Clay Helton Finally Fires Pendergast And Baxter

Based on this statement below shouldn’t Clay Helton have fired himself?

The guy is literally untouchable despite his incompetence.

51 thoughts on “Clay Helton Finally Fires Pendergast And Baxter

    1. This statement by Helton is the equivalent of Bohn saying: In spite of the worst recruiting class in our history and a terrible bowl showing I have decided once again to retain clay helton.


      1. Frankly Helton must know he has one more year left if he is lucky. The teqm will be decent next year and he will leverage that out. Why would he care what 2021 is like regarding recruits.


    2. Yes, Helton should have absolutely been fired and he is more of a problem than any if his assistants have ever been. The most important change that needed to happen didn’t happen when Bohn and Folt decided to retain such an incompetent head coach.


    3. It’s will make no difference cause you still
      Have clay helton as your HC…with no elite
      Player in recruit coming in 2020..if they don’t go 10-2 next season…it time to clean
      House and start fresh in 2021 with entire
      New coaching staffs…


  1. These 2 changes will mean one extra win per year in the Pac-12 but won’t do anything about competing against the best. Just take a look at LSU, Ohio State.

    Folt was wrong in calling Urban Meyer “radioactive”. The guy she kept – Helton – is the radioactive one.

    At one time, Helton was a personable, pleasant nobody, who had never accomplished anything professionally, but who somehow got hired by Sark during a drinking binge to be QB coach.

    Now he is no longer the personable, pleasant guy. He is dishonest and fraudulent and has no business being an HC of a power 5 program.

    But apparently, this is what the BOT wants. They run the university, and are destroying it with their remarkably bad choices.

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    1. But look at the awful condition Meyer left the Ohio State program in! Unlike say that highly ethical academic assistance program Folt presided over at UNC…

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  2. Nothing will change. Remember when Clueless Clay fired Wilcox. Wow, that really helped. The problem is Helton is a fraud. And Bohn is a stupid Fraud for keeping him.

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  3. About time what took so long. Maybe Dreveino is next. That O line is getting shoved around every game. Need better coaching and technique in that dept. As well.

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  4. Too little, too late. Garbage in, garbage out. Rectification of the ills in USC football will require one or more of the Folt/Bohn/Helton combination out as well.

    If the patient has cancer, you completely remove the cancer. If the doctor charged with curing the patient sees it as better to leave parts of the cancer in place – you get another surgeon who will remove it all, rather than wait for the patient to get sicker. And the sooner, the better…

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    1. Exactly…the corporation is hemorrhaging on the verge of bankruptcy, and you keep management but change the shift supervisors…mind boggling ineptitude…

      Lynn Swann: “I could have done this…in fact, I did do this! No fair!”

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  5. Keeping Pendergast as long as they did is mind boggling. CH fired Wilcox b/c he was afraid of him taking his job & the excuse was Wilcox defense’s couldn’t stop the Spread Offenses the entire conference except for Stanford was running. Pendergast was supposed to be the Spread killer b/c he had a couple good defenses at Cal from 2010-12. And the disconnect for me is why would you keep a DC who’s claim to fame is stopping the Spread when no one’s run a real Spread in the Conference for like the last 3-4 years. And no, the Air Raid isn’t a Spread if you’re not running it at a high tempo.

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  6. 🤮. Two and two don’t ad up to four with all of this. Somehow this sick individual is allowed to keep his delusion of his own words and ability in place as USC head coach. No one in their right mind would even believe this. We certainly don’t. It certainly defies all logic. Something is wrong with this picture. I don’t know if those around him are just as crazy, which they must be, to support this “person” who pretends to be a head coach. If it feels crazy, it is. And it is. Watching Helton self destruct again and take these great athletes with him is simply horrific. No amount of spin will change the facts. There won’t be any normal until Helton is gone. He was booed off the field. Awe C’mon Bohn. Do the right thing. Get rid of the nut.

