Did Mike Bohn Get Ripped Last Night?

USC athletic director Mike Bohn was on the sideline at the Holiday Bowl last night in San Diego.

One of the people he was with was former USC linebacker Wille McGinest gave a earful to athletic director Mike Bohn last night at the Holiday Bowl.

McGinest is known for being outspoken and one source said Bohn himself was not spared over his own performance. I’m still working on getting more details.

  • A reader who listened to the USC radio broadcast said Matt Fink was referred to as the “fifth-string quarterback.”
  • I heard this last night but confirmed it today: Players were laughing in the locker room after the game, which adds to the theory Iowa took the game a lot more seriously than USC.

53 thoughts on “Did Mike Bohn Get Ripped Last Night?

  1. You know who’s really fun to listen to? Dan Weber. All throughout the Holiday Bowl practice period, Dan was complimenting the USC players for their enthusiasm and intensity —- going so far as to say USC would win by 2 touchdowns (in other words, the same old dreamy crap you get outta him before every big game). THEN —when USC got their clock cleaned —Dan explained that the poor preparation killed them and, boy, did he see it coming. Like Helton, he ‘s sure nobody’s memory stretches 24 hours into the past. What a joke.

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      1. Yes, Arturo —and, predictably, we haven’t any idea in the world who will replace them …or when it will happen…


  2. On the day after another momentous bowl game fiasco under HC CH, I have not heard a single bit of bad news yet. Willie McG giving the AD a lashing? Good news. DeForrest going to NC state? Good news. Where’s Chris Claiborne? Where’s JDR?

    I’ve been hanging out with Hawkeyes fans for a few years now. They still talk about the Orange Bowl loss to Carson Palmer in2003/4. Been hanging out in SD for 48 hrs—the Hawks fans knew that they were gonna blow out the Trojans yesterday. Called us “soft.” So right, by what I saw last night.

    After HC CH loses in epic fashion to Bama, he will be 13-14 ASD (after Sam D).

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  3. What Clay Helton has allowed this program to become is pathetic. I’m watching Ed Orgeron’s LSU team dominate Oklahoma like USC used to do to other teams and it makes me ill. You have to wonder if anyone in administration even cares about the football program.

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      1. Very tragic news, gt —LSU’s Offensive Coordinator just lost his daughter in law in plane crash…

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    1. Don’t laugh, jager —he’s just the kind of coach Bohn is looking for….

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  4. Don’t for a moment think that any of the shit that Gomer allows would be remotely seen on a Orgeron-coached team. Laughing while a fellow player is in pain, laughing off an embarrassing game, and not preparing for a nationally-televised bowl game.

    It sickens me to know that at one point, not so many years ago, we had Coach O coaching the Trojans.

    Look at him now. Up 49-14 against the sooners in the 1st half.

    Thanks Haden – you and your hires have managed to sink this program deeper than anyone.

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      1. You know, gt, you’d think a guy who wanted to keep up appearances would’ve thought twice about crawling around on all fours, barking like a dog before the Notre Dame game in South Bend….

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      1. If Bama scores 40-49 points, Helton keeps his job. 50-59 points it’s a coin flip. Anything over 60 I don’t see how Folt and Bohn avoid giving him the axe.

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  5. Yes it’s true willie mgginest ripped bohn and told him this shit on yourself and folt.he told him himself and many other ex Trojan players put there body and soul into making this football program to what it is and it’s your fukers fault your not hiring the proper coach to put the usc brand back on top and not a laughing stock which it is now.FACTS!!


  6. What a crock of shit the game was. USC Football has become such a embarrassment and a laughing stock to college football. Not prepared, laugh while kicking your ass kicked, and a coach who has no clue how to coach.

    Air Raid offense ? How many championships has it won ?? Mike Leach, the master of it how many has he won? Washington has smoked him 8yr’s in a row. John McKay invented the I formation, why to run the ball. Tailback U is now pussy soft U. The quicker your offense is off the field, the more your defense is on.

    If Helton had any integrity/honesty, which he profess he does, he would resign and take a lesser amount of buy out. But no he is going to keep milking the USC cow. He says ” Bright Days are Ahead”, same ole bullshit he says every year. Thanks Folt, Bohn ( weak ass) and BOT ( hello Caruso– how is you family baggage if your dad was H.J Caruso the car dealer in L.A. in late 40’s & early 50’s ).

