USC Morning Buzz: Last Word On Dave Aranda

USC wants people to know it tried to hire Dave Aranda as CBS Sports mentioned yesterday.

“We were all set to have him. We matched LSU’s deal,” a USC source said in the story.

That means Aranda would take a pay cut since his $2.5 million gets a lot less in Southern California than Baton Rouge.

Someone with close connections to the LSU program weighed in on this scenario:

“I think he was trying to use USC to get a better deal here if the Baylor job didn’t open,” the person said. “He was surprised other teams didn’t contact him about their head-coaching jobs.

“I have no doubt he used (USC) for leverage but unless he was given assurances he would be the head coach, I don’t think he would have left.”

I wonder how Graham Harrell feels about this? I’m sure he thinks he should be the USC coach-in-waiting.

I’ve heard the USC athletic administration is just playing out next season, ready to fire Helton once it cleans up the athletic dept. I just wonder if they will do it if he wins nine games?

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Last Word On Dave Aranda

    1. Mike —It’s time we put up some Goonies footage. Today we find out that Board Member Steven Spielberg is “intrigued” by the idea of his DAUGHTER becoming a sex worker…..

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  1. No way USC wins 9 games under Clay Helton next season, they have to figure out a new way to win with the departure of Michael Pittman Jr. They have no running game, and a weak offensive line. And not to mention, a few more teams in the PAC 12 will be vastly improved.


      1. CAL75,
        I hope you guys do well this upcoming season. I hope you take the north and SC takes the south in their respective divisions.

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      2. The Trojans could have an amazing running game with Stepp and Christon. But needs to develop an O-line that can run-block. Ironically, Drew Richmond, the former 5 star tackle that played last year as a grad transfer from Tennessee was a much better run blocker than pass blocker. He is gone now.

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      3. pt — Let’s take our wish one more step: Cal wins the north, USC wins the south. USC wins the Pac12 Championship 42-3. On the sidelines Nancy Pelosi tears up Wilcox’s playbook page by page…..

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  2. No more USC head coach in waiting from someone already on staff.

    If USC is in the position of hiring a HC next year then don’t be afraid to look at candidates outside the program.

    If USC simply promotes another assistant to HC, then they didn’t really need to hire Mike Bohn. They could have simply kept Pat Haden, Lynn Swann or Steve Lopes to do that.

    No one wants to see another lazy, internal HC hire.



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      1. Michael, lest we forget, some famous lines from Pat Haden i the 2010s:

        “Picking a coach is an inexact science, but with Clay Helton, he is exactly who we are looking for. ”

        “God love Ed Orgeron, I hope he becomes an HC somewhere and makes me look like an idiot.”

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      2. I really do love that last quote –it is maybe the all time classic example of the old warning, “be careful of what you wish for…”

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      1. It all depends on who the other option is.

        Luke vs Clay? Should this be a real thought
        Luke vs UM? Same here
        Luke vs Harrell? I’ll take Luke.
        Luke vs NFL guy like JDR or Richard? I think I’d still take Luke, but debatable.

        We shall see. Luke with this staff and players would win south easily and 10 plus games. Is that good enough? I don’t know? I want to win them all. Meyer would!

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      2. One complication for Luke Fickell would be housing – he and his wife have 6 kids. Needs a big house, which means big $$$$ in LA.

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      3. 67,
        If you can’t find a big house to live in for around 4 mil a year that’s a real problem. I don’t live in so cal, but I would think that box would get checked easily. Right?

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      4. Mrs. H, regarding housing and $4 million price tag, well, the answer depends on the area. For 6 kids, the $4 million probably will be short in locations such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, all of which have highly rated school districts. Even in nice areas with less desirable public schools such as Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, $4 million will likely be inadequate.


  3. The PAC12 is weak. Even with Clay under the helm , it is likely he has a winning season this year. It is 2021 that he should go back to losing again with the horrible recruiting class we have this year.

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      1. But MG… if SC wins the Pac 12 and makes the national championship playoffs this season… won’t the recruits return like the swallows to Capistrano?

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      2. Crap. You’re probably right. Everything changes IF that happens….. [AND Helton is not the one doing the face to face with parents]….


  4. Should have just given Luke the job this season. There is no point in retaining Helton. BTW that piece CBS sports did was trash. I see we will have to put up with the national media trying to save this idiots job again.

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    1. Megatron –What kind of person criticizes a man who soldiered his way through National Signing Day with a toothache…?


    1. No worries for THIS season, Cal75. Wilcox is smart —2020 is not the year to leave Cal.


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