Have You Noticed How Every Year The Model Changes For Clay Helton?

Remember last year, USC was going to be successful because it followed the Brian Kelly model?

Even Clay Helton made the comparison because Kelly had fired 17 staff members and Notre Dame went 4-8 in 2016, won 10 games in 2017 and bounced back to go 12-1 and make the College Football Playoff in 2018.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

But this year, we have a new model. Helton will follow the Ed Orgeron model, which is to let his coordinators and assistant coaches do the work and just be a supervisor.

But Kelly actually hired a new offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach after the 2016 season so maybe Helton is now really following Kelly again.

Back to the Orgeron model. I covered him and discussed his coaching philosophy about letting coaches do their job without interfering. People who make this comparison miss one thing: Orgeron is a leader of men.

Orgeron inspires the team. He brings energy. He brings direction. He might not be a micro-manager but he plays a vital role.

Helton is none of these things.

Players want to go through a wall for Orgeron. USC players think Helton is nice because he lets them do what they want.

Keep in mind, I have said several times I expect USC to win around nine games next season.

But Kelly went to the College Football Playoff multiple times. Orgeron just won a national championship.

The buffoon in charge at USC will do neither.

19 thoughts on “Have You Noticed How Every Year The Model Changes For Clay Helton?

      1. Mike is on fire. [But watching Coach O and realizing what Haden passed on kinda puts the fire out]…

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  1. The Buffoon running the USC football program adopted a Mike Leach offensive system through the offensive coordinator he hired, but that system never has, and never will win anybody a national championship. If your gonna emulate an offensive system, wouldn’t make sense to take from a team that’s constantly in the playoffs race, especially if you have just as many resources as the top five Universities?

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  2. The air raid is fine except for one thing, the splits are just too wide to run it effectively. We shouldn’t recruit lineman who can’t keep up. We don’t need all the wide and deep splits that take away chances from runners to get to the second level with some help. Air raid route concepts are exceptional, they work at all levels and will continue to do so. Air raid line play is silly, unless you just don’t have the size, strength, or athleticism to compete. That should never be the case at USC.

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    1. “Air raid line play is silly, unless you just don’t have the size, strength, or athleticism to compete. That should never be the case at USC.”

      Great post, Mrs. H. The Air Raid can cover up deficiencies in the O-line by emphasizing quick strikes that don’t require the linemen to hold their blocks for long. But the Trojans should never have a deficient O-line.

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      1. You’re right, 67. This whole situation (which Harrell’s finesse offense can’t completely gloss over] is the result of poor clueless Helton not knowing anything about coaching football other than what he learned as a QB coach (and not a very good one —Harrell has frequently commented on how shocked he was at the poor footwork of all our QB’s).

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  3. Says the King of Buffoonery. Flow, flag down Chaz Bucket for us all. You’re overly whiny this week. We need some comic relief. Thanks, bud.


  4. Until Helton is gone USC is not serious. They just continue to put lipstick on a pig to sell to us fans. He follows everyone else’s plans because he does not have one. He is a buffoon and he has no business coaching at USC. #StevieWondercanseethat

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  5. Wow…. after reading the spot on article and tremendous replies, it still makes me wonder, as has been stated elsewhere, why “everybody” can see this except for the dingbats at the controls. You would expect university educated administrators to have a basic concept of finance – clearly Folt and Bohn do not given the way they are throwing away multi-year contracts to assistants who may be fired if a new coach is hired. If the plan is for Harrell or rlando to be the next HC, they sure did a poor job or searching for the best candidate. Paying off Helton would have been a lot cheaper especially when revenues lost because of his retention are considered.
    One of the commentators once said that Pat Haden was part of a sleeper cell of ND football sent to destroy SC. Haden was beyond suspicion. How true that assessment was.

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    1. There are the usual suspect dingbat brainless rah rahs who defend every bad move USC has amde the last 15 years, from firing Norm Chow and replacing him with the clowns Kiffin and Sark to Helton.

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  6. “9 games”? So we lose to Alabama, @ Oregon, and Notre Dame? I’ve got to think we lose at least another game along the way, even in the dogshit Pac 12. I think we lose to either @ Utah or ASU. Of course going 7-2 in conference will probably result in winning the south, which will be enough to impress Bohn and his ward Sousa.

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    1. Unfortunately it’s beginning to look like everything you say is not only true…but also the reason Helton is being retained…


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