Clay Helton Rehabilitation Tour Begins

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports has written a lengthy piece on USC coach Clay Helton, that will probably upset some fans who are tired of Helton.

The part that bugged me is probably different than most because it says Helton did an interview with Dodd on Signing Day, when he refused to do a press conference but did a friendly interview on the “Trojans Live” radio show.

This is typical USC. Gives “national media” an interview but ignores the local media on Signing Day.

Back to the story: Helton says he feels something special about this year’s team, like the 2011 team that was in the top 6 nationally and the Rose Bowl team of 2016.

“I feel that same way. I feel like we’re a great kept secret,” Helton said.

USC also leaked again that Dave Aranda was going to leave LSU for Helton before he went to Baylor.

And there’s some quotes from Mike Bohn defending Helton: “I think Clay feels invigorated . . . Clay’s trying like a son of a gun. I think he has to get some validation for recruiting these (new) coaches.”

23 thoughts on “Clay Helton Rehabilitation Tour Begins

    1. In the Dodd article, Helton is quoted as saying “This is my 26th year coaching.”

      Wait a minute – this means Helton has been coaching since he was 20?

      Is he counting the years he was helping out a Pop Warner team?

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    2. I just read that piece on Clay. As soon as it listed Clay’s 2019 record as 8-4 rather than 8-5 (Bowl Games count, right?), I knew our little Clay was gonna get every benefit of the doubt available. The funniest parts were the ones that dealt with (1) Clay surviving so many crises (who was responsible for all the crises? And which pair of lazy A.D’s let him off the hook? And why?) and (2) Clay knowing “talent when he sees it.” Yeah, that’s the first thought of any USC fan when they think about Clay: “Here is a guy who really knows how to recruit & maximize talent!”

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      1. Michael, I will never, ever, understand how Helton could have hired Calloway. Just watch any of Calloway’s interviews, and tell me if you have ever observed a person more burned out and caring less about his job.

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      2. You nailed it. Callaway was long gone by the time he joined Troy. The ONLY reason Helton brought him on board was for self protection. Same reason as he had for keeping Clancy and Baxter way past their due dates.
        [You know another things that irks the shit outta me, 67? Helton referring to the tooth PAIN he was in on Signing Day. What a rookie evasive measure that was. He could have scheduled that root canal for ANY other day. And —know what? — root canal work isn’t an excuse for being a shitty recruiter …

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      3. Michael, the timing of the root canal is interesting…

        What medical procedure will take place the day before the ‘Bama game, I wonder?

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      4. Very prescient of you, 67…


  1. I’m not sure why some fans, and media people are so sure that USC is on its way to new heights. They are weak across the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, with the exception of a player or two , and Michael Pittman Is leaving for the NFL. Clay Helton is going into his 5th season, and the team is worse off then the last time he was defeated by Alabama. So Mike Bohn, and Helton can blow smoke up the fans as as much as they want during the offseason, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the Jimmy and the Joes, not the X’s, and the O’s by any new coaches .

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    1. Yes and no. Let’s talk Alabama game. USC IS very weak at O-Line. And Drevno is hardly an inspirational leader —he’s just a journeyman at this point. Amazing that Bohn can’t see what a colossal problem this is gonna be on September 5th. But I think we’re gonna see a defense that doesn’t give up at halftime….. and a special teams unit that lets the offense take the ball at the 25 (instead of the 17) and doesn’t give up 100 yard returns that break team morale.
      USC will get knocked around but I bet they don’t break this time. [And—assuming we come outta the game with ONE of our top 2 QB’s not torn limb from limb — USC could go on to take the Pac 12 and head to the Rose Bowl]…..

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      1. Agree, if we could replace the Bama game with UC Davis, this team could run the table. If Slovis survives Game 1, I like our chances to win the Pac 12… it’s much weaker than last year with the loss of Herbert, The Pirate and Petersen.

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      2. Agreed, gt. The only thing that would have put us in position to pull off a miracle on September 5th would have been for Bohn to ASK Harrell (not Helton) who he wanted for O-Line coach and, then, make it happen. By honoring Helton’s decision on Drevno, Bohn has doomed our chances in that game —but if we come out of it with EITHER Slovis or J.T. in one piece, our o-line is good enough (barely) to provide us a good season [given all the other pieces that have been put in place].

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      3. Cal75,
        A dream you say?! I laugh at your ignorance! Wasn’t the Round Table but a dream? Wasn’t the Time Machine but a dream?! Wasn’t the Golden Fleece but a dream?!


    1. I tried to reply to you, Karma —but I must have used a bad word [I’ve always gotten away with that before —are the censors unaware of the equitable principle of laches?]… but I digress. Please check out the cited article on Helton. He excuses himself for sounding dim witted in his televised interview by saying he just got outta dental surgery …which he scheduled for Signing Day.


  2. I find think Aranda was leaving LSU for Clay. I think he was leaving LSU for USC. Had he come, I think Helton would have been dumped by midseason at the latest, and Arranda elevated to HC. But, he was offered a 100% sure bet for a HC position when Baylor knocked at his door; and it is a lower pressure situation for a first HC gig.


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