USC Morning Buzz: A Sense Of Urgency Is Lacking

Sometimes, there’s a much better sense of urgency among USC athletes than coaches.

“It’s do or die. I don’t have another year left,” guard Jonah Mathews said after USC defeated Arizona. “I don’t have any more excuses. It’s do or die. So every rebound matters, every loose ball matters.”

But Andy Enfield? He has plenty of years left. Like three more at $3.2 million per season.

So the fact USC didn’t make the NCAA Tournament the past two seasons is tolerable. The fact it is a bubble team despite it’s much-hyped recruiting class is OK.

Since USC will not fire Enfield, it should stage a Clay Helton-like intervention and hire an good assistant coach for some X’s and O’s help.

  • I’m a big fan of Michael Pittman but his 13 reps on the bench press at the NFL Combine placed him among the lower third of wide receivers in that event.
  • Players ejected for targeting next season will be allowed to remain on the sideline.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Sense Of Urgency Is Lacking

  1. Scottie, here is an overall assessment of Pittman’s combine activity so far, including a 4.52 40, which puts him in an elite category for WRs his size:

    “Pittman had a strong workout at the 2020 NFL Combine, highlighted by running a 4.14-second short shuttle and a 6.96-second three-cone drill.

    That Pittman was able to post quality agility scores for the position at 6-foot-4 and 223 pounds is noteworthy. Pittman helped his stock overall at the combine thanks to those numbers and a 4.52 40-yard dash, which is rare for a player with his size. Considering that Pittman couldn’t play in the Senior Bowl due to a foot strain, the USC product proved to teams that he’s now healthy and a viable NFL-caliber athlete.”

    The glass is 4/5 full, as opposed to 1/5 empty.

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    1. 67 —Can we agree that Pittman will be defended way more aggressively in the NFL than in the Pac 12? That really threw Lee at first —but not JuJu. I think Pittman’s toughness —like Juju he was very effective playing with minor injuries —will be the decider. And that 4.5 speed won’t hurt (I didn’t realize he was that fast).

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      1. Michael, absolutely that speed will be a big benefit. To my knowledge, he has never posted a time that fast. He was more a low 4.6’s guy.

        For comparison, Mike Evans, who 6’5″, maybe 225, runs a 4.53 40.

        Couldn’t be happier for the young man.

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      2. Actually, it was .02 faster than Juju and he jumped 4” higher. I heard that his shoulder was bothering him and I’d bet he does better at his Proday…

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      3. Pudly — I love you…but that Hillary photo gave me a dream last night involving a hatchet…..

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    2. 67- This posting reinforces your 990 batting average. I’m hoping that you would take a minute to ponder the notion that Pittman’ s development was so hindered by the SO-Called Gumbo offensives his first three years that his talent and work ethic will never truly be recognized in future debates amongst the great receivers. I’m so disgusted by the fact that so much talent gets wasted due to inferior coaching- until this cycle gets broken & replaced with competition and a head coach that motivates his players, games like Iowa & Oregon will be the standard during any season.

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      1. Bobby, agree completely that Michael should go down as one of the best ever, including his work ethic. It has indeed been sad to watch what has happened the last few years in terms of talent development, or lack thereof.

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      2. Pittman didn’t even play until his Dad started bitching in press.
        I mean Helton started Browne over Darnold, JT Dirt over Sears, and then JT again over Slovis. Helton can’t evaluate talent let alone develop it.


    3. Well let’s see, Pittman is a 23-year-old athlete who didn’t play in the NFL showcase Senior Bowl because of a foot strain! Pittman has a SUCCX FB history of penny-ante, game missing injuries. NFL cornerbacks, safeties and LB’s will hit/hurt Pittman into a Fox CFB pre-game sideline reporter gig within three years of his 5 – 7th Rd draft selection.


      1. Anyone heard from the rosen kid? He must still be getting even with those teams that let him slide…

        Every day the sun comes up….& ruins suck, it is a beautiful world….

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      2. Pudly,
        Rosen is biding his time…waiting for just the right moment to strike…’s pretty much the same strategy employed by Bret Hundley……

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  2. For the first time in a while, I agree with you on something. You can’t fire Enfield after winning 20 games. USC’s basketball heritage is non-existent, so it would take some chutzpah to fire the coach of the most successful five year run in program history because his replacement might actually be worse. Besides, if this is Enfield’s ceiling, then he have another 15/16 in season soon enough and you can fire him then for cause.


    1. Mr. Geo., Andyain’twinning started the 2019 – 20 BB season with the fourth-best recruiting class of 2019 and a 7-year record of 46 – 66 vs Pac- 12 competition. In late Jan. and Feb SUCCX BB was tied for Conf. lead or with striking distance of 1st place.

      Today, SUCCX is 9 – 7 and in 5th Conf. place. Winning 20 games vs cupcakes teams is easy. In Andyain’twinning’s bozo 8-year career, he is OOOOOOfer vs the State of Az Conf. Universities.

      As of this year, Clown U has paid Andyain’twinning close to $25million to run the bozo BB program. I ask you, Mr. Geo. to, on a scale of -10 to 10, grade Clown U’s ROI on Andyain’twinning munificent contract.

      Sometime after the NCAA Tournament, the NCAA will hand down SUCCX BB punishment for the Bland felony conviction – Of course, Andyain’twinning claims he didn’t know squat, but don’t you agree Mr. Geo., he should have known since he does supervise the BB program.

      I’m fairly certain MG will agree with me that “ignorance is no excuse.”

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    2. “ would take some chutzpah to fire the coach of the most successful five year run in program history”? Why would you post such a demonstrably false statement here? From 1935-36 to 1939-40 USC basketball coach Sam Barry had a .72 winning percentage and from 1969-70 to 1973-74 Bob Boyd had a .74 winning percentage while Andy Enfield has a winning percentage of .64 from 2015-2016 to 2019-2020. Talk about chutzpah.

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    1. IF USC wants to show something special this season—-really wants it — wins against Arizona State and UCLA at home will put them in great position. This IS the time for a real nice mini run…..

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  3. Wolf has selective memory.

    Because a lot of people would be honest and say USC got robbed and should have made the tournament two years ago because THATS WHAT EVERYBODY SAID WHEN WE GOT ROBBED.
    But you must have missed that season. Also Andy Enfield said he took over a program that only score 40 pts a game before he came and now he’s won 20 games for the 4th time.
    In Basketball.
    At USC.
    Did you forget this is USC not Marquette, Syracuse or Gonzaga?


    1. WOLF..
      That season we got robbed should have been our third straight appearance in the NCAA Tournament.
      Now for a school that was never a Bball school, had the fall out from the OJ Mayo days, and the K.O. didn’t think recruiting offensive players was important.
      That’s pretty darn impressive and I don’t think Enfield has done enough yet but I have to respect the program hes built.


  4. You a big fan of someone that played football at USC?

    That’s weird because you always sh** on SC players or coaches.


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