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    1. Joan again speaking sense…something in all of this has never added up…sure, there has been some fairly evident incompetence throughout…but for this long? With a coach so out of place as this? What is the motive behind purposefully destroying a program of this caliber that is so potentially lucrative? I get ego (ie Caruso/BOT our Jerry Jones)…but even that doesn’t make sense – Helton being hired as a minor assistant was/continues to be a stretch…so what is really going on here? Who benefits? I mean other than the rest of the conference, Notre Dame, the SEC, ESPN…we have all read enough about how some mega-wealthy individuals are sociopathic when it comes to self-enrichment…so are these BOTers (not only the Jerry Jones of USC, but perhaps in a loose sense the George Soros of) profiting from this in some way? Helton wouldn’t last a day working for any of us…so how in the name of anything remotely holy has he been in possession of the keys of the USC football program? Fah-uck!!!!

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    1. in case you weren’t aware… this means Bohn isn’t firing Clay. USC’s best hope was to have a poor recruiting class and poor bowl showing and then hopefully enter the Urban sweepstakes. This is really bad news.

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      1. No it’s not. This only helps. This helps out tremendously because kids don’t want to play for Penderdast just as much as they don’t want to play for Helton. Recruiting will be better not great or back to normal but better without him. And Helton will not make it past Halloween of next season. Alabama is going to really make USC get on its knees and su** it’s ……..well you see where I’m going. They won’t have Tua Tagovailoa in that game but it will be bad because they will make Helton look like a fool by winning big with a new QB.
        Helton should look for a buyer on his home this offseason .


  7. “I’m from the old school. I believe this: I would rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we gotta do something else rather than play with 11 when I know that right now, that person is not sold out to be a part of this team. It is more about them than it is about the team. Can not play with them! Can not win with em! Can not coach with em! Can’t do it! I want winners! I want people that want to win!” -Mike Singletary

    While Mike Singletary may not be available to be Pendergast’s replacement, I would hope our new DC has not only the expertise, but a similar passion along with the pedagogy to inspire our team to reach their full potential. If this happens, I guarantee there would be an abrupt attitude and culture change in our young men that would translate directly to the field in the form of WINS instead of losses.

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  8. Call me crazy ‘but’ I do believe Helton will quit….not saying tonight or next month but I think he will. Those were the last of his cronies Prendergast and Baxter. Anyone incoming ‘knows’ what the ‘vibe’ is at USC…..Helton is gone within a year. He’s been forced to sack these two…who is he going to confide in now?
    Helton will quit –
    No one respects him, the kids played to his expectations – they trained to his expectations. Before this game they ‘knew’ the fans assessment of themselves and the coaching staff.

    The pressure from the media is only going to grow and he can’t even counter it until 5th September 2020….

    I honestly believe Helton will quit

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    1. Helton isn’t going to quit. You must be fucking stupid if you think Helton is going to walk away from millions of dollars just because you’re fed up with his incompetent coaching.

      And one more thing, Helton doesn’t give two shits about the media. Helton couldn’t care less what the media or you think about him…he’s a conman and you’re a whiny bitch dumbass.

      “Helton will quit” LMFAO! You should quit, quit being a dumbass and just STFU.


    2. No, Alv. Helton will not quit —in fact, when they come to escort him off campus for losing 72 -6 against Alabama, he’ll throw chairs at the security cops and scream like the professional protesters at U. C. Berkeley …


    3. All espn media love hellton and back him 24×7…they hate sc obviously like herbie an Ohio St man and even Meyer speaks well of him…they like sc can’t recruit.
      The other types are co dependent types…they are enablers like the BOT/ folt and bohn…do nothings about the ‘real ‘ problem…blame the symptom…aka…asst coaches, hellton is just a victim of poor asst coaching, even if he is the one that runs the program, the practices…or lack thereof.


  9. Clay Helton was Sarkisian’s Errand Boy.

    Max Nikias said he was going to De-Emphasize Trojan football and the best way to keep that plan going was to promote the Errand Boy to head coach after Sarkisian drank his way out of the job.

    Make no mistake about it, Max Nikias is still calling the shots at USC, the De-Emphasis ‘of Trojan football is alive and well.

    Folt, Bohn and the USC BoT ( Caruso included ) take their marching orders from C.L. Max Nikias.


