Beware The “I Told You So” Crowd

I can already see there is a segment of USC fans and fan media setting the groundwork to tell everyone they were right about how the Trojans perform next season.

If USC is successful, they will immediately offer an “I told you so” response because they alone knew the changes made would bring the desired results. They would have pounced with such an argument last season but Clay Helton didn’t give them the chance.

Here’s how you blunt that argument: USC can neuter Helton with new coaches and support staff. I’ve said I can easily see USC winning nine games. So they can’t tell me anything next year.

But when do they intend to raise the bar?

Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Georgia can win nine games with a stooge in charge.

But they aspire to be national champions. They make the College Football Playoffs. They don’t pat themselves on the back for meeting the lowest expectations.

They also have leaders of men in charge.

There will be a lot of talking about USC. But when will they get USC to the College Football Playoff?

21 thoughts on “Beware The “I Told You So” Crowd

    1. Our Scott is preparing us psychologically to be disappointed with 9 or 10 wins — cuz he senses that’s what we’re gonna get. I’d play it differently if I were Scott —I’d try to get people lathered up about the fact Helton didn’t grab better assistants earlier.

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      1. No Trojan should have to “be prepared” to be disappointed with 9 or 10 wins in this PAC 12, especially with the dozen or so years that has preceded.

        And it isn’t a contradiction that mediocre staff that exists now is an upgrade, or at least an improvement by giving the kids the idea that accountability sorta kinda might exist at SC these days (but not really). 12 games, an auto win OOC with New Mexico, likely losses to OOC and then go 7 for 9 in the lesser version of the MWC, and win a Tidy Bowl game. Would anyone be okay with that?

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      2. Mike,
        I just think Clay won’t get the team to follow him from this point and he’s gonna struggle fast.
        1. ) Bama 37
        SC 10
        (Bama wins easily with a new QB again)

        2. ) New Mexico could be the Fresno St or Memphis games that Larry Smith choked.

        3.4.5.) Then in the next 3 games.
        @ Stanford
        @ Utah

        Besides the New Mexico game I really think Clay could lose 4 of these games.


    1. FanDuel says USC has the 2nd toughest Non Conference schedule in the nation this year.

      Kent State (Alabama, Kentucky, Penn St) and USC are the only schools playing two top 10 teams in non conference games.


    2. Scott what did Clay ever do to you ? Why do you continue to make it personal and take cheap shots at the man. I always thought you were above such petty writing and commentary it is truly a shame the man and writer you have become.


  1. Only way SC wins 9 is if the horrible PAC 12 is worse than expected, and Notre Dame falls back to mediocre by the end of the season. I still think we lose bookend games to Alabama and ND, and at least two Pac 12 games, @ Oregon and at least another. Sadly 8-4, 7-2 in conference, is probably enough to win the south. Then with Helton’s horseshoe we’ll probably play an injury depleted team in the CCG.

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    1. Oregon and Washington will be much weaker in 2020 —-too many changes. And we’re getting Notre Dame and (believe it or not) Cal at the Coli at the right time. Home field will be the difference in those games…

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  2. I wouldn’t care if that piece of shit (Helton) runs the table, he has go to go.
    He is not the man of integrity that he has been portrayed to be by the administration.
    In an effort to keep his $3.5 mil coming in every year he has thrown multiple assistants
    under the bus and continually promises “we are good and greatness is just around the corner.” How long is the administration and some of the press going to fall for this crap.
    He has duped some, but not all of us.


  3. I just do not see 9 wins for this team. Alabama, Oregon and Notre Dame will all be losses. Clay will blow at least 1 more game because he is a moron. I propose Clay gets fired in week 3. After the Alabama beat down and a classic Clay Helton unsatisfying win vs New Mexico where we allow them to still be in the game in the 4th quarter. Some of Clay Helton’s wins are just as big of an indictment of how clueless he is as his losses.


  4. I hate the idea of USC having to lose to get rid of Helton. There has got to be a way of dumping him and still winning.


  5. Clay Helton is the head coach of a team that is weak across both sides of the lines of scrimmage, and all the coaching-up these retread coaches do will not make a difference.


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