Carol Folt, Mike Bohn Show Up At Alumni Event

USC president Carol Folt did an alumni event last night in Santa Monica. She joked if people had comments about athletics, “talk to Mike Bohn.”

Bohn was also at the event, which drew several hundred people. He just ate but did not speak.

8 thoughts on “Carol Folt, Mike Bohn Show Up At Alumni Event

  1. Im a little softer on them than most. Folt certainly had no clue at the backlash that was going to happen in regard to keeping Helton, but her job is to run the university and clean up significant messes. Everyone here cares more about football than she ever will or really should. Bohn knows, and I believe he is going full guns in a plan B just counting down the days until he can pull the trigger. I’d like it to have happened already just like everyone else, but I also get it (the whole good soldier bit). The guy is certainly not a lead from afar kind of guy, I think he loves interaction with alumni and fans and knows right now he can’t do that without getting hammered by the decision.

    Remember his first few weeks here? That guy was everywhere meeting everyone. Then BOOM, he was told the nasty truth “you have to keep him!” Ugh.


    1. Mrs. H… If Coach Folt’s valuable time should be spent cleaning bigger messes then why did she interfer with her hire’s [Coach Bohn] decsion to retain/fire Helton – after all, Helton should have clearly been fired or retained right after the UCLA game. The delay cost what little hope there was of getting a couple of highly rated recruits depending on who the new hire would’ve been.
      She has no #INTEGRITY yet clearly insinuated that Myer shouldn’t be hired because he has none. Coach Folt is a hypocrite of the first order by hiding behind her flunkies instead of facing the music head on.
      The majority of us will give people the benefit of the doubt until the actions taken do not reflect the words said. As Marsellus said in Pulp Fiction “You lost your LA privileges”.

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  2. Folt is in way over her head, she was hired because she fit the political beliefs that are being pushed by the BOT, not because she is a great leader.

    I do think Bohn is a competent AD and is moving things (slowly) in the right direction. I think he deserves a little more credit for the recent coaching changes, which are a good move in the right direction. He is in a tough spot with a BOT and President who blocked the firing of Clay.


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