ESPN FPI Likes USC To Win Pac-12

ESPN has released its first “Football Power Index” rankings of 2020 and USC is No. 13, the highest-rated Pac-12 team.

Oregon is right behind the Trojans at No. 14. The FPI ratings are “a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance going forward for the rest of the season.”

Does anyone these predictions? Last year, ESPN projected USC with 6.7 wins and 5.5 losses and a 7 percent chance of winning the Pac-12. 

Preseason FPI Rankings

2.Ohio StateBig Ten
3.OklahomaBig 12
5.Penn StateBig Ten
6.WisconsinBig Ten
7.TexasBig 12
8.Texas A&MSEC
9.Notre DameIndependent

13 thoughts on “ESPN FPI Likes USC To Win Pac-12

  1. Wishful thinking on USC!
    Lets see how tough SC’s Spring Practices are and if they dump the pussy Spring Showcase and have a real competitive Spring Game with
    Actual contact.
    I doubt it with Dimwit Helton in charge!

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    1. Which would mean ESPN got it about right! Only if USC had no chance of beating the teams ranked lower would they have messed up. Geez, what a moron. In other words, the usual stupidity from ButtKarma.


  2. Very curious to see how Orgeron and Cristobal do as both LSU and Oregon lose their starting QBs. LSU will always have good wideouts, but can they do well with Burrow and the passing coordinator gone? I can’t see the Duck D, though good on all levels – yet not too deep, carrying the team. Cristobal stinks at game management as well.

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    1. Coach O will have a tougher task. Burrow and Joe Brady completely changed their offense. But one thing I know for sure, he certainly soaked up all he could from Brady and will try and get someone with a like philosophy to replace him.

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  3. Trojans still have a ton of talent – Slovis, Stepp, Christon, St. Brown, Vaughans, Drake London, and adding McCoy and Kyle Ford, and this is just at QB, RB and WR.

    Add a competent O-line, and there is so much potential…


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      1. Hoping that we might actually practice blocking and tackling. That might be too much to ask, but hoping.

        You can coach all the technique in the world, which Drevno is capable of, but without hitting someone it’s all just pointless.

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  4. On this list. USC only has to play Notre dame and Organ. And anything can Happen in those 2 Football Games. ..Tell Gomer He’ll ton to go live In his Toilet Bowl and shut his lid and flush himself. …Then let graham Harrell and all the New Defensive Coaches to COACH usc with Physical practices. FIGHT on

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  5. the big question is about the o-line. will they improve in a 2nd year under drevno.

    my guess is that bohn is accepting no more excuses and if the defense turns up the heat in spring practice will it show that the o-line is completely over-matched and needs a new coach?

    i hope that drevno rises to the challenge and shows that he is a great coach, but it not, he needs to go. no more keeping Clay’s buddies on the staff. every coach needs to be capable of contributing to a top team.

    this ranking shows where SC should be at, now if they fail to live up to it, there should be no more excuses!

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