he’s toast – and if he does manage to get free, he’s tentative and always out of position.

      Noticed at the end of the game his jersey wasn’t even dirty. Throughout the game he arrived to watch tackles being made or missed by his teammates.

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  6. Damn it Haden……get rid of that big hill billy. He does not not know his chardonnay from zinfandel. What does he know about cheese?
    Recruiting….so what if he brings in only the best of the best linemen in the country…..who wants our daughters dating one of those apes.
    Get rid of his ass and get us one of us.
    We are rolling now with the triad of a statue, drunken slob and dummy as our leaders. The admin has been reloaded with dolts who collect huge checks while handing out blowjobs to the BOT. Let the party continue.
    Bet if the BOT were asked to supply our opponent in the Holiday bowl less than 30% would know.

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  7. If hellton is in charge , what possible difference can it make??? hellton orders all those skipped practices…no pads…no real tackling and blocking.


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