USC Is Hiring Support Staff, So Renew Your Season Tickets!

Some USC supporters are so starved for positive news that they are celebrating today the fact the football program hired a graphic design manager! And they stole him from Oregon!

Well, he graduated from USC in 2017, so I’m not sure it took much to “steal” him from Oregon.

It’s great USC wants to hire a graphic designer. But these are window-dressing moves. The people who need something to cheer about don’t want to talk about Clay Helton. They want to applaud hiring support staff hires. And believe Dave Aranda almost came to USC.

By the way, if USC was going to hire Aranda and match his $2.5 million salary at LSU, why did they settle for Todd Orlando? There some big-time defensive coordinators in the NFL and college who would come to USC for $2.5 million.

I’m sure the pro-Mike Bohn crowd thinks I am being negative. These type of questions are not allowed.

11 thoughts on “USC Is Hiring Support Staff, So Renew Your Season Tickets!

  1. The Dave Aranda – Todd Orlando story is not about those two guys and what could have been there.

    It was originally about Dave Aranda – Joe Barry. Joe Barry embarrassed USC by turning down a DC position with the Trojans to remain as a position coach with the Rams.

    How does a guy who just got passed over by the Rams for an NFL DC position he wanted turn down the DC job at USC to stay with the Rams? As a position coach? That just shows you how bad coaches think of working for HH and Helton today.



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