Can Someone Buy Clay Helton A Mirror?

How does Clay Helton ever look at himself?

Let’s look at his staff turnover:

Fired today: Clancy Pendergast, John Baxter.

Fired a year ago: Tee Martin, Kenechi Udeze, Ronnie Bradford, Neil Callaway.

That is six coaches in around 12 months. The guy has basically blamed around 2/3 of the coaching staff for his problems. It’s the offensive coordinator’s fault. No, it’s the defensive coordinator’s fault. No, the special teams coach. The secondary coach. The defensive line coach. The offensive line coach.

We all know better. We know Helton is the biggest problem.

Oh, and I’m not even counting the end of the 2015 season, when Helton fired Justin Wilcox, Keith Heyward, Chris Wilson and Bob Connelly.

37 thoughts on “Can Someone Buy Clay Helton A Mirror?

  1. that’s … that’s not a bad point, wolf. … spare the players, the university and this fan base further agony and resign, clay. there’s a chance you might be able to return to campus one day, like twenty years from now, if you do.

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    1. We have officially veered off into a parallel universe where up is down and right is left. Where none SoCal’s best players sign with USC and where PAC12 South Division Titles are the team’s goal. Where Helton thinks that Champeenships are in a team’s future right after getting blown out by a solid, but not great, football team. Someone please end this.

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  2. Helton is completely unqualified to be HC. When he was hired by Haden, Helton had professionally accomplished nothing. Zero. And now, AD after AD keeps perpetuating this failure, year after year.

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    1. It’s another wait ’til next yr.
      Remember that championship team after Sams freshman yr??? His Soph year
      SC was gonna’ be PAC12 champs…BCS caliber , this after being down 5 TD’s to PennSt. and won the Roses on a last second field goal? They were exposed again by a B10 team.
      Well the same hellton that has been running fake football practices is back again. Basically after all the firings the last few yrs, who hasn’t been fired? the root cause is alive and well and still skips practices,orders no pads , no tackling to the ground and blocking at full speed in practices. It isn’t asst coaches that do that…it’s hellton ball.


  3. Failed state/banana republic syndrome…executive (individual or junta) seeks to avoid responsibility/accountability for failure…sacks ministers or dissolves legislature…anything to con the public into thinking they’re not the problem…only question is how long it will last…it always ends the same way…but the aftermath is never pretty, and sometimes there is no recovery…

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  4. He should have a mental collapse under all this pressure and distain. Whatever comes out of his mouth is so far from reality. If he looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see himself. He sees he is King if Troy, re-anointed by Folt and Bohn. What a farse that while Ohio State and Clemson battle it out we have to deal with this still. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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  5. BTW – I can’t believe how many Gomer coached games I’ve now seen where we were physically handled. This team doesn’t resemble anything about SC football I remember. I’ve got an idea, lets swap uniforms with Arizona and see if anyone notices..

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  6. Wow. And Helton expects to be able to attract top level assistants? It’s starting to feel like the late Paul Hackett era, i.e. a real possibility that when the plug finally does get pulled SC will be seen as a coach’s graveyard, with no one in their right mind willing to consider taking the job.

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    1. Resign Gomer, you f##king prick. You’re a co-conspirator in the controlled demolition of USC football. And on top of it all, you’ve made generational wealth doing it.

      Fuck you


  7. Like heltons wife said it to a players family member friend last night!!! Clay is staying and there is shit you the fans or ex players can do about it!!! STAY CLASSY MRS HELTON!!!


  8. Ohio St. got screwed on the overturned fumble. They should have won 30 – 28. Whoever overturned the O. St fumble recovery and TD had money on Clemson.

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    1. Yep……the delay for these replays is getting hard to justify……I counted three plays this week where it was obvious the replay deliberately overturned the officials with no justification……for potentially crucial plays……. The replay refs are too easy to cook.

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      1. Well payback for that con call in the Jan 2003 BCS Fiesta Bowl OH St got against Miami in the first OT with the ‘NYY’ strike three call going to OH St. and allowing a 2nd OT

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      2. True, Fred. If you own a city’s District Attorney and Grand Jury Foreman, you own the town. If you own the replay refs, you own the game.


    2. For once, jus towns, I must agree with you. The refs tend to interject themselves too much, and that play was pivotal, it more than likely changed the outcome in a tight game like that. These zebras are getting too much screen time, it’s so bad they’ll be needing agents soon – if they haven’t got them already!

      However, tOSU totally screwed up in that final series, they played defense like a Clancy the Clown-coach team – in short, they got ‘gashed’ [as in Pendergash, pun intended].

      Happy New Year.


  9. How is this lazy stooge still employed … who is protecting this fraud and why
    How in holy F did this pile of crap become untouchable


  10. Somebody needs to buy this asshole a clue. Folt comes in and fires the Black man in charge of the white athletic department. WTF ? And, the White guy who fucked up the program remains ? Why ? USC is just the West Coast cradle of the Confederacy.

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    1. The irony of a school and department that pushes SJW bs shows signs of bigotry toward the group that many student athletes of revenue sports hail from. lol This SJW, Cultural Marxist bs at SC (and other places) is a fraud for power-mongering by greedy, self serving elitists.