      1. Max Nikias hasn’t been listening to Trojan fans calling for Helton’s firing long before his two new puppets Folt and Bohn showed up on campus.

        Nothing changed before or since.

        Firing Pendergast and Baxter was Nikias throwing Trojan fans a bone.

        Helton’s next defensive coordinator will be someone just like Clancy, a coach who he doesn’t have to worry about wanting his job.


    1. Slovis ain’t shit. That girl can’t take a hit without getting hurt and having to come out of the game. Against quality opponents Slovis and Harrell’s crap air raid offense fold likd a cheap suit.

      That little pussy Slovis won’t last one quarter against Alabama.


    2. 67 — You’re probably right. Hope J. T. is ready to go….


    3. JT should start, get carried off the field, then let Fink run around as long as he can take it, and then, and only then, let Slovis enter the game against Bama’s 3rd stringers.

      BTW Bama might be favored by 21


  10. So Scotty is really happy tonight. Guess what – they’re still not going to take his resume/application out of the do richly deserved trash can that it is sitting in.


  11. HIRE URBAN MEYER AND PUT URBAN MEYER AS HEAD COACH MOVE Claydo GOMER HE’LL TON to Water boy then URBAN Meyer can go get the Defensive coordinator and special teams coaches urban Meyer wants….

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  12. Everybody needs to stop over-analyzing this shit on Helton. It’s very simple and until people acknowledge what is happening here at USC, it will continue. USC remains the West Coast cradle of the Confederacy. Whitey runs supreme on the Board of Trustees, within the Haden Athletic Department, and in Carol Folt’s administration. Folt had huge racial issues at UNC which she could not manage. She was run out of town, and essentially “resigned” before they canned her incompetent ass. She rode her husband’s coattails throughout his academia career and she’s always been the “B” side of the hit record. They travelled as an academic package. She’s a nothing academically, but low and behold, she shows up on the USC campus. She says she’s honored to be part of the USC “family.” But really, there is no “family” there – just people tolerating each other because of the football team and its prior success. Bigots, racists, rednecks, Blacks, hispanics and other minorities tolerate each other on this campus because it is the football team that unites them all. You take away this football program and people have no desire to mingle, associate or talk to each other. Somehow, Folt (of all people in academia) surfaces out of the North Carolina swamp and is hired by the Board of Trustees, as the least competent President in USC’s history. First woman hired as President and she has no connections to the school. She doesn’t understand USC, but she’s here, and someone on the Board of Trustees wanted her here in a bad way. Next, she hears the cries of the alumni and media that the football program sucks. Who is creating this mess on the playing field ? Whitey himself – Clay Helton. And, he’s supported by a white administration in the Athletic Department that is criminally accepting bribes on the side to admit unqualified white students. Affirmative action at its best, and no one is complaining. What does she (Folt) do ? She fires the Black man in charge of the white athletic department, and allows the white coach who has caused the uproar to remain in place. She then approves her temporary white AD who was Max Nikias’ right hand man for 6 years who kept his mouth shut while scandal after scandal reared its ugly head within the USC administration. Meanwhile, another group of white board of trustee members select White Mike Bohn as the replacement to Swann, and this guy retains white Helton. I’m especially curious to know why Swann extended Helton’s contract when he knew Helton was (and is) a shit coach, and why Carol Folt felt the need to fire the Black man and keep whitey on board and in charge of the football team ? Apparently there are no profiles in courage on campus who could expose this mess and get answers for the rest of us.

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  13. Off with their heads!!!
    Blame everyone else.
    Over the last few yrs what position has not been fired? the real problem, the fake head coach.
    The one that actually runs the program, calling for skipped practices, no pads, no tackling/blocking at full game speed like but IOWA DOES…the 6th/7th best team in B10 that kicked sc to the curb and its coach, with 2-3 star players ’cause they have full football practices…all available ones.
    So, this current fake head coach is gonna’ next yr produce championship/BCS caliber team??? Like after Sams frosh yr, in his Soph yr? the one Ohio St stomped in a cotton bowl game?


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