Should Matt Fink Transfer?

Why is Matt Fink still at USC?

He has his degree. He can transfer anywhere. He already got to start a few games last season, which was great for him, especially the Utah game.

So why is he sticking around to be the insurance policy for Kedon Slovis and JT Daniels?

I get that he loves USC and being a Trojan. But he has one season of college football left. Doesn’t he aspire to start somewhere? Apparently not. Kind of a shame. That’s good news for Clay Helton. I don’t think it’s good news for Fink.

15 thoughts on “Should Matt Fink Transfer?

  1. Just look at the OL…..he’ll get plenty of starts next year. Particularly because our other two are injury prone to start and coming off injury. The dudes that have us rated in the top 20 are smoking a special mix of manure.

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  2. There is always people who criticize players for leaving early and not being loyal to the football program.

    If Matt Fink wants to stay and exhaust his eligibility at USC, then it’s a good thing.

    He will go down as a loyal Trojan who only wanted to be a Trojan and used every minute he could to live out his dream even if he doesn’t end up being the next Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart.

    I’ll never second guess a player who chooses to remain at USC.



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      1. For me, Fink’s performance against Utah was the unexpected (really unexpected!) highlight of the season. We’ll all always have that great memory courtesy of Matt.

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  3. Maybe that someone should take his own advice and aspire to be the best he can be. Instead of charging readers $5 to read an “inside” scoop, he could be writing for some top sports entertainment corporations. He’ll be photographed with a fine lady next to him, if he’s into that, at top sporting events and eating at fine restaurants. But, maybe he’s content with what he does.
    Just trying to help.

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  4. I am fairly certain Matt a Fink tested the waters already and decided to come back. I’m sure he weighed his decision carefully. If he decides to try it again, he will have a better idea of what to expect. If he stays, he’s doing it for all of the right reasons. SW would rather question his choice and infer he has no heart instead of patting him on the back for making a decision that is best for him.

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  5. I think if the kid wants to be at USC then let him be there without criticizing him. Who are you to say what is best for him? I think hes old enough to decide what he wants out of his football and college career.


  6. Well he is not an NFL guy. I believe he understood when accepted the scholarship he was not ever gonna be the starter. So I think it’s great he’s sticking around, why go get beat up in the mountain west for a year? Hanging out at SC and being healthy and stress free sounds good to me. Remember there’s not a lot of transfer options for a QB unless you are top tier.


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