USC v. Arizona State At Galen Center!

Can you feel the excitement in this game that has NCAA implications for both teams?

USC wins, 71-61, as Jonah Mathews scores 23 points. Was this two critical wins for USC? Yes. Isn’t this what should have happened at home? Yes.

Is USC safely in the NCAA Tournament? Probably unless it has a meltdown at the Pac-12 Tournament. Or “tore-na-mint” when Andy Enfield says it.

Daniel Utomi drives to give USC a 68-61 lead with 1:26 left.

USC hanging tough and still leads 62-57 with 5 minutes left.

ASU goes on a 7-0 run and its now 54-51 with nine minutes left.

USC leads 54-44 with 11:56 left.

USC leads 41-36 at halftime.

USC lead down to 36-32.

Arizona State whittles away but USC is ahead, 30-21.

USC had a 14-0 run after ASU opened with a basket.

USC leads 12-2 as Daniel Utomi hits three 3-point shots.

Did you know tonight is a zero waste game?

52 thoughts on “USC v. Arizona State At Galen Center!

      1. P. S.
        Folt: I am pleased [and “excited”] to be joined by Mayor Bill de Blasio in this ceremonial dynamiting of the soft serve and coke machines…”

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  1. 1,500 solar panels for green energy at Galen Center? Hmm…solar power is not so useful when the sun goes down, and that is when many basketball games are played.

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    1. 67 —This game is tightening —if USC can’t close it out at home, they aren’t going anywhere this year. This is THE time. This is THE test.

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    2. P. S.
      67 —What kind of woman says she “is so excited about [a building] going green”??

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      1. Folt reminds me of the woman in the old dandruff shampoo commercials, saying it “ooh, it makes me tingle.” I mean what the fuck? Your first lay makes you “so excited!” Going “green” makes you “pleased”. Unless you’re a phony, saying what you think other phonies need to hear.
        I guess we should figured this broad out when she went from Princess Aurora to Maleficent as soon as she got asked a tough question at a basketball game.

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      1. Yes, but the battery technology has not advanced very far. This is the main reason why solar accounts for only about 2% of electricity generation, despite 45 years of very expensive subsidies. A couple of overcast days, maybe one, at Galen would drain the batteries.

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  2. 67,. I have solar panels and my electric bill is zero many months of the year. I charge my electric car as well. Can’t see a downside to this. Solar panels don’t just work at night.


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      1. They don’t call her the better half for nothing, MG. You are the man, but listen to wifey.


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  3. Good bye Scott my post this morning was “held for moderation” and has never appeared. This is blatant and unwarranted censorship. The last time this happened I left the blog for a short time. Then I came back with new name and spent more time on this blog. I can honestly say I had fun. However I do not like wasting time.
    For the record there was nothing unsavory about my post. No reason to not allow it. It was an opinion that the targeting penalty should be done away with.
    I assume this this too will be moderated don’t bother posting it. I won’t be back to see it.

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    1. Come back Truman! I get “held” all the time —it’s fun! (FYI — “held for moderation” means “posted when hell freezes over”).

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  4. It doesn’t matter what happens week at the Barn, Clown U, with the #4 2019 bb recruit class will end up having to kiss #1 UCLA, the Pac 12 leader’s ASS!



      1. Well maybe MG, but it’s hard to forget the ugly, gruesome Rah-Rah eulogies posted on this blog heralding the demise of the ruin bb program in late 2019 and early 2020.

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      2. My dear friend Owns — I grant you that the bruin basketball of February doesn’t look like the bruin basketball of late December. UCLA has turned into the kind of program you hate on your schedule —the kind that doesn’t help you with a win —and the kind that can beat anybody on a given night…

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    1. What’s funny is how you forget that no so very long ago, in that sewage collection facility you call Pauley,the Trojans destroyed the gutless wonders.

      Either way, wannabe ruin, saturday at Galen then Sunday at Dedeaux will be telling. You crow a lot for a little ruin wannabe whose team had its ass handed to themselves.

      Just wondering, did the ruins pass the hat around or are they just soaking the taxpayers again trying to balance their athletic budget…

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      1. Dear Pisley, at your normal rate of a nickel per BJ, you can’t qualify as a taxpayer.

        And Dearest Pisley, even though UCLA’s Athletic Dept. had a $19million shortfall, that’s $6million less than Clown U has thrown away paying that fraud/loser Andyain’twinning to run down the SUCCX bb program.



      2. Sorry can’t hear Ole Chocolate chippy just dropped his bag of change and made a huge noise….

        Must really suck to be a wannabe ruin….but at least you could quit, as opposed to those who truly are ruins and therefore cursed to know…

        “no matter what they do, nor how hard they try to do it..they’ll always be ruins & westwood sucks”

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      3. Wasn’t that money they got from the state to provide a water collection and recovery system?? Could have sworn the ruin engineering dept had to fill it with water to prove it worked…

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      1. They’ve played decent to good on the defensive side of the court and generally haven’t given up many points. Under 100 pts to Az schools this weekend… if we could get consistent point guard play, we’d be pretty good.

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    1. Exactly right – just checked the defensive stats relative to the rest of D1. In terms of number of points allowed, their performance in the last 6 games would put them in the top 5..

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      1. They’d probably rank in or near the top in turnovers too, unfortunately. That game in tempe was as ugly on offense as I’ve ever scene. It also skews the defensive stats…
        I like the Anderson kid, but he needs to mature and play under control a bit more.

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    1. All true, my friend. But it’s not about the Pac 12 at this point —it’s about THE tournament…..

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      1. MG, it’s always about the tournament. However, the bozos won’t claim a P-12 Tournament bye; UCLA, on the other hand, will.

        An early bozo exit from the P-12 tournament will push Clown U further down the NCAA tournament committee’s seed totem pole – just like last year.


    2. Last time I checked, the season hasn’t concluded yet. Basketball at Galen Saturday, Baseball at Dedeaux Sunday. I guess we’ll see.

      Did y’all order your “Round of 32” banners yet or waiting to see if you make it..?

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      1. Pudly — If you look deep into Hillary’s eyes in that photo (I know –easier said than done) you’ll see the expression Carol Folt made when Bohn suggested Urban Meyer…

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      2. Ha! Watch the tape of Ken Starr questioning Clinton about “that incident” —Bill blinks and shakes his head and offers up a wonderful “what are you referring to?” expression….

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      3. Dear Pisley, remind us of the last time that bozo bb and baseball were in a NCAA playoff tournament and the team results. None of your normal grade school fibbing Pisley, because P/O tournament stats are available.


      4. Sorry, can’t hear a thing, chip’s change still has my ears ringing…

        Did you come to answer about the sweet sixteen banners? I heard that their now considering “participation” banners now…

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      5. My dear friend Owns — I’m 100% confident that a sufficiently large sum of money could “amend” P/O Tournament stats ….and buy off the appropriate NCAA & congressional oversight committees…

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