  11. If someone bought Helton a mirror it would crack with all the bullshit, lies and denials he says. It is always this and that, when the problem is him..Same crap every year,” Can’t wait till 2020 or November, so can say same crap. He is full of more shit than a Christmas Turkey
    He talks about integrity/honesty, what a douche bag, if he had any he would resign.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all—–NOT HIM.

    Enough is Enough FIRE HIS ASS!

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  12. Maybe a billionaire booster could offer Helton a $25 million, lump sum payment to be a “good guy”, to be a “man of integrity”, and to do right by his players, and resign.

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  13. Where’s that lame ass 1# usc fan. No where to be found after another great coaching performance from the clueless one. Lets hear him try to defend this latest debacle from last night. A 25 point ass whopping by Iowa but he’s the right man for the job, because he’s so righteous according to this clown. If you are reading this stay away you don’t have any credibility defending the worst coach in USC football recruiting history.

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  14. Here’s bel-air tech’s ‘proud program’ this afternoon at Pauley
    losing to CSUF

    CSUF 78 bel-iar tech 74

    Time for the honor guard change at the peckerwood shrine..


    1. Opps my bad it was:

      CSUF 77
      bel-iar tech 74

      bald guys rule just look at bel-air tech’s coaching staff….they all got an early release from Wayside up in Castaic.


      1. Wow, Pinkywood is right on top of it, but he needed a chug-a-lug eye-opener to give the correct score.

        As I recall Commie Lush, Andyain’twinning went 11 – 21 overall and 2 -12 in the Pac-12 his first bozo year.

        Lest you forget CL, Andyainwinning, 7 years on, is an eye-watering 44 – 64 vs Pac-12 Conf. opponents. Methinks Andyain’twinning could use a sprinkle of Peckerwood magic.


  15. Oh my heavens Ms. Angela, why so saucy? Just cause your hubby-poo lucked into the perfect storm of administrative incompetence and a job opening that prioritized dirt dumb ho-hum as a qualification to employment doesn’t mean those checks y’all are cashing have been earned. It’s understandable that you drink Clay’s Kool-aid, and even a lil’ admirable
    that you stand by your man. What isn’t however, is the expectation that we do the same. Hate to break it to you if you didn’t already know, but the king of your castle didn’t pay for the diamonds you’re almost assuredly rockin by slaying any and all big bad dragons. Homeboy was staggering around lost in the fog of someone else’s failed battle, came across dudes corpse and lifted his wallet. We may not see eye to eye on this, nor is it likely that we beleive his tall tales about valorous behavior and brave warriors the way you might… probably because we only get Sir Valiant’s stories, but we get none of the jewels. Although there was that time he tried to pass off that fugazi zircon (think he called it “the California State Champions or something like that)…

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  16. I have found myself moving on from Helton the drama king and didn’t even watch or listen the SC – Iowa game. I still have not watched the highlights (or is it low lights) of that game. Instead I listened on radio to the Ohio State-Clemson and LSU-Oklahoma games and watched those highlights afterward. Much more interesting than following Helton’s undisciplined coaching.

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  17. Wolf is correct.
    Firing the followers , when it is the leader that orders skip practices, orders no pad practices, no tackling, etc…asst coaches don’t have any say if hellton ball is the rule for practices…I guess they want their pay check instead of standing up to him and saying something.


  18. Bad generals blame their mistakes on their colonels, majors and lieutenants.

    Same deal here with Helturd – he’s released two of his generals, but refuses to see that his command is the problem.

    Who in the world would be desperate enough to come in to work for Helturd now? Tosh Lupoi? Then again, Bohn could bring in Lupoi and a young ST teams guy that can recruit. Things would be a bit better – but Helturd will still set the tone and run the show.
    Results: He decided on the weak practice schedule for the HB. He decided not give Fink snaps in practice. He decided not to run Christon when it could’ve mattered. He allowed and fostered the laid-back, bullshit attitude the team has exhibited.

    And, BTW prepare for another ‘unbiased and not pre-ordained QB competition’ in the Spring and Fall camps – where Chucker Daniels will miraculously emerge as the starting QB again – count on it. Helturd can’t help himself. All it’ll take will be a pizza party or two by Chucker Sr., and the die will be cast. Only good thing about this is that Chucker will take the beating from Saban’s Alabama, and not Kedon. Slovis, at this point, should consider the transfer portal, and get off of the “SS Titanclay” – the kid deserves better than this.


  19. We all want Helton to resign but will never happen. Would anyone? He gets paid millions. You can’t blame Helton, it’s Heltons superiors that keep him around.

    Douchebags that run usc are to blame in no particular order:

    Board of trustees
    Major boosters as money talks
    Fans that keep buying tickets. BS about supporting players. If usc gets revenue they turn a blind eye. There are casualties in war but the change is best for all.


  20. the only candidates that would consider this job are 1) relatively inexperienced and coaching at small-time programs 2) a candidate who is out of coaching, like a Jack Del Rio, looking to get a foot back in the door.

    hopefully, Bohn is smart enough to demand a qualified DC, and since none will sign on under Helton, Bohn should use that as a reason to get rid of the HC.

    i see more players entering the transfer portal to get away from this mess, particularly the running backs. why stay at SC and get 4 touches a game with no blocking?

    Stepp should end up at LSU. that would be karma at work. Christon could also end up someplace where they know how to use his speed.


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