Does A Man Of Character Fire 13 People?

One thing to remember when you read a Clay Helton that describes him as “gentlemanly” or a decent man of character: Helton has fired 13 assistant coaches at USC.

That is not the work of a man of character.

If you want to sympathize with Helton over the fact there was a false report he was being fired, just remember he has actually fired 13 people.

Clay Helton is a multi-millionaire and set for life, whether he gets fired or not. Whatever pain he endures, he fired 13 coaches. Blamed others. Passed the buck.

It’s hard to feel sorry for such a slippery figure.

23 thoughts on “Does A Man Of Character Fire 13 People?

  1. Scooter,

    this is where you come in, do your investigation on why 13 people have been fired. What is the reason for the firings< was it lousy coaching, was it to hide Helton's incompetence, did the coaches want to leave? Get back with us on the information.

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  2. Scottie, if it had been up to Helton, he would have been happy to keep Calloway, Baxter, and Pendergast.

    Helton called Baxter “The best special teams coach in the country”, and he also remarked during a presser “I thank the Lord we have Clancy Pendergast as our defensive coordinator.”

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  3. The original coaching staff that Clay Helton had at USC is a perfect example of him not knowing what the hell he was doing. You’re suppose to hire the best of the best assistant coaches available, just as Ed Orgeron did, especially if you have zero experience as a head coach . Helton truly is an idiot, and any other Majors power 5 program would’ve got rid of him last season.

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  4. Scotty,
    That horse is dead, you’ve beaten it over and over. We get it, move on to the next thing you are going to criticize.

    You might actually want to check out who did all of the firing the last two years. It wasn’t Clay, he’d stick it out with his buddies who are equally terrible. If you’re mad, be mad at Bohn for this years firings.

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      1. Yep. If we are saddled with Clay, got to get coaches who can do it on their own. Clay + Baxter+ Calloway + Clancy= worst staff ever?

        Seriously, not one guy in there anybody would be rushing to go get for any job

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      1. I can’t believe Scott didn’t comment on this one:

        Bloomberg Qualifies for Las Vegas Debate Thanks to Last Minute Poll.

        “Much like Lori Laughlin’s daughter qualified for USC,” Iowahawk quips in response.

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  5. There are 2 types of coaches in football… those that have been fired, and those that will be fired… That’s part of the profession.

    If you share Scooter’s belief, then there are no college head coaches who are men of integrity, because every college coach has fired several assistants over time. Sometimes the narrative is different, for example: Pete fired several coaches during his tenure, he just found them jobs at other places and encouraged them to take those jobs….

    I just think little Scotty boy is sensitive to people being fired because he knows the feeling all too well… But when you are creeping on cheerleaders, and you get banned from the very campus you are supposed to be covering, it’s kinda hard to do your job… Mommy must’ve woken little Scotty up too early this morning, so she’s a little cranky today


  6. No matter who fired or demanded they be fired, hellton put out the designs,tactics, etc…that caused the failures. hellton ran spring flings instead of practices which ‘showcase ‘ nothing. hellton ran fall failures that had little to no game speed real blocking and tackling,and then on into the season bragging about no pad practices, fresh legs BS, and on and on. Then even skipped practices to prepare whenever he could. The coaches he fired didn’t set these policies…hellton did. We won’t know until we look at tapes aka I need time to answer real questioning for my lousy coaching…need to come up with lies people will swallow.


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