UC Davis Finds Replacement For USC

It didn’t take UC Davis long to replace USC. UC Davis will play at Tulsa on Sept. 2, 2021.

That means Davis will get paid $725,000 by USC to cancel the game plus whatever Tulsa is paying it to go to Oklahoma.

13 thoughts on “UC Davis Finds Replacement For USC

  1. Who was the dumb ass that scheduled UCD
    In the first place.. Dimwit Swann or Tessalone.
    And Folt agreed?
    So embarrassing and needless!
    A waste of $750K!!
    SJS was available then…
    A continuation of absolute incompetence!

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    1. That could have been $750K towards the Helton buyout. Or could have been used for local kids sports programs, or ….you name it. Was totally unnecessary. Again, Heritage not knowing what matters to fans.

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  2. I took ND out because they are a given, look at those shit teams, you would think USC joined the MWC for shit’s sake

    09/05 – vs Alabama (in Arlington, TX)
    09/12 – New Mexico
    09/04 – San Jose State
    11/27 – BYU
    09/03 – Rice
    09/17 – Fresno State
    09/02 – Nevada
    11/25 – BYU
    09/07 – San Jose State

    09/05 – Fresno State
    09/09 – Fresno State

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