USC NCAA Tournament Hopes Rise

ESPN analyst Joe Lunardi now has USC as a No. 11 seed in his NCAA bracket. I feel more positive than a lot of reports about the Trojans’ NCAA Tournament hopes because I think USC will OK unless it loses three straight games, including the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament.

My issue is squeaking into the NCAA Tournament should never be OK with the endless hype coming into the season and gum-flapping about the recruiting class.

Thanks, Enfield!

21 thoughts on “USC NCAA Tournament Hopes Rise

  1. they have to win the next 2, and probably make it to the Pac12 championship game to really have a place in ncaa; currently they are still fighting to stay in the top 6 of Pac12,not going to be in top 4…they choked too many times in the final mins of too many games

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      1. Guess it’s time to ‘crush’ LSU again, Pudly.
        [How much better do you guess we look on that chart if we beat Arizona State and UCLA]?

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  2. Speaking of dogs… earlier today media confirmed reports of a dog testing positive for coronavirus.

    Well I’m gonna go on record and say that ain’t good. You see, as it turns out dogs ain’t none too good at staying quarantined, cking into hospitals, communicating with doctors, etc. But they do happen to excel at jumping in people’s laps, on people’s backs, in their beds, etc. It’s your classic case of sweet fuckin irony

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    1. Our dog has been texting all his canine friends in Maui to knock off friendly stuff with humans for 30 days.

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  3. Kinda strange when you see this younger generation of dogs texting and such. I remember when they used to bark. Times they are a changing. I wish it was the head “coach” that was a changing, but hey…

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  4. I’m so desperate for a great run in the NCAA tournament- 2000 was amazing ( Scalabrine/Clancy/ Bluentheal/ Granville/ Trepagnier) Tim Floyd had unbelievable Talent ( Gibson/ Vucivoc/ etc) after 28 games- I cannot understand how this team is where they are? Same mistakes season after season- this coaching staff does not develop their talent. Metu blossomed during the off-season without input from this staff. I’m sure that you would agree Boatwright was not used properly. This team needs an overhaul with the first step being firing both Enfield & Hart. Florida Gulf Coast & oh Yeah – that Moron running football was a Quarterback coach from Arkansas State. I’m so disgusted with Bohn listening and learning to lead the athletic department to 2nd/ 3rd tier status. As Michael can attest I predicted correctly the fall of usc football & my message is Don’t think this debacle is truly done- more misery awaits. Have a great weekend!

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      1. I guess I am the only one who is not as negative on Enfield…it is the players who choke on the court not the coach…but I will say I have no idea about what takes place in practices as to the intensity/difficulty which prepares for the end of game helter/skelter time.We do know the defense has improved also.We see no media commenting on bsktbl practices as we do football.
        We do know what takes place in football…vitually nothing to compete with the best…where sc used to be.

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      2. If Helton really gave a shit about becoming a better coach, Tim, he would ask permission to spend one week this spring watching Clemson practice.


      3. P.S.
        I mostly agree with you about Enfield —but I just don’t understand why there is little focus (and even less leadership & basketball smarts) on the court during the last 4 minutes of tight games with good teams.
        Hope we see something different against Arizona State.
        And a very improved UCLA.


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