Not Every Coach Fires Every Assistant

When I think about Clay Helton firing 13 assistant coaches, it reminds me when Rams coach John Robinson fired six assistant coaches after the 1990 season.

Robinson fired every defensive coach except one: defensive line coach Marv Goux.

I always wondered about that so a few years later I asked Goux why Robinson didn’t fire him?

Goux laughed and said, “John couldn’t fire me.”

I didn’t know if he was referring to some long-time bond with Robinson. Or maybe he knew too much dating back to 1982, when Goux was the fall guy in the NCAA sanctions that involved a ticket scheme used to funnel cash to football players.

But Goux made it clear he was never in any danger.

And the point was . . . Robinson refused to fire Goux when Robinson’s back was against the wall.

Helton can’t even say he went to the mat for someone. Anyone. He has thrown everyone under the bus.

12 thoughts on “Not Every Coach Fires Every Assistant

  1. There’s no comparison to the quality of John Robinson’s coaching staff and the sub-par dudes Helton has been hiring and running with since just recently.

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    1. Ha! I bet Scott has the days numbered more than we do….

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  2. The funny thing is Lane Kiffin hired him for the exact same reason he refuses to hire anyone of substance and why he sticks to Conference USA re-treads and his Dad’s friends.

    Despite Bohn being a coward he did force two assistants on Clay that last worked at what most would consider football schools.

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      1. I am sure you know Marv Goux goes back to 1952 I believe I watched him at sc…and coached there after graduating . He was on Jess Hills staff, Don Clark,McKay,Robinson’s…those kind of coaches don’t get fired….Pat Hill is as close as I can think of as to how Goux coached…what a stupid comment for even the wolf…

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