    Enough is enough—Fuck It.

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    1. Problem with Bama they have that dip shit Suckisian calling plays … so they only win by 40 when if had a real OC they win by 60


    2. I would like it if a Trojan priest, rabbi, or minister would take out a full page in the L. A. Times to write an open letter to Helton explaining that, historically speaking, truly holy men care more about heavenly rewards than earthly ones, and that Helton would become a role model for all California youth if he waived his rights under his extended contract and …… got the fuck outta town.


  7. Wolf, I see you are still writing at a junior-high level. Read this paragraph over again and see if you can spot the errors:

    “One of the people he was with was former USC linebacker Wille McGinest gave a earful to athletic director Mike Bohn last night at the Holiday Bowl.”

    The thing is? Your writing is better than your reporting. Please let us know the details of what your “source” tells you about the conversation. Hopefully a real reporter leaves their notepad lying around and you can pass along what it says.


  8. Promote Helton to assist ad. No buyout. He can raise funds, spreading that cornpone all over ms folt and her quiche eating AD. Meyer is still available and so is Jack Del Rio . Forget stoops, he lost to pete. Make the move tomorrow. The timing is right.

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  9. One comment and one question to my fellow USC fans. I hope Gomer is seeing a psychologist for the shit that comes out of his mouth. I can’t imagine that even HE believes the shit that comes out of his mouth. He is talking about this program being about championships….a well coached, disciplined Iowa team with mostly 3 star kids just put up 49 points on you Gomer. What will a well coached , disciplined, and hungry 4 and 5 star team like Alabama do to our soft defense? 98 points? We need more former players such as McGinest, Leinart, Bush, Salisbury, Allen, and Mays to speak out about the embarrassment that this once proud program has hit under Helton. News flash Gomer, you will have to contend with ass whoopings by ND, Oregon, and Utah as well. Championship program , more like a national embarrassment. Folt and Bohn can go away with you. If he had real integrity, he would resign today.

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    1. This is no surprise to most of us. But some of the mentally challenged posters wrote things such as this:

      “What assistants will Gomer purge Tampax Trojan ? He’ll fight to the death to keep Baxter and Clancy. I would be surprised if any changes were made.”

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    1. P. S.
      With NO replacements in sight. It’s a P.R. move to make it look as though Helton’s turning the corner —but there’s nothing behind it.

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      1. Since no one with any sense would accept that type of suicide mission…unless it’s an opportunist seeking a coach-in-waiting gig…but I agree, pure smokescreen PR (and even at that, it took them 100x longer than it took ASU to clean house before a bowl, or it took Miami – our east coast twin – to oust its OC)…like all incompetents who aren’t ethical enough to step aside because the pickings are so good, but know, despite how stupid they may be, when the quicksand is continuing to get deeper and its time to try the old “75% of the fans are dumb enough to buy another bottle of ‘Fake the Funk'”…Hollywood Henderson once famously stated someone was so dumb they couldn’t spell “C-A-T” if you spotted them the C and the T…Helton and his paymasters and their puppeteers have a long way to go before they even reach that level.

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  10. At this rate, we’ll finally be rid of Helton in oh about 10 years…but hey, progress of sorts…but until the head cancer is removed, the body is still diseased…

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    1. “We appreciate the contributions of … blah, blah, blah … high standards and expectations …. blah, blah, blah … tremendous (ah-choo bullshit!) progress with offense this past season … will hire replacements commensurate with progress that Coach (F-face) Helton has made in restoring the program while upholding the university’s strong commitment to excellence (see previous bullshit editorializing) …” Wow, I feel like … I must be related to Caruso? Robinson, Jr. ?


  11. Helton’s announcement about Pendergast & Baxter included this: “and after consulting with Mike Bohn, it is evident these changes are necessary”. This guy is incapable of Leadership or accepting responsibility for anything. Reminds me of the Bad News Bears Line when Kelly Leak was catching all the fly balls…”Does he go to the bathroom for you too Tanner?”

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  12. Marv Goux was not polished enough to be head coach, Ted Tolner was. Ed Orgeron was not polished enough and Helton was. History repeats itself and both led to disasters the first took 20 years to correct